July 27, 2009


I know this morning wasn’t great,
I sit here in the crowd,
Trying to hold it together,
Trying to pull it together,
Trying to ignore this sinking feeling,

Everything is asleep inside of me,
Even my unconscious dwelling mind,
In my dreams,
I dream of the reality that u burnt down
With just a flaming wick.

And I dreamt this dream,
I am up on this roof tonight,
With this velvet mattress spread under the heat of the stars,
I sit with my head between my knees,
Waiting for you to come,
Wondering if you would come,
Wanting you to come
We could build a cocoon by ourselves,
And slip inside,
Just like the way we did at that beach,
I hope u remember

I spread this mattress on my roof,
So that we can lie on our backs,
In each others embrace,
We could watch the stars shine,
We could watch the moon cross by our paths.

Dreams don’t always come true,
Then I wonder,
If dreams in my dream would ever come true ?
I dig into my empty heart to find my answer,
I probe into my frozen mind,
And why does my mind tell me ‘to hope’ ?
I realize,
That its like having a hope of safe landing,
In a bottomless pit.


  1. curse or blessing...that's hope..i guess u read this before in ur blog ..nice one :)

  2. Beautiful poem rashmi...
    Luved ur narrative in the 3rd n 4th stanzas..
    N the finishing line abt hope is also perfect...

    Good one....

  3. oh i loved it
    ummeed pe hi duniya kayam hai

    P.S| yu saw the post i wrote right? thanx to yu

  4. @ FL..
    umeed pe duniya kayaam hain jaaneman..:-P

    kabhi umeed choddh kar toh dekho..
    asli azaadi usme hain..!

  5. the last line simply left me in an awe..kinda reltd 2 it...

  6. amazed once again at the simplicity of these profound thoughts !!

  7. i loved every single word of it.totally amazing. very deep and i like that! i love your blog..:)


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