July 29, 2009

Paging Dr.Faggot!

A: From tomorrow u ll be plagued with ‘marriage is
suffocating my brains’ syndrome
B: Yes, my I.Q. is going to be on ‘haaji, as you say madamji’ mode.

I don’t get guys, 99% of them are so scared of the word marriage
that whenever mentioned they run in the opposite direction like
their tail’s on fire.

A girlfriend asking for commitment always
gets a ‘saali ki maa ki aakh’ kind of reaction and
sometimes its vice versa too!:P..
Being a bachelor is a freedom in itself, a licence to kill and
not have to answer anyone except maybe your mom
on ‘whats that mark on your neck? :P

Why do guys say ‘ girlfriend and wives are 2 different things
and 2 different people’ For a girlfriend they ll want a oh so hot,
oh so sexy and oh so desperate female and for a wife a
‘yeah ok, can she cook' kinda question mark.
Mowgli Junglee in modern avatars guys these days!

Imagine waiting to get out of your work place to be with your
wife and haaji u really look forward to this moment, Going to
bandstand and cheering onto beer together
(She can be the designated drunk driver) , Driving down to
Ladakh, Leh just because she thinks trains and planes are
not adventurous enough, Going to pubs and headbanging
together, You know you look your absolute worst today
but still she says' whats up sexy' :P Plans of naming our kids
dashboard29, mudslinger, Revmaster, hotwheels bla bla :P,
Gets along with my mom/dad like they were her own,
even doing the dishes together would be fun.

Perfect Cpu and monitor ki jodi, someone who does not
care about makeup while getting wet in the rain, someone who
does not behave like 'i want attention' like a perfect lala land female,
someone who would love sitting in a maruti 800 as much as a
merc with the idea being the 'company and 'not the car' ,
cute and sweet in her own ways..

and YES

GOD don’t run no bingo if u hook up with someone who is out
there just for your money and looks, in that case neglect most of
the above and find a drunkard friend to sulk with all your life.
You will never hear or feel what a real marriage is.

A vicious cycle wherein demand and supply of retards and
materialistic weasels are in complete tandem. India is planning a
national id card system for its every citizen, I suggest there should
be a criteria where in a persons nature be mentioned too.
For example: Nature: Player, pimp, will date anyone, desperate,
5 faced, fickle, bi- curious, will fuck a dog if needed bla bla bla bla !

We should welcome the calendar to the 21st century and its
inhabitants to the 25th century.

As for me, I cannot be the only retard who thinks life can be a
fairytale too. Someday, someone will say “haila tu bhi’..
*MUSIC* Ta Taara ra Taara Neal N Nikki :P

Who let the dogs out...who who who who who ? - Baha Men


  1. haila....Tu bhi????

    :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

    awesome post......true in a raw sense!

    \m/ post \m/ in da true sense! :)

  2. ummm is the rant against guys? girls? or just general cynicism till I find my true love :-P but nice post laughed a lot and loved the part about answering mom he he he

  3. man yu screwed my brain....its totally fried...lols


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