July 27, 2009

I Hate You For Loving Me

I come up to you with innocent hope filled eyes,
But you stare at me like i am a stranger who screams..!
I want you to look into my eyes, they never lie
You make me feel what we had were only dreams

I look into your eyes just to dream of your thoughts
You tear your eyes away and make me feel lost
I snuggle up close to you just to feel your heat
You shrug my arms off and tell me to beat it

I try to grasp ur fingers but you just wouldn't let
You turn away from me, words left unsaid
I try to sleep but the dreams just won't come
The nightmares of you leaving haunt me till dawn

I try to charm you back but you don't let me speak
You stop me everytime, you make me a freak!
I know you love me...but you just wouldn't admit
But i know my love,you love me with every breathe

I can hear my name in your every heart beat
But baby, i just cant keep watching you bleed
I know angel, you just want me to try
Just give me a hint darling, how can I?

I swore i wouldn't let you drop a single tear
I know i broke that, but baby i need you near
I know i can bring you back...atleast one day
I hate you for loving me this way!

P.S| inspired by the first two lines written by Rush_me in her blog. I know i shamelessly copied it. I just hope i did justice to those beautiful lines


  1. I hate you for loving me this way!

    i could write on n on with this line ... this was a beautifully said sad post .. thansk for this FL !!

  2. this is a well developed poem by the way...
    well..the first two lines were by me..but the rest of the lines are the show stealer..!
    I am more than than glad u copied it ( so dont say it shamelss)..coz if my lines inspire someone..what else could i ask for..?

  3. waise ...whats ur name..?

    It defnitely cant be Free lancer..! :-p

  4. hmmmm...gud...b'ful..wat kind of hint r u waitng 4 wn u cn hear ur name in hr every heartbeat??????

  5. So is that what ur parents named .?
    FL..? :-P

  6. nah...they named me something else entirely.....like George Clooney and Hugh Jackman

    but i am a rebel yu see....so decided to cut my name short to FL
    short. simple, SEXY


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