February 25, 2017

One fine day ... !

Walking on the sideways
Going towards a shop
With a wandering mind
Not in place of the stop

At times
it gets difficult
difficult to adjust with inattention
yet time has shows no affection

On the street
stands a man
behind him
stands a girl

He was talking
she was lost
he turned to look and to look away
all this time she never looked his way

Oh my god you are so beautiful
Such a serene face
and such natural beauty
he had turned to her with such gracious words

Omg, what it could beautiful
These words shook her with surprise
Not ready to accept praises like this
She moved ahead and passed him a smile

Strange how strangers appreciate the beauty
while close can't
Strange how life plays
while she can't

February 15, 2017

As a Child

As a Child
Your heart is like a clay
ready to be moulded
in any way

Things that you see
Things that you perceive
Become an urfogettable memory 
Like an Imprint for-ever

As a Child
It's not on you 
To control what happens
To control how it happens
You are simply a spectator
A spectator of what and how it happens

Some get good memories
Some get bad
Some are left without memories
Some just go mad

How you will be
A portion of it lies how your childhood has been
But wha will be the future of someone
Who's childhood was never in the scene

February 14, 2017

All it takes

Filled with anger
sitting quiet
doesn't want to talk
is the current attire

Just one word on the text
or some small talk
a word over the phone
is all it requires

All it takes
to break the silence
And all it takes
to break her anger

December 3, 2016

|| शरारत ||

कद ६ फुट 
सीना ५६ इंच
उम्र २६ साल ९५ दिन

इसको  छेड़ दूँ
उसको  छेड़ दूँ
पूरी दुनियां छेड़ दूँ  ।

आँखों में शरारत
दिल में बेचैनी
दिमाग सोच में
क्या कैसे किसको कब छेड़ू !

हर समय चलता एक विचार
किसको बनाऊ अगला शिकार
कौन है मेरा सानी यहाँ
एक ही हुआ है मुझसा यहाँ !

सबको हँसाने का है ज़िम्मा मेरा
सच बोलके या झूठ
कौन करे इसकी परवाह ।

कोई हँसता
और कोई रुठ जाता
कोशिश में इसकी
कभी कभी हू मैं  हार जाता ।

पर कोशिश नहीं छूटेगी
एक दिन ये दुनिया याद करेगी
वो जो हँसाता भी था
और साथ में मारता भी था ।

October 19, 2016

Till death do us part !

I hear your cries
Yes, I do
I see the pain and suffering
It makes me restless to see you faint like this

But I won't let you die!
I am gonna be there for you
For you have been my sole friend in this lone journey of sad life

You let me by myself
with no fear of being ignored, misjudged and ill-treated
So how can I let you die alone

You are gonna revive!

That's a promise.
Till death do us part !