July 27, 2009

An 'Undefined' Friendship!

An 'undefined' friendship defines you,
A non existing love symbolizes you,
Two lovers gone aloof represent us,
Two complicated friends legalizes us!

A time existed which made a fairytale,
A scenario existed which defined a dreamland,
A prince existed who captured the princess,
A princess existed who idealized the love!

Then time changed and the dream conflicted with reality,
Reality seemed to vaporize the love,
Reality seemed to vaporize the care,
But then reality couldn’t vaporize the relation!

Lovers parted ways, friends made way,
Dependency made way, space created a vacuum,
Distances crept in, void started getting large,
But expectations still reigned as ‘we’ still existed!

Finally the head gave heed to the heart,
And heart let egos fly away, accepting its feelings,
Nothing could stop the care, denial made way to acceptance,
Acceptance of need, the need of the relation, the need of the person!

The friendship made a new start, start without a baggage,
A realization of the need, resolve to the friendship,
A feeling without name, a relation without demands,
A something which was unnamed, a thing which was incomprehensible!

The compressed feeling still existed in the undefined friendship,
The care still existed as the form of love in the sail ship,
The small forms of expectations still made way in the indefinite,
The unnamed definition made us but that is what still keeps us,
The weirdness surrounds us, no one can understand our togetherness,
The hopeless hope still exists, and ‘undefined’ friendship is what I still love!


  1. each stanza has something 4 me 2 sit back n ponder...nice work gal..

  2. Lovely poem... nice one..
    The last three stanzas were perfect... fabulous...

  3. @The Bard....ya thinking did made me write this one too...thanks :)

  4. @Arun thanks so much:) and ya the last few paras was the real intention ...glad u liked :)

  5. @Prats..i so wanted u to read it ...now i can just :) *hugs back*

  6. why does reading this again and again gives em a sense of deja vu .. it chokes me :(

  7. @P.S. i wrote it and yet it has the same effect of me and yet i want to read it again and again.....sigh

    dont worry now smile >:D<


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