July 27, 2009

... Random thoughts ...

How do you make some one know
what goes in your heart each moment,
how do you let some one realize
what your mind plans each second ?

But there are always a special one
who doesn't need telling even a bit
who can sense your feelings any time
with whom your bond is all time hit !

Then why do you have to wait for him
why does time keeps you both apart?
why is that you always wish his presence
why you can't let any one close to your heart ?


  1. it's like the question "is there life after death?" well my answer would be if it would become so easy to find ur soulmate then how wud it be fun, the tougher it gets the interesting it becomes :)

  2. @H : its not always about your soul mate ... just any one who understands you ! its frustrating at times !!!

  3. u look it from the wrong way.. see the fun not the pain :)

  4. i understood wat u said dude .. but i see fun only in search and seek !! the waiting part is no fun !!

  5. Then DON'T wait...best thing to do..keep on running..thats what i say..-thats a song :P

  6. Hah.... Sweet poem prats...sweeeeeet...

    I have a cute answer to ur question....
    Will write it as a post in evening.... :-)

    N two small corrections:
    2nd para 1st line... There 'is'
    3rd para 2nd line.... Why does Time 'keep' you Both apart.. (not sure of this one)

  7. The mind i have right now is similar to this poem! and feel like asking the same!
    Wish i can answer you!

    Still totally beautiful gal
    Loved it:)

  8. Humph..!

    You know, a lot of people try and answer this question,
    especially people who are single like me and waiting for that special one.!

    Well i believe that Love finds you in the oddest of times when are least expecting it and You never even know.

    and honestly, a lot of our idea of romance is too bollywood inspired..

    I mean personally, I remember doing that "palat..palat" scenario from DDlJ..:-P

    I honestly hope for you and for me..it to be a worth the wait for that 'special someone'.!

  9. hehe..!!!..wn u won't lt nyone close 2 ur heart how vl tht som1 special meet u dear...na ya blessd r those who r hvng dis som1 special...n i thnk i m among those..:)..don't worry jst hv patience..

  10. leave it 2 god if tis is ur prob ;)
    ..."why cant you let any1 close 2 ur heart"..as life gives only 1 chance..if u dont grab it then,its a comprosmise later..

    else,nice musings..

  11. @Arun : thx fr the patient read n corrections.. will edit :)

    @Nabz : i know ur questions well :)

  12. @Rush_me : i know m too filmy at times !! and m well embarassed of that too at times ... but these lines were actually meant fr a friend .. some times u jst miss a frnd too much for no reason ! thanks fr the read :)

  13. I guess the answer lies in your poem itself for every question..You're madly in love..It can be for anyone..Your soulmate..Or some person who understands you..That's why you feel this way..And you've to wait so that you cherish it when you get it..Good things come in small packages..;-)..Look around..May be you just need to discover the hidden packages..:-)..

  14. I am thinking this at this moment!!!!!


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