July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Grasshopper! ;)

Dearest Grasshopper ;) :D,

Before I say any goddamn thing, I am really sorry... my bloody sleep ditched me last night... could not call you at 12...but yes, I remember I called you at 1...
But... here's wishing you a very very very happy birthday! :)
You are one helluva friend to me FL...trust me on this guys and being a narcissist he is, he will completely agree to what I just said about him. A completely adorable dodo, a sweetheart completely obsessed with himself.

Identifying him is so easy...he is that average college-going guy, wearing those wacky one-liner t-shirts, with a look of you-can't-take-me-to-your-mom. Lol... sorry! (I know i'll be killed for this.)
You know something? Amidst all those negatives, the first positive I saw in you was that you are diabetically sweet...and as adorable as a kid!! :D
This is one time of the year when you can get to know everything nice about you...and I won't miss this chance to thank you for all those sweet things that you have done for me in the last one fantastic month of my life!...from running for shelter in rains to shelling out all those extra bucks to those Chennai autowalas just to make sure that I don't wait alone! ;)

You are my bestestest friend...(I promise to you that) and you'll always be one! The bond that we both share is hard to be understood by anyone else. Its love...but the one that bestestest friends have, it is friendship (of course), its that kiddo-kiddo bond, its like...something that words can't describe.

Thank you for coming into my life...I needed someone like you very badly...like a fresh ray of hope you came and promised to stay forever...what else could I ask for! ;) Thank you so much!

All the best to you...keep your girl happy. (Yea guys, I am not the one and now, thank you for all those raised brows.)
Don't fight with me for anything written over here because its your birthday and I want you to stay alive and kicking atleast till its 12 AM again! Lol...

God bless you with all the happiness and success that you have always desired. Stay happy and I just pray that this birthday turns out to be the best till date!

Akele chalti rahi jaane kiski ummed mein
Dekha tujhe toh laga sab kuch alag sa
Hasna seekha tujhse
Rona bhi tha aaj tune sikhaya

Par woh aansu na nikle they dukh se
Har dukh mein bhi khushi mili
Jab thaama tha haath tune
Aye dost, fir mujhe ek nayi zindagi mili...

Happiest birthday to you ever FL... take care! :)

Your PENGUIN!! :D :D

P.S.: Guys, can we just flood this post with wishes for my grasshopper, please?? :)


  1. *sigh*
    one day you wil be the end of me!

    btw i am not so good as she made me guys... :D
    thanx honey....love yu forever

  2. Happy birthday sweetheart! :D Mwahh!

  3. Happy Birthday dude :)

    Have a great grasshopper day :P


  4. FL baba, jonmodinor xubhessa thakil.

    phalo phulo aur jite raho! ;-)

    Happy Birthday!

    Best wishes,

  5. happy birthday..!!!

    have a blast and take care..!

  6. Happiest B'day once again !!!! wish the next one is ever more happy ,,,, :D

  7. @ Bhargav,

    Yays! Thanksie for wishing! :D

  8. @ Pratsie,

    Glad glad! :D :D :D :D :D

  9. happy birthday Mridu,
    made god shower all his blessings upon you and provide you with all that you need ..take care and do have a blast....coz birthday comes once in a year so simply ROCK it!!

    Happy birthday once again machha!!

  10. @ Ste,

    Aww... so sweet of you! :D

    He'll be very happy when he reads this! :)

  11. @ BHARGAV
    ki koru lahe lahe bura hoi goi asu

  12. @ FL,

    Mornin dude! :)

    And FL, as far as my understanding of your lingo goes... the morning must have been a li'l messed up, but the rest of the day will be good for sure! ;)

  13. Happy birthday dude....or should I say grasshopper :D ??

  14. happy b'day to u FL
    nice poem

  15. @ artz
    gues the day wil go fine
    gosh! 3 dedications on the lounge!

  16. @ Anurag,

    Oho! Call him by any name! :P :P

  17. @ Chirag,

    thank you for the wishes!

  18. FL baba, drink a Grasshopper Shot with me..you'll feel younger again ;-)

  19. Happy birthday FL...
    Piranda naal vazhthukkal...
    mupphi nalgava Janmadina Subhakankshalu ....

  20. happy bday
    Piranda naal vazhthukkal...
    mupphi nalgava Janmadina Subhakankshalu ....

    dunno what that means but looked cool :P

  21. LOL @ Arun's comment!

    @ FL: Lover boy... Happy Bday to you :) God bless you.. !!

  22. @ FL,

    That was 'Happy Birthday' in telugu and i don't know the other lingo! :D :D

  23. he he
    that was happy b'day in english, tamil, telugu, malayalam....
    of course may have a lotta mistakes...
    (use with caution)


  24. Hey FL... Many many Happy Returns Of The Day.. :)

    Have a gr8 year before a wonderful life ahead... :)

    For now.. Have a Blast..!! :)


  25. Piranda naal vazhthukkal FL...
    happy bday dude......
    have a rocking yr ahead full of joy happiness nd success.....

  26. oh wow so sweet aarthi...happy b'day FL c how lucky u r 2 hv sch a nice frndzzz.....god blss u dear..:)

  27. @ vids
    yes vids...m just two months old her...n m damn lucky..thank yu frenz

  28. hey Mrids..Janmo dinor hiya bhora xubhessa thakil :))

    Njoi maadi..

  29. Belated Happy Birthday FL :) Sorry for wishing late :(


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