July 30, 2009

TEACHERS GOING BERSERK..! (who new they can be their own nightmare sometimes)

( at my college...)

**** and people here That are mentioned are my classmates..( found this bit from our class community) ***

Rohan asking mechanical teacher...."How do we SCREW'....and later....'What to do after we have SCREWED'.....( This happened wen we were checking out the lathe machine)

Math teacher saying....."..its compulsory for those who want to"...

Our EC teacher wen she was pissed at us for constant noise in the class..
"I know what is the sound from inside and what is the sound from outside!!!!".....She is Jhatang trust me..!!!

"Dont murmur on my backside" ( Dont know who said this..I was revolted laughing my ass off..)

Our maha maayi EC teacher again ... "We have to 'anal ice' the circuit properly.."

My friends Microbio sir..."The cell wil become die" (fuck...good shit man..!)

One of my classmates(confidential) spelt Jacob as "JACKUP"!!!!

Lab attender in power electronics lab..." Don't take anything ..., take only that thing.."

Our electrical teacher dictating a problem..." The stator has 'yaaair' gaps of......."
( pronounced as AIR GAPS )

Our VP...we were being told off for making a teacher cry.." We all come to teach here and you people should learn somthing..this is a temple of education..(yawn..!)..We all work very hard..and YEARN ( *TING* again..YEARN) the money..! (Typical tamil accent..) :-P


  1. No..!
    I am put up at Bangalore..
    And it aint banging anymore..its fucking boring..!
    Atleast Chennai has the beachs and Chicken pakoras..and Chettinad cuisine..!
    * slurp*
    ( I was a fat kid..and I am funny coz you re bald..):-P :-P

  2. that's superb yaar
    i also heard this type of things from my teacher a lot

  3. he he funny ones... happens a lot in my coll too...

    The cell wil become die... :-D

  4. lol.....gt nostalgic readin dis rememberin my collg days! :P :P

    was fun! :)

    nice post! likd it! :D

  5. I think we all come across things like this..It's really an effort to put up these things..Nice work girl..Keep it up..You've yearned a lot of applaudes..:D..

  6. that's nice...every lecture in an engineering college has his/her own style of pronunciation..

    In my college...

    "Don't talk in front of my back !!!"

    "The memory addrrasss(address) of this variable...."

    "Don't stand tiles...it break"

  7. No one has such a comical accent in my clg but ya.. it was hilarious in my school days too !!!


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