July 30, 2009

TEACHERS GOING BERSERK..! (who new they can be their own nightmare sometimes)

( at my college...)

**** and people here That are mentioned are my classmates..( found this bit from our class community) ***

Rohan asking mechanical teacher...."How do we SCREW'....and later....'What to do after we have SCREWED'.....( This happened wen we were checking out the lathe machine)

Math teacher saying....."..its compulsory for those who want to"...

Our EC teacher wen she was pissed at us for constant noise in the class..
"I know what is the sound from inside and what is the sound from outside!!!!".....She is Jhatang trust me..!!!

"Dont murmur on my backside" ( Dont know who said this..I was revolted laughing my ass off..)

Our maha maayi EC teacher again ... "We have to 'anal ice' the circuit properly.."

My friends Microbio sir..."The cell wil become die" (fuck...good shit man..!)

One of my classmates(confidential) spelt Jacob as "JACKUP"!!!!

Lab attender in power electronics lab..." Don't take anything ..., take only that thing.."

Our electrical teacher dictating a problem..." The stator has 'yaaair' gaps of......."
( pronounced as AIR GAPS )

Our VP...we were being told off for making a teacher cry.." We all come to teach here and you people should learn somthing..this is a temple of education..(yawn..!)..We all work very hard..and YEARN ( *TING* again..YEARN) the money..! (Typical tamil accent..) :-P


Am I sweet pink?
Am I flaming red?
Am I serene green?
Am I all u ever wanted?

I guess not.
But I now for sure,
I am definitely blue tonight..


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Those who are constant followers of the series "How I met Met Your Mother?" do not need any introduction of Barney and The Bro Code and those who do not follow the series: Trust me guys you gotta watch this one if you want to improve men to men relationship :P...

Barney is best described as : Someone who likes to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it all go down...he lives by The Bro code and always willing to offer his opinion... So here comes a manual guide for all men :- "The Bro Code"

  • A pub, disco or an office meeting a man shall always wear a suit.
  • Thou shalt not sleep with your Bro’s ex-girlfriend (lols:P).
  • A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his Bros are doing it.
  • Bro never admits he can't drive. Even after an accident.
  • A Bro doesn't let another Bro get a tattoo, particularly a tattoo of a girls name.
  • A Bro never sends a greeting card to another Bro.
  • If a chick inquires about another Bro's sexual history, a Bro shall honor the 'rode of silence' and play dumb. Better to have women think all men are stupid than tell the truth.
  • A Bro never dances with his hands above his head.
  • Unless he has children, a Bro shall not wear his cell phone on a belt clip.
  • In a scenario in which two or more Bros are engaged in entertainment of the adult variety, one Bro is forbidden from intentionally or unintentionally touching another Bro in ANY capacity. Winking is also kind of a no-no.
  • If a Bro become stricken with engagement, his Bros shall stage an intervention and attempt to heal him. This is more commonly known as "a bachelor party."
  • Real Bro never cries and also a Bro never applies sunscreen to another Bro :P
  • A Bro never wears pink. Not even in Europe.
  • Bros don't cuddle.
  • A Bro never asks for directions when lost but may ask for directions to a hot chick who seems to know the area.
OHhh c'mon guys ...get A Life!!!


lakh chupaana chaaha,dil ko behlaana chaaha,
khwaad jo dekhe,unhe bhool jaana chaaha,
kuch na hua to tumse door jaana chaaha..

roz naye bahaane dhoonde tumko na chahne ke,
nit naye karan bhooje tumko na paane ke,
phir bhi teri aas me,baithe hain dil haar ke..

(more might continue ...)

July 29, 2009

Sheltering and the effect it has

Siddharth Gautam Buddha’s story is very well known, but let me retell it for you. An astrologer told his parents that he would either grow up to become a Chakravarti or will renounce the world to become a saint. Scared at the prospect of losing his heir to ‘sanyaas’, the king decided to never show him any of the sadness in the world. The king thought that once cosseted in the comforts of the palace, the prince will become used to the good life and would never want to quit it. A normal experience of life was so to say banned for him. Siddharth grew up in perfect luxury and to ensure that he was totally shackled by the bonds of the ‘saansarik sukh’, he was even married off to a beautiful princess. But one day a charioteer made a mistake and took the prince slightly out of the palace bounds. The sights of misery that Siddharth saw put him off the life of luxury forever and finally he renounced the world and became Gautam Buddha.

I always have wondered had the king let Siddharth grow normally, maybe those sights of misery wouldn’t have affected him so much. As much as Gautam Buddha’s life is a lesson in enlightenment, it is also a lesson to society I believe of what fearful control mechanisms do to people. Take sex education for example. If we go by the theory that exposure to sex education makes children more experimental and pushes them to indulge more in amorous activities, then by that standard India’s more repressed states should have less of sexual crimes. But is that the truth?

I cannot say much about other states, but two examples come to my mind. Tamil Nadu and Delhi. These are two states where in most cases men and women don’t interact normally with each other. Boys and girls are taught at an early age to intensely dislike and distrust the other sex. So there is no communication and most of the children grow up looking at the other sex like they are some aliens, part fascination, part hatred. High school classrooms are full of sexist jokes and weird stereotypes about male and female behaviour. But the curiosity is always there and it takes the form of eveteasing, groping and rape.

My friend who studied in a pretty good school in TN used to say that they would make fun of any guy who was just friends with girls. Afterall, the guy had to be a sissy if he could only talk and not get any action out of her. And any girl who even deigned to talk to a guy had to be of a loose character. (I would not say this is completely true about every school in TN). My best friend and her boyfriend in Delhi have been dating for 8 years now. They are school sweethearts and no they haven’t yet done it. Jeeju’s friends tell him that she is definitely going to ditch him after all she hasn’t surrendered herself yet and not just that, they advice that the only way to keep her from breaking his heart is by making her physically his. Jeeju says, “main jaanta hoon un logon ne kabhi ladki nahin dekhi, kabhi jaana nahin ki sahi maynon mein relationship kya hota hai, kabhi mauka hi nahin mila na, isiliye aisa sochte hain.” How true.

But it is not just sex education, there are many choices in people’s lives that are forced upon them because of a fear psychosis. Parents of girls restrict them from doing lots of things thinking that if given freedom the girl will develop a mind of her own and might disgrace them. In this fear, they push her to such an extent, that in the end, more often than not, she unknowingly does the very thing they were afraid of. Some guys are brought up in a strict atmosphere because the parents believe otherwise the boy will take to vices. Mostly these are the very guys who tend to take up vices at the first taste of freedom in a college hostel or out of town job. People from smaller towns talk all the time about that boy or girl who went to ‘shehar’ and changed so much, mostly for the worse(according to them, may not be true actually). Why do they change? Because they were constrained for so long, that at the first chance they will defy everything their past life stood for. Rebels and for that matter even psychopaths are never born. They generally are the ones who were pushed into some sort of a corner, a corner that was either suffocatingly comfortable or scorchingly uncomfortable. The result is always the opposite of what is desired.

If only we learnt how to be more open and accepting!

Paging Dr.Faggot!

A: From tomorrow u ll be plagued with ‘marriage is
suffocating my brains’ syndrome
B: Yes, my I.Q. is going to be on ‘haaji, as you say madamji’ mode.

I don’t get guys, 99% of them are so scared of the word marriage
that whenever mentioned they run in the opposite direction like
their tail’s on fire.

A girlfriend asking for commitment always
gets a ‘saali ki maa ki aakh’ kind of reaction and
sometimes its vice versa too!:P..
Being a bachelor is a freedom in itself, a licence to kill and
not have to answer anyone except maybe your mom
on ‘whats that mark on your neck? :P

Why do guys say ‘ girlfriend and wives are 2 different things
and 2 different people’ For a girlfriend they ll want a oh so hot,
oh so sexy and oh so desperate female and for a wife a
‘yeah ok, can she cook' kinda question mark.
Mowgli Junglee in modern avatars guys these days!

Imagine waiting to get out of your work place to be with your
wife and haaji u really look forward to this moment, Going to
bandstand and cheering onto beer together
(She can be the designated drunk driver) , Driving down to
Ladakh, Leh just because she thinks trains and planes are
not adventurous enough, Going to pubs and headbanging
together, You know you look your absolute worst today
but still she says' whats up sexy' :P Plans of naming our kids
dashboard29, mudslinger, Revmaster, hotwheels bla bla :P,
Gets along with my mom/dad like they were her own,
even doing the dishes together would be fun.

Perfect Cpu and monitor ki jodi, someone who does not
care about makeup while getting wet in the rain, someone who
does not behave like 'i want attention' like a perfect lala land female,
someone who would love sitting in a maruti 800 as much as a
merc with the idea being the 'company and 'not the car' ,
cute and sweet in her own ways..

and YES

GOD don’t run no bingo if u hook up with someone who is out
there just for your money and looks, in that case neglect most of
the above and find a drunkard friend to sulk with all your life.
You will never hear or feel what a real marriage is.

A vicious cycle wherein demand and supply of retards and
materialistic weasels are in complete tandem. India is planning a
national id card system for its every citizen, I suggest there should
be a criteria where in a persons nature be mentioned too.
For example: Nature: Player, pimp, will date anyone, desperate,
5 faced, fickle, bi- curious, will fuck a dog if needed bla bla bla bla !

We should welcome the calendar to the 21st century and its
inhabitants to the 25th century.

As for me, I cannot be the only retard who thinks life can be a
fairytale too. Someday, someone will say “haila tu bhi’..
*MUSIC* Ta Taara ra Taara Neal N Nikki :P

Who let the dogs out...who who who who who ? - Baha Men

July 28, 2009


Posted by : Suga
Men are simple things, they can survive a whole weekend with only three things:beer, boxer shorts and batteries for the remote control... ( Diana Jordan)

At the age of eleven women acquire a poise and an ability to handle difficult situation which a man, if he is lucky, manages to achieve somewhere in the late seventies...(P.G. Wodehouse)

These are just few quotations written by the great scholars. But as it is said : Gender issues started with the first creation of God- Adam n Eve. And the whole problem occurred because of a silly fruit. Poor Eve, I am sure she didn't even know that she will be blamed fr all the generations just because of an APPLE!!!And then Adam(The Macho Man)completely devoted to the dumb Eve committed the same mistake again(Great!!).Whether it is the famous story of Adam n Eve or Gen Y, men and women are considered as two completely different creatures trying to cope up with each other(Remember that famous song from the movie HUM TUM). You can not live with them and you can not live without them! Sounds familiar guys???:D The most frequently expressed complaint women have is- Men do not listen!!! And the only thing men complain about is- Women talk a lot!!!(huh wateva:P). From choices to interests and interests to thoughts, the only word that comes in mind is- DIFFERENT!!!We have always imagined the kind of person we would love to be with. But is it possible or rather necessary to have someone with same thoughts and interests? huh man- sounds boring, isn't it? Rather most of the time we end up breaking a relationship with someone we have always wanted and then search for articles or read books in order to understand opposite sex. We change ourselves according to them, we do what they like, we wear they want. Girls change the way they look or behave so that their boyfriend will love them as much as he loved his EX and boys work out to get those six pack abs(or is it eight now?) and then the basic reason of break off is- You have changed!!(hhahaha :D).We do not realise that the other person chose us over everybody else! No theories or research is needed to fall in love or to make others fall in love with you. As Ashley Judd said in the movie Someone Like You : "We are not animals so no cow theory works here, but, sometimes you open the barn door, or the bedroom door, or the hospital door, and you find the real thing. You find someone who can sit with you when you are at your absolute worst, when your face looks like a punching bag and he can still look at you and tell you "You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen" And you suddenly realise that's the one you have always wanted not the one in Fairy Tales!!!

Bangalore riding

This write is due a long time now. It generally covers my 1 hour ride from home to office in the morning. I intend to give some tips for Bangalore traffickers(sorry for using this) but yes, it's a war out there.

1)do not pull the lid on your helmet, it will get immensely suffocating, even the exhaust gases of the sumo ahead is worth a breathe.

2)Know how to ride or don't ride, you should be in absolute control of whatever vehicle you possess.

3)Do not keep distance from the vehicle in front, the closer you get to that vehicle the more space you create for yourself to cut lanes and beat that traffic light.

4)Ok, 80% people ride on the footpath here, but it's a completely a no-no. why? because it just isnt classy.

5)The thinner the road the more your speedometer should show, because less chance of the guy behind overtaking you.

6) Know how to dead stop, that means you really should know that you have to press your rear brake first and then the front brake in optimum time. Practise this before hitting the roads, else you will hit someone.

7)Do not whizz past bangalore women on scooties, they are absolutely wild, I did the mistake and on the next signal was surrounded by Charlie's ANgels's on all sides throttling at me menacingly. But they didn't know who they were messing with.

8)If you are on a long road take the route with maximum females, they are the angels who will keep you alive. Their beautiful faces on the bustops will keep you going. So God help you if you take some barren route.

9)Be angry all the time, and honk honk honk. The city is ruthless so be you.

That's all I'll be back with more. Safe riding. Amen


Scrutinize me.
Smother me.
Abuse me
Stun me.
Shoot me.

I will still fight for my love,
for he waits for me with a song in his heart.
I will fight for my pride,
for he carries my world on his shoulder. ( His guitar)

Laugh at me.
Scream at me.
Prick me.
Beat me.

For still I am a man with a will,
still a man with heart,
still a man who is in love with a gay songwriter.
And a songwriter with a song in his heart.

We re like the two lanes of a railway tracks,
burgeoning the half the part of this cruel world.
That run parallel for a life long,
separated by the 'straight wooden ridges between us. ( ridges = society)

I want to break free,
Want to be gay being Gay.
Take you to that sweet scented coffee shop,
just round the violet corner,
where you could sing me the song in your heart,
and the rest of the world reprimand with their harsh blows,
and blind fallacies..

I will still fight for my love,
for he waits for me with a song in his heart.
I will fight for my pride,
for he carries the my world on his shoulder.

(This goes out to all the gay community and the third sex..you re truly wonderful people who deserve their position in this blindfolded society)

"You re beautiful,
no matter what they say,
words cant bring me down"

(Christina Aguilera with 'beautiful')

Happy Birthday Grasshopper! ;)

Dearest Grasshopper ;) :D,

Before I say any goddamn thing, I am really sorry... my bloody sleep ditched me last night... could not call you at 12...but yes, I remember I called you at 1...
But... here's wishing you a very very very happy birthday! :)
You are one helluva friend to me FL...trust me on this guys and being a narcissist he is, he will completely agree to what I just said about him. A completely adorable dodo, a sweetheart completely obsessed with himself.

Identifying him is so easy...he is that average college-going guy, wearing those wacky one-liner t-shirts, with a look of you-can't-take-me-to-your-mom. Lol... sorry! (I know i'll be killed for this.)
You know something? Amidst all those negatives, the first positive I saw in you was that you are diabetically sweet...and as adorable as a kid!! :D
This is one time of the year when you can get to know everything nice about you...and I won't miss this chance to thank you for all those sweet things that you have done for me in the last one fantastic month of my life!...from running for shelter in rains to shelling out all those extra bucks to those Chennai autowalas just to make sure that I don't wait alone! ;)

You are my bestestest friend...(I promise to you that) and you'll always be one! The bond that we both share is hard to be understood by anyone else. Its love...but the one that bestestest friends have, it is friendship (of course), its that kiddo-kiddo bond, its like...something that words can't describe.

Thank you for coming into my life...I needed someone like you very badly...like a fresh ray of hope you came and promised to stay forever...what else could I ask for! ;) Thank you so much!

All the best to you...keep your girl happy. (Yea guys, I am not the one and now, thank you for all those raised brows.)
Don't fight with me for anything written over here because its your birthday and I want you to stay alive and kicking atleast till its 12 AM again! Lol...

God bless you with all the happiness and success that you have always desired. Stay happy and I just pray that this birthday turns out to be the best till date!

Akele chalti rahi jaane kiski ummed mein
Dekha tujhe toh laga sab kuch alag sa
Hasna seekha tujhse
Rona bhi tha aaj tune sikhaya

Par woh aansu na nikle they dukh se
Har dukh mein bhi khushi mili
Jab thaama tha haath tune
Aye dost, fir mujhe ek nayi zindagi mili...

Happiest birthday to you ever FL... take care! :)

Your PENGUIN!! :D :D

P.S.: Guys, can we just flood this post with wishes for my grasshopper, please?? :)

kuch dost aise bhi ...

Kisi unjaan raah par chalte chalte
koi aisa saathi mil jaata hai,
us unjaane se chehre se bhi
ek rishta pyaara ban jaata hai..

do baatein saath baithe kya ki,
kadam bhi saath chalne lagte hain
uski khushi se milti hai hansi,
uske aansoo bhi apne lagte hain.

us par kabhi gussa bhi aata hai
par uski shararatein achchi lagti hain,
usko apne saath chalte dekh kar
koi takleef na sachchi lagti hai ...

Hey FL .. this is for the best friend i got in you .. the kiddo, the dude, the irritating fellow, the jerk, the shoulder i can cry on, the hand that will never let me fall ... and a lot more ...

Happy b'day dear one ! Happiness forever !!

Mwah !! Hugs and tonnes of wishes :)

July 27, 2009


“How many of them?” asked officer McMurray.
“Three, and heavily armed” came the reply from the other side of the radio.
“Any info on the hostages?”
“Eighteen of them, 2 kids” the radio sputtered amidst the crackle of thunder.

The rain had no mercy on the hostile situation faced by the cops lined in front of the New York Central bank. A gang of heavily armed perps were holding the customers hostage against a ransom of a few million bucks and a safe passage.

It would have been a routine stand off, had it not been for the incident a few weeks ago when the same gang had slaughtered the hostages and wounded a few cops as they made their escape after looting the Continental bank. Though 2 of them were shot dead in the skirmish, the rest made their escape.
McMurray shuddered; it would not happen in his precinct.
Anywhere on earth, anytime, but not here, not today, not when he was on duty.

“The hostages are coming out” the radio crackled interrupting his train of thoughts.
“All men in position, hold your fire” McMurray ordered.

The automated doors of the bank opened slowly taking an eternity with the hostages scrambling out to safety. The snipers kept a close eye through their scopes for the perps who ere likely to mingle with the crowd to escape. However this team of criminals was far more foolhardy.

Seconds later the three of them slowly stepped out. Each with a hostage at gunpoint. They were not masked, nor was any there any fear writ on their faces.
Hardened criminals, thought McMurray. One of them was quite familiar, McMurray was not going to forget that face easily. He carried a boyish charm with red hair that only accentuated his good looks.
All officers had their guns trained on the three goons.

“Throw down your weapons and surrender now” thundered McMurray on the megaphone.
“There is no way you can get out of this”. The perps flinched for a moment, but held on to their weapons unsure or adamant maybe, no one could tell.
It was a tense moment with the clicking of the safety catches of guns, the muffled, petrified sobs of the hostages and the patter of rain on the roof of the cop cars, all sounds mingling with each other. Creating an aura of fear, uncertainty and confusion. A slight error in judgment would take an innocent life. And then there was the unrelenting rain.

Just then one of the hostages decided to break free. McMurray saw all that followed in slo mo. The guy pushed the red head and broke free. Red head fell back a few steps and raised his gun. McMurray screamed “NOOOO…” and he raised his own pistol an aimed at the perp. He didn’t want to shoot, not at this little kid anyway. But there was an innocent life at stake and he just couldn’t take the risk. He pulled the trigger just before Red head could. It was too far a distance for a justice shot and the bullet whizzed past the horrified onlookers and caught red head right at the left temple. The bullet made a small hole through which blood tickled slowly, the perp turned and looked at McMurray and continued looking at him as he dropped to his knees, then flat on the wet concrete.

McMurray stared through the barrel of his gun and it slowly dropped to the ground in sync with the red head he had just shot….his SON.

Kuchh unkahee si...

Kya socha tha humne, aur ye kya hua
Unko to khabr hi nahi, koi deewana hua
Kya kaha humne, jo wo samjhe nahi
Kyon nazrein hai jhuki jhuki?

Deewano ki dar se
Hum to dur dur rehte the
Unke ghar se ho kar
Hum kabhi guzre hi nahi

Hum to taiyaar baythe the,
Aaj wo kehte hain, ke kaha kyon nahi
Wo to humare rah taqe baythe the
Puchhte hain unko lene gaye kyon nahi...

Hum to is chah me the ke
Bahon me le le unko,
Ek chhuwan ke liye wo taraste rahein,
Lekin kabhi kaha nahi...

Thanks for the time... People are missed when we are alone... (:


sm said :



Well hello all...!
I just wanted to share this thing with you guys..I maintain a blog myself and i recive comments like the above mentioned.
And if the person who commented this reads this i just want to make somthings clear..

#1 : You re immature.

#2 : I am not here to steal away any of NUMBER 1 position as u mention it.I just want to entertain and share my thoughts here.. ITS NOT A COMPETITION..!

#3 : You dont go calling people over here Whores..so..shove it..!

#4 : If this was done coz you had a hge amount of time at your disposal or thought it was funny...Well its certainly isnt a very productive thing to do..nor is it funny enough

And to all the blogers here on TWL.
I want to know if this happens often ?
I so wanted to ignore the comment sent by our dear little friend SM..
but i just thought of letting you all know..

@ OWNERS of TWL ; you are welcome to cancel this post if necessary coz I understand this is a professional blog and you have readers from all over the world. And it might not look appropraite

thank u..!

An 'Undefined' Friendship!

An 'undefined' friendship defines you,
A non existing love symbolizes you,
Two lovers gone aloof represent us,
Two complicated friends legalizes us!

A time existed which made a fairytale,
A scenario existed which defined a dreamland,
A prince existed who captured the princess,
A princess existed who idealized the love!

Then time changed and the dream conflicted with reality,
Reality seemed to vaporize the love,
Reality seemed to vaporize the care,
But then reality couldn’t vaporize the relation!

Lovers parted ways, friends made way,
Dependency made way, space created a vacuum,
Distances crept in, void started getting large,
But expectations still reigned as ‘we’ still existed!

Finally the head gave heed to the heart,
And heart let egos fly away, accepting its feelings,
Nothing could stop the care, denial made way to acceptance,
Acceptance of need, the need of the relation, the need of the person!

The friendship made a new start, start without a baggage,
A realization of the need, resolve to the friendship,
A feeling without name, a relation without demands,
A something which was unnamed, a thing which was incomprehensible!

The compressed feeling still existed in the undefined friendship,
The care still existed as the form of love in the sail ship,
The small forms of expectations still made way in the indefinite,
The unnamed definition made us but that is what still keeps us,
The weirdness surrounds us, no one can understand our togetherness,
The hopeless hope still exists, and ‘undefined’ friendship is what I still love!


I know this morning wasn’t great,
I sit here in the crowd,
Trying to hold it together,
Trying to pull it together,
Trying to ignore this sinking feeling,

Everything is asleep inside of me,
Even my unconscious dwelling mind,
In my dreams,
I dream of the reality that u burnt down
With just a flaming wick.

And I dreamt this dream,
I am up on this roof tonight,
With this velvet mattress spread under the heat of the stars,
I sit with my head between my knees,
Waiting for you to come,
Wondering if you would come,
Wanting you to come
We could build a cocoon by ourselves,
And slip inside,
Just like the way we did at that beach,
I hope u remember

I spread this mattress on my roof,
So that we can lie on our backs,
In each others embrace,
We could watch the stars shine,
We could watch the moon cross by our paths.

Dreams don’t always come true,
Then I wonder,
If dreams in my dream would ever come true ?
I dig into my empty heart to find my answer,
I probe into my frozen mind,
And why does my mind tell me ‘to hope’ ?
I realize,
That its like having a hope of safe landing,
In a bottomless pit.

... Random thoughts ...

How do you make some one know
what goes in your heart each moment,
how do you let some one realize
what your mind plans each second ?

But there are always a special one
who doesn't need telling even a bit
who can sense your feelings any time
with whom your bond is all time hit !

Then why do you have to wait for him
why does time keeps you both apart?
why is that you always wish his presence
why you can't let any one close to your heart ?


Posted By: Suga

Ever wondered why all creative activity finds its potential in silence?What is thinking? Is it giving time to your mind to express itself, or just a process to browse your mind, or the instinct(popularly known as The Voice of Heart)? I probably spend far too much time thinking about life. So many nights I have spent thinking - Thinking about various things, feeling sleepy but do not want to sleep- Just staring at my ceiling- thinking of doing something- something other than nothing- about the figures and colors I want to paint those empty canvases with, thoughts of packing my bags and run away towards the mountains, about the musical instruments I would love to learn, lost friends i would want to meet again, or just a weird imagination that if I try to spread my hands would I be able to fly like birds? about many unfulfilled dreams that are the basic cause of the thoughts or may be about that charming guy I have always wanted to be with, in the sunset, holding hands!!! And then spending whole day in making various schemes on how to turn these thoughts into reality. Have you ever had your most constructive thought at night, of how wonderful life could be? There is a strange kind of reality in these thoughts it seems, that give our life a strange kind of excitement. Remember Santiago, that famous character of the book The Alchemist who believed in his dream so much that he traveled all the way to Egyptian Pyramids in order to chase his dream. It creates a great feeling of passion to turn these dreams into reality. I am sure, to some extent , these late night thoughts are the basic and the most important reason for a kind of life we lead and are the first step towards achievement, as each thought is a creator of new experience and when we put all our effort to make these imaginary experiences into reality life becomes a wonderful journey, I guess. It is kinda addiction to be lost in the dreams!!!


The special day to you, is special to us too
Dear friend, happy birthday to you
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a special wish, we're ready to send.

Happy Birthday dear
Only happy wishes you must hear
As you enter an another year
We are there with you, so never fear...!!!!

Happy Birthday Dr. RajKumar.....May all the happiness be with you forever and ever...and Bro, My best wishes always with you...!!!these are the wishes frm our whole family of Lounge.....Have a blast dear..!!!

I Hate You For Loving Me

I come up to you with innocent hope filled eyes,
But you stare at me like i am a stranger who screams..!
I want you to look into my eyes, they never lie
You make me feel what we had were only dreams

I look into your eyes just to dream of your thoughts
You tear your eyes away and make me feel lost
I snuggle up close to you just to feel your heat
You shrug my arms off and tell me to beat it

I try to grasp ur fingers but you just wouldn't let
You turn away from me, words left unsaid
I try to sleep but the dreams just won't come
The nightmares of you leaving haunt me till dawn

I try to charm you back but you don't let me speak
You stop me everytime, you make me a freak!
I know you love me...but you just wouldn't admit
But i know my love,you love me with every breathe

I can hear my name in your every heart beat
But baby, i just cant keep watching you bleed
I know angel, you just want me to try
Just give me a hint darling, how can I?

I swore i wouldn't let you drop a single tear
I know i broke that, but baby i need you near
I know i can bring you back...atleast one day
I hate you for loving me this way!

P.S| inspired by the first two lines written by Rush_me in her blog. I know i shamelessly copied it. I just hope i did justice to those beautiful lines

Happy B'day Doc...

Its his B'day today..

You all know him as Dr.Kumar.
He is just Kummy for me... the ever sweet cousin of mine who always keeps smiling...


Let your neurons go berserk...
Endorphins unleashed... a rain storm...
Heart's on tachycardia...
Not due to increased venous return
Cos of the surged up LOVE RETURN...
Have an adrenalin rush
Through out the day....

Many more happy returns of the day da...
Have a blast.... N'joy...

July 26, 2009

Launch of the INS Arihant

This post goes as a tribute to all the engineers and personnel who have completed India's nuclear triad - it's capability of launching nukes from the air, land and the sea. Though much is left to do, like seeing to it that the onboard nuclear reactor achieves criticality, officialy India is the fifth power with the capability of launching nuclear submarines with today's launch.

Fig. INS Chakra (Charlie -1). INS Arihant is said to be a copy of this sub

But having arms, is completely different from having the will to use them. We have a plan of only 5 nuclear subs. In comparison, China already has 10 nuclear subs. The U.S. has 18, U.K. has 4, France has 4 and Russia has 15. It is a wonder why we never aim to be the best, and always aim to be in between. And when we develop enough, would we use them? With current trends in Indian foreign policy, it doesn't seem so.

There is one more factor. The K-15 missiles that will be the major payload of our submarine has a range of only 750 kilometers and the K-X missiles planned for the future have a payload of about 3500 kilometers. This is nowhere in comparison to the SLBMs of other powers. We still have a long way to go.

But for the moment, we can take rest, since war with major powers is not in the offing and pop the bubbly. This is also a fair tribute to the jawans who laid their lives for Kargil war 10 years ago. This is also in the line of Krishna telling Arjun during the latter's time in the jungle to go in the search of Divyashtra for the war, that whether or not weapons are to be used in a war, a Kshatriya must possess all kinds of weapons.

May we grow so powerful, that some Indian PM in the future roar the following words from the Gita.

Chapter 11 - 32

श्री-भगवान उवाचा
कालो ’समी लोक-कस्य-करत प्रव्र्द्धो
लोकन समहर्तुम इह प्रवर्ततः
रते ’पि त्वं न भाविस्यन्ति सर्वे
ये ’वस्थितः प्रत्यानिकेसू योधाः।

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain."

The Fourth seat - 1

A shu was born and brought up in Switzerland .She has been living with her uncle since her mothers death.Her mother kicked the bucket when Ashu was just 3yrs old .Mr Shridar,Ashu's uncle was a very famous personality in UK.He was a very well known business man in Switzerland and a known writer.He used to write stories despite of his busy schedule.He was of his own kind and he had two beautiful kids Anand and Ravi ,who were twins.Mr.Shri was busy with his own work and seldom got time to meet his children.Shridar was proud of his niece.He loved her like his own child.He always used to say "Ashu,you are like my own daughter and the first kid of the house".Even his wife didn't opposed this statement and she loved Ashu like her own daughter.Mr and Mrs Shri were childless and Ashu was like a blessing in disguise to them.They were Indians who settled in Switzerland over a decade ago.Ashu was a brilliant student . Anand and Ravi were like her best friends..she used to share all her secrets with them.
Mr and Mrs Shri treated Ashu like their own child,but Ashu never used to feel that .Ashu wanted to live with her parents .Her dad died few months after her mom died and this was the reason why Shridar decided to adopt and take care of Ashu.Sridhar was a Software engineer and owned a software company in UK.Ashu should be proud of them,but she wasnt.She missed her mom and dad very much .After all Mr and Mrs Shridhar were not her own parents .She used to wonder why she didn't died after her parents.She was living a luxurious life in Basil,which no one would ever think of,thanks to Mr and Mrs Shridhar.Without them it wouldn't be possible.She was feeling alone.Her uncle was always busy with his own work and used to return home after 10 pm,and so she would hardly get time to speak to him.That very year she passed her 12th grade exams with merit scores and wanted to pursue a career in Engineering as she was deeply inspired by her uncle.She told his uncle about this ,at first they thought for a while as they never wanted her to be isolated or never wished to get separated from her.This was because she was a special gift to them,a gift which they got when they desperately needed .Finally they agreed to send her to degree school to study engineering in computer science..Ashu never had friends .no one to cherish and her life was a real mess and that's why she decided to go.Her brothers were the one whom she would miss a lot as she loved both of them.Even while going she promised both of them that she would return soon ,but who knows she meant it or it was just a statement made by her.She wished to see her home town in India.She came to study in Mumbai and she lived with her granny for a while.She took admission in a very famous college in Mumbai.She hated the luxurious life that she lived in Basil.She always wanted to get rid of such a kind of life. She entered Mumbai with a big smile on her face.Ashita's(Ashu's) main intention was to visit the place where her parents lived.She starved for love although she was loved by her Uncle and family.She liked the way people lived in Mumbai ,a very sweet and simple life ...altogether this was a different experience for Ashu.Ashu now decided to explore her life and to live a life which is deprived of tensions ,furies and loneliness.She lived in a hostel and she had three roommates with her.At beginning Ashu was a stranger to every one ,no one used to talk to her as she looked more like a foreigner.When asked about her, Ashu used to tell every one that she was from a small town near Bangalore , as she thought that no one would talk to her if she revealed her real identity.Anu,Priya and suni were Ashu's room mates in hostel.Ashu was totally different from them.Although she was born and brought in Switzerland,but was a simple Indian girl and was not fashionable at all.She seldom spoke to a boy nor she communicated with a stranger.She was a very good friend of mine.At beginning ,Ashu never realized that communication would be a barrier to her.She never knew Hindi as they all were used to English when she lived in Basil.Even in college she used to talk in English and she was too fluent in English just as any outsider would.She wanted to learn Hindi and make friends.In our first introductory lecture in first year ,she introduced her as Ashita(Ashu) and every one stared at her for a while,as this girl was amazing.She pretended to be a girl from Bangalore and spoke as if she was living in New York.She started learning Hindi and asked us to talk in Hindi as she wanted to improve her Hindi.She started loving the way things were going around her.Her life was taking a big twist and it was like she was forgetting her family who loved her.Her 3 room mates were friendly to her as well.
At the same time this was a very different scenario in Basil,Sridhars business was facing a big threat due to some famous company and it was running in losses.This all started just as Ashu left them.Her presence was a big boom for them.His business was doing extremely well when Ashu was with them.But as she left them everything changed,they loved her very much...but did she realized that someone was thinking about her.Their condition were really disastrous and they had to take loan from banks to run their business,it saw all loses and no profits.As of now ,Mr.Shri started facing big health problems as well.Ashu was the only hope for him,as he considered her as the eldest child of the family.Once he even told that after him,Ashu would take care of the business, as his very own children's were too young as they were just 6 years old when Ashu left them.But any way they really started missing her and wanted to meet her soon.But it was not possible at that instant as their business was suffering badly and absence of Sridhar would see more disastrous performance.
Now Ashu realized that life in Mumbai was not easy as that in Basil.Did she realised that she was badly needed in Basil, did she realize that their business was under threat of extinction?.No one knew what was she upto and she seldom thought about them ..that too only when she thought about her mother and father...at that time she used to think about her brothers Anand and Ravi as she promised them to return soon .Even they were eagerly waiting for their diiii,but who knew what was running in her mind.Moreover she had to concentrate on her exams as well.....she was busy waiting for her exams to begin.

to be continued...

This heaven! =D

Hey... this post is my last one for a month. Yeah, I know I said the last post would be the last one but I just had to stop packing long enough to have a last post!

The calm, blue sky, the bright yellow sand, resting on my feet. The sun is sitting in a corner up above, watching us. Children are laughing and playing while their parents look on with admiration, sitting on the blankets that they have laid out. I slowly make my way in to this heaven and smile...

Ok... might not happen to me! It's monsoon season there. Whereas here it is summer!

Bye! :D

Luck (2009)

1 star out of 5

What's it all about?
A bunch of very 'lucky people' participate in a survival game orchestrated by mafia boss, Karim Moosa (Sanjay Dutt), who is on a mission to establish and lead the human-betting business. Instead of 'survival of the fittest', it's 'survival of the luckiest' here. So you have Ram Mehra (Imran Khan), Major Jawar Pratap Singh (Mithun Chakraborty), serial killer Raghav (Ravi Kissen), sixteen-year old Shortcut (Chitrashi Rawat) and Natasha (Shruti Hassan) relying solely on luck to win this bizarre game of life and death.

Direction & Screenplay
Writer-director, Soham Shah, needs hardcore lessons in script-writing. Shah's story and character development skills are zilch and funnily enough, he always ends up writing the silliest climax imaginable. If Kaal was a nightmare, then Luck is the mother of all nightmares. There were no gargantuan expectations from Shah but it was very disappointing to see Renzil D'Silva's name in the screenplay credits. Isn't he the same guy who wrote Aks and Rang De Basanti?

Another huge disappointment is in store for those who are expecting Shruti Hassan to match her father's (Kamal Hassan) acting abilities. Alas, the young lady's debut is as thanda as it can get. Shruti's flat dialogue delivery and lack of expression is a big turn-off. Oh, and the bikini-scene is total nonsense. But wait, it doesn't mean that she's devoid of talent. Shruti is a gifted musician and she sings her version of Luck Aazma with much aplomb. Imran Khan is another misfit who looks completely uncomfortable throughout the film. He should stick to rom-coms for now; I'm sure there's plenty of time to experiment later. Bhojpuri bhaiyya, Ravi Kissen, and Chitrashi Rawat are entertaining in their silly roles. Sanjay Dutt and Danny Denzongpa bore you to death with their endless lectures about luck and all that, and there's some more guaranteed boredom with Mithun's cheesy catchphrase, 'Koi Shaque?', last heard in J.P. Dutta's Ghulami.

Salim-Sulaiman's compositions are above average but music in an action-thriller is unnecessary. A robust background score would be more appropriate. Amar Mohile does a good job, aptly supported by Hari Dwarak's impressive sound design.

A film like Luck needs a good dose of high-octane stunts but Allan Amin's action lacks punch. Full marks for the opening train sequence, however, the underwater and parachute scenes are not very convincing. Spielberg's Jaws did a better job with the sharks and that was way back in 1975. The climax involving a speeding train, a plane and some explosions is a joke, not because of the stunts but because of the actors who are performing them and the Aazma Luck track that accompanies the entire sequence. Do save a few laughs as there is much more in store for you, thanks to Imran, Ravi and Shruti.

Luck is a big turkey and it's worse than Soham Shah's mediocre debut, Kaal. Bad luck Soham.

Twitsters have their say about Luck:
jun6lee - All-in-all, I was torn between, 'this is quite novel' and 'it could be done so much better, if'...upto the pre-climax that is. This is when it dropped into the pits of hell. The big end-game was just plain lame & made no sense.
shamail - Luck is an awesome movie, after a long time I've seen a Bollywood movie comparable to Hollywood.
ronakjain90 - Luck is a total non-sense movie. Please watch it only if you can digest that.
baxiabhishek - Back from Luck. What the #$%^, such a suck, full of muck, my bad luck, yuck yuck yuck!
filmigirl - This masala lover says: updated take on Gumnaam. Ridiculous but fun - slow start but ending is great!

The Legend of Sandeep Malan – 2

Sandeep rushed to his home. He paid 500 bucks to the auto, and without even waiting for the change, immediately rushed to his apartment. His apartment was in the most posh area of Juhu. It was that area of Mumbai which was home to many bollywood stars including Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan….and the item girl Rakhi Sawant. Sandeep had spent a fortune a few weeks ago in buying his 13th floor apartment just facing the building where Rakhi Sawant resided. He had spent all his savings, borrowed money from a goon, sold his ancestor’s house…much to the horror of his father, cut on his dates with Richa…just to get enough money for this apartment. Such was his craze for the item girl. There was a time when he used to spend maximum time with Richa. Richa, his love from his college days…the girl who won his heart when she sealed their love with a kiss. Sandeep was totally mad and passionate for her. He was always like that…passionate, moody, crazy!

He rushed to take the lift for his floor. It was 6.54 pm. And the lift got stuck. “Damn!! No!! God...you can’t do this to me! No!!”, he was growing impatient. The lift was back in order at 6.56 pm. But those two minutes seemed like ages to Sandeep. He was getting desperate. He reached his apartment at 6.57 pm and switched on the TV as soon as he entered. Straight to the ‘Hot Channel’ for the ‘Night out with Rakhi’ show. He waited for the 7 pm show and turned the volume to max and danced continuously for two hours at all the cheap Rakhi item numbers watching her live performance alongside. There was a time when the neighbours used to complain…not anymore. They had lost all hopes. Rakhi Sawant was his passion. He used to spend hours at his balcony waiting to get a glimpse of Rakhi who lived on exactly the same floor in the opposite building. Once he was even caught by the security when he was trying to reach Rakhi’s apartment by climbing up the sewage pipe. He then enjoyed a complete two day and one night stay at the prison. It was his friend Asbah who got him out and even convinced Richa that Sandeep was on a short business trip. Asbah was well aware of Sandeep’s latest craze and made every effort to hide this from Richa. But little did she know the extent to which that madness had evolved. She was as unaware as Sandeep himself!

It was 9.30 pm when he saw 5 missed calls from Richa on his phone. He thought of calling her back later. Just then he received a call from Supari Bhai, the local don from whom he had borrowed money for the apartment. He directed him to reach Marine Point in half an hour. Sandeep reached there to find Supari and his two men. “Abey shaney…tera time aa gaya lagta hai!! Vapas kar paise varna teri building se hi tujhe neeche tapka doonga!!”, he threatened. At that very moment Supari Bhai’s phone buzzed with the ringtone, “Arey ye to bataaa..sochta hai tu kyaaa….” This was the latest Rakhi Sawant item number and Sandeep’s favourite. He immediately started to dance on this song…step by step…exactly like Rakhi Sawant. He was singing and dancing madly. Marine Drive was a famous hangout spot and at that hour, there were many people hanging around. Sandeep was dancing like mad. Supari tried to stop him but could not. People were now staring at them. Supari and his men left the spot fearing police attention. Song by song…he kept on dancing and singing each item number of Rakhi Sawant.
It was then he spotted a couple in a compromising position making merry in a corner, away from preying eyes. The spot the couple had chosen was perfect as it was very difficult to spot them at this hour. Sandeep’s eyes lit up at the thought of mischief. He recalled a scene from yesteryears Rajni flick where the hero plays a moral police. Rakhi steps were replaced by Rajni’s poses in a matter of seconds and Sandeep started off in the direction were the couple were making merry. “Found a safe place you rascala’s….Rajni anna around and all this shit happening…Chumma Perai Kettavudane adhiruthilla (Doesn’t my name send a shiver down your spine?)…. Ponnum, pennum un pinnadi varanum...athu pinnadi nee pogakoodadhu..( Money and girls should always follow you, never go behind them)…Does not this chappy know that….Rascala…making merry in Rajni’s presence….Shoooo…Shooo…Go away….Go away…..Go away I say….Naan Oru Thadava Sonna ....Nooru Thadava Sonna Mathiri..!(I say it once, it’s as good as saying it a hundred times)”, Sandeep was shouting at the couple in true Rajni ishtyle. The couple were so engrossed in making merry that they had turned a deaf ear to the outside world. This enraged Sandeep. He started walking towards the couple after flicking a cigarette in the air which landed perfectly between his lips. He was walking in Rajni style. He was barely a metre away from the couple on romp when he stopped abruptly and dished out more Rajni dialogues. “Adhe kozhandhai kitta Sandeep Malannu sonna, innoru kaiyale avanga amma vaayayum moodum!” (Well, if you say the name ‘Sandeep Malan’ to that particular unborn child, it will close its mother’s mouth with the other hand!)…… Late ta vandalu Latest ta varuven(I come late but I come Latest)….put your clothes on you Rascala’s….and face Rajni….and get lost from here…..Yenna Rascalaaaa….Mind It!!!”, screamed Sandeep. A crowd had started gathering at the spot where Sandeep was belting dialogue after dialogue. More and more people were joining in to check out what the commotion was all about. Everyone who saw what was happening, was enraged at the couple.
The couple was shocked at this sudden intrusion and was clueless what was happening. The girl picked up her duppatta and fled the scene. Sandeep caught a glimpse of her when she ran past him. He had seen her somewhere. The face he saw bore a striking resemblance to Sarah Alexander, who was his colleague at office. Yes, it had to be her. That scar on her right cheek had confirmed his doubts. The guy was still in a state of shock. He was taken aback to see all the crowd that had gathered. Sandeep was still fuming, “Yennaaa Rascalaa…making merry at a secluded spot and marring the image of this great city…that too when Rajni’s disciples are around….Mind it!! You people…teach him a lesson…no one messes around in Rajni’s raj…..Mind it!!” The enraged mob attacked the guy and started beating him up. With every cry, Sandeep was laughing more hysterically. After beating him up for 5 minutes, Sandeep intruded and asked the crowd to stop. “Rajni’s biggest strength is his ability to forgive and forget…Mind it!! One last slap in Rajni ishtyle and then you are free”, said Sandeep. He caught hold of the guy’s collars and pulled him towards him. The guy was bleeding profusely. He was crying loudly. “Look at me you rascala”, commanded Sandeep. The guy looked in his direction. Sandeep got the shock of his life. It was D’Silva!! His boss D’Silva!!

She Stole My Sundays

I've lost all my Sundays
As I look up
Daylight is no more
Can't see the sun in my skies
Its all dark clouds now
Veiling over my sun.
I keep smiling
Cos, Its raining love.

P.S. - She can pirate as many 'SUN'days as she wishes... As long as the sea is... love.
Have a happy 'Sun'day everyone...


जब महाभारत का युद्घ होने वाला था उस समय पर श्री कृष्ण और अर्जुन युद्घ के लिए भूमि देखने के लिए निकलपड़े ,घूमते घूमते वो कुरुक्षेत्र पहुँच गए । वहां उन्होंने देखा एक किसान और साथ में उसका बेटा दोनों खेती कर रहेथे ,तभी अचानक एक साँप ने उस किसान के बेटे को डस लिया ,उस किसान ने अपने बेटे की लाश को खेत से बाहरकर दिया और फ़िर से खेती करने लगाआगे भगवान ने देखा एक महिला खाना ले कर रही थी ,श्री कृष्ण नेउससे पुछा तुम कहा जा रही हो ,उसने कहाँ अपने पति और ससुर के लिए खाना ले कर जा रही हूँ ,श्री कृष्ण बोलेतुम्हारे पति को तो साँप ने डस लिया हैं और तुम्हारे ससुर ने उसकी लाश को खेत से बाहर कर दिया हैं और फ़िर खेती करने लगा हैं ,ये सुनते ही वो महिला वही बैठ गई और खाना खाने लग गई अपने पति के हिस्से का खाना खाकर वो ससुर का खाना ले कर आगे बढ़ गईश्री कृष्ण ने अर्जुन से बोला के यही जगह सही हैं युद्घ के लिए यहाँ किसी को किसी से कोई मतलब नही हैं सब अपने बारे में सोचते हैं।

अगर आज भगवान श्री कृष्ण को युद्घ के लिए भूमि देखने जाना पड़े तो आसानी से मिल जायेगी क्योंकि हर जगह सब अपने बारे में ही सोचते हैं

(now for the members who don't understand hindi well)

jab mahabharat ka yudh hone vala tha us samay par shri krishn aur arjun yudh ke liye bhumidekhane ke liye nikal pade ,ghumte ghumte vo kurukshetra pahunch gayevahan unhone dekhaek kisaan aur saath maen uska beta dono kheti kar rahe the ,tabhi achanak ek saap ne us kisaanke bete ko das lia ,us kisaan ne apane bete ki laash ko khet se baahar kar dia aur fir se kheti karne laga.

aage bhagwan ne dekha ek mahila khana le kar aa rhai thi ,shri krishna ne ussepucha tum kaha ja rhai ho ,usane kahan apane pati aur sasur ke liye khana le kar ja rahi hun ,shrikrishn bole tumhare pati ko to saap ne das lia hain aur tumhare sasur ne usaki lash ko khet sebaahar kar dia hain aur fir kheti karne laga hain ,ye sunate hi vo mahila vahi baith gayi aurkhana khane lag gayi apane pati ke hisse ka khana kha kar vo sasur ka khana le kar aage badhgayi। shri krishna ne arjun se bola ke yahi jagah sahi hain yudh ke liye yaha kisi ko kisi se koimatlab nhi hain sab apane baare main sochte hai.

agar aaj bhagwan shri krishn ko yudh ke liye bhumi dekhane jana pade to aasani se mil jayegi kyonki aajkal har jagah sab apaen baare maen hi sochte hain