April 4, 2017

All this while ... and for What !

She protected herself from that
She had heard but she never tried
She believed that
'To try the doomed is to become an evil'

All this while 
she guarded the integrity
by displaying animosity

Pure as anyone could be
Senile as anything could be
Escaping the stains while walking in the dark streets
She managed to remain spotless above all

All this while and for what
She asks herself now
She fell and fell so hard 
that scattered pieces are now hard for her to find

She sits and weeps
and continuously asks only one thing
All this while ... and for what !!

March 27, 2017

I Fail...I Pass

I try
I try hard
I fail
I get scared when I fail

But so do everybody
Winners were once losers
And that is what made them a winner
So why get scarey and be worried

I fail
You fail
They fail
We all fail

But the aftermath
The constant fear of losing
Seperated and abandoned
Scares her a lot

I will continue
Continue to fail or pass
Results will keep burdening
In the worries of the past

March 11, 2017

Hunger Games

Nature at heart
is still is that of sharing
Nature at stomach
is what is driven by hungriness

Given food item
only for oneself
but having others around
raises the question of sharing

Few food options for oneself
Desire to eat it all
Are some of the clustering mind thoughts

Share or not?
Question arises
Yes or No
decisive power is tested

Evil at mind
yet can't decide
Wicked in thoughts
yet can't leave people alone

Share food and wish had more
to eat and not share
is the thought that finalizes in the mind.

You ... It

You say things
You say mean things
You move forward
You move way forward

It affects her
It badly affects her
It weakens her
It weakens her will

You continue doing things
You continue to jeopardize things
You hardly care
You hardly care for her feelings

It traumatizes her
It traumatizes her soul
It pinches her
It pinches her heart

February 25, 2017

One fine day ... !

Walking on the sideways
Going towards a shop
With a wandering mind
Not in place of the stop

At times
it gets difficult
difficult to adjust with inattention
yet time has shows no affection

On the street
stands a man
behind him
stands a girl

He was talking
she was lost
he turned to look and to look away
all this time she never looked his way

Oh my god you are so beautiful
Such a serene face
and such natural beauty
he had turned to her with such gracious words

Omg, what it could beautiful
These words shook her with surprise
Not ready to accept praises like this
She moved ahead and passed him a smile

Strange how strangers appreciate the beauty
while close can't
Strange how life plays
while she can't