July 27, 2009


Posted By: Suga

Ever wondered why all creative activity finds its potential in silence?What is thinking? Is it giving time to your mind to express itself, or just a process to browse your mind, or the instinct(popularly known as The Voice of Heart)? I probably spend far too much time thinking about life. So many nights I have spent thinking - Thinking about various things, feeling sleepy but do not want to sleep- Just staring at my ceiling- thinking of doing something- something other than nothing- about the figures and colors I want to paint those empty canvases with, thoughts of packing my bags and run away towards the mountains, about the musical instruments I would love to learn, lost friends i would want to meet again, or just a weird imagination that if I try to spread my hands would I be able to fly like birds? about many unfulfilled dreams that are the basic cause of the thoughts or may be about that charming guy I have always wanted to be with, in the sunset, holding hands!!! And then spending whole day in making various schemes on how to turn these thoughts into reality. Have you ever had your most constructive thought at night, of how wonderful life could be? There is a strange kind of reality in these thoughts it seems, that give our life a strange kind of excitement. Remember Santiago, that famous character of the book The Alchemist who believed in his dream so much that he traveled all the way to Egyptian Pyramids in order to chase his dream. It creates a great feeling of passion to turn these dreams into reality. I am sure, to some extent , these late night thoughts are the basic and the most important reason for a kind of life we lead and are the first step towards achievement, as each thought is a creator of new experience and when we put all our effort to make these imaginary experiences into reality life becomes a wonderful journey, I guess. It is kinda addiction to be lost in the dreams!!!


  1. nights...i just stay awake...turning into a bat day by day...err...night by night...or even better into a vampire!

    but i love day dreaming....my professors are fed up of me
    yes! one goal achieved...lols

    btw creativity bursting while we think...erm...i won't completely agree...because when i start to think...nothing seems to enter my head...well its just me...something's wrong with my head
    *chop chop*

  2. I can relate to this post completely ! each night, even when i disconenct myself from everything and just lie silently, there are still people and things that conquer your thoughts .. what it turns into later, depends on you ... write, paint, cry, smile or chase these dreams .. all your life is defined by it :)

  3. my take would be at the wee hours of the night try doing something u love..it can be as crazy as watching porn with a glass of beer to reading your favourite book. but keeping that time reserved only for u is very imp. cheers

  4. "keeping that time reserved only for u" thats really important i agree .. more than imp, its just a bliss !!! :)

  5. You know..I am glad that you think..!
    There are a very few people whose thoughts come to a halt at one point..and I personally have such people in my life.
    Its not that I am cribbing but I consider people who think great do great..!
    ...but but..provided..you turn into Santiago from The Alchemist. Chase your dreams, Want it more than anything..then see how everything falls into place..!

    And I have a real bad habit of day dreaming..r I prefer not calling it 'dreaming'..coz I am always thinking of somthing or other.

    Give me a moment..or even a minute, not indulged, and I am lost..in my own valley of thoughts.

    great write..!


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