July 28, 2009

Bangalore riding

This write is due a long time now. It generally covers my 1 hour ride from home to office in the morning. I intend to give some tips for Bangalore traffickers(sorry for using this) but yes, it's a war out there.

1)do not pull the lid on your helmet, it will get immensely suffocating, even the exhaust gases of the sumo ahead is worth a breathe.

2)Know how to ride or don't ride, you should be in absolute control of whatever vehicle you possess.

3)Do not keep distance from the vehicle in front, the closer you get to that vehicle the more space you create for yourself to cut lanes and beat that traffic light.

4)Ok, 80% people ride on the footpath here, but it's a completely a no-no. why? because it just isnt classy.

5)The thinner the road the more your speedometer should show, because less chance of the guy behind overtaking you.

6) Know how to dead stop, that means you really should know that you have to press your rear brake first and then the front brake in optimum time. Practise this before hitting the roads, else you will hit someone.

7)Do not whizz past bangalore women on scooties, they are absolutely wild, I did the mistake and on the next signal was surrounded by Charlie's ANgels's on all sides throttling at me menacingly. But they didn't know who they were messing with.

8)If you are on a long road take the route with maximum females, they are the angels who will keep you alive. Their beautiful faces on the bustops will keep you going. So God help you if you take some barren route.

9)Be angry all the time, and honk honk honk. The city is ruthless so be you.

That's all I'll be back with more. Safe riding. Amen


  1. I knew it would be your post !! some interesting points :)

  2. Oh!
    Right out of a exhausted office goer in Bangalore... I know buddy how it feels ... I do not drive myself, but still I would know it no lesser!!

    Good points - many are against traffic laws, but then... only one who drives through Silk Board (or other such areas) would know it all!!

  3. he he...
    Points noted...
    Bottom line - Bangalore erased in my places to get settled.. :-) (n so are all the other metros)


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