September 30, 2009


Suddenly I get this feeling,
My mind draws a blank,
My hands are slightly shaking,
My heart begins to race.

I feel like I'm losing control,
I'm nervous inside and out,
I have an unexplainable feeling,
I wish I could figure this out.

These butterflies inside of me,
Keep fluttering all throughout,
I thought they were gone for good,
I didn't know they could come out???

Worded Expressions

It seems eons since when I wrote last
When I poured my blithesome heart out
Into those tiny little bubbles called words
Potently carrying an emotional bout

And I wonder how can a few symbols - a mere few
Express the magnitude of my solitude
The purity of love, the twinkle of a hope
Perseverance and its fortitude

Scribbled on a random scrap
Flaking away in the air of the fan
Emotions and all hues of it
My heart expressed by a mere pen?

As I marvel at the power of it all
As I once again scribble the word
Language and its mysteries recall
The pen is way mightier than the sword

September 29, 2009

..bachpan mera..

bachpan mera rooth gaya hai
beetein waqt main chutt gaya hai
baarish ka paani to aaj bhi hai
par kagaz ki kashti nahi
door tak faila akaash aaj bhi hai
par udane ko pank hi nahi
bachpan mera rooth gaya
beetein waqt main chutt gaya


Why so?
I don’t know
Go away
Why you say?
Ah, you pest!
Go, let me rest!

It's a conversation between tired mummy and her inquisitive daughter. :)

September 28, 2009

What's Your Rashee: Movie Review

Directed By-
Ashutosh Gowariker

Produced By-
Ronnie Screwvala, Ashutosh Gowariker

Harman Bhaweja, Priyanka Chopra..

How many of you were waiting for this one from Gowariker? i know many! Sadly for all Gowariker fans, What's Your Rashee is absolutely disappointing. Based onMadhu Rye's novel Kimball Ravenswood, WYR's script is as flat as it can possibly get. 

What's Your Rashee's story revolves around Yogesh Patel(Harman Bhaweja) an MBA student studying in Chicago, who is forced to return to India after receiving a message about his father's deteriorating health. On reaching India is when the family of Yogesh let out the actual reason.Yogesh is then told about the share scam committed by his brother and the family's huge debt. He's also told about the solution offered by a astrologer according to whom, If Yogesh gets married on the 20th, huge wealth is to follow the family on the very day. He's given a mere 10
 days to decide a girl and get married. It does not take long for his family to convince Yogesh and he's then out looking for brides. After a lot of confusion about the brides shortlisted by his uncle,Yogesh comes up with a bizarre idea of meeting one girl from each of the 12 zodiac signs. And the plot leading upto Yogesh deciding his soul mate among the 12 is for you to watch it yourself. 

Gowariker seems to have failed miserably with WYR provided the quality of movies that he
made previously. The movie fails to take off and the plot of the movie does not really convince you at any level. The one and the only thing that is impressive with WYR is Priyanka Chopra's impeccable performance playing 12 different characters. She's absolutely mind blowing with each of the 12 characters and probably the only thing that makes you sit right through the exhausting 3 hours 15 minutes. Harman Bhaweja is good and tries his best to make an impact with his honest acting supported well by rest of the cast. The funnier parts that were supposed to be funny are not funny and it just frustrates you more. 

The music by Sohail Sen is ordinary and the 12 songs used for 12 the different characters are not impressive either. 

I will go with 4 BOP's out of 10 for Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Rashee.

Avoid this Flick!

Reviewed By-
Raghav Ramaiah

Orginally posted!

SOE (CUSAT) Launches Alumni Association :

The School Of Engineering (SOE) - Cochin University of Science And Technology (CUSAT) has launched its alumni association - SEAA.

The School of Engineering Alumni Association (SEAA), was started in April 2009 in SOE.The main purpose of the assosciation is to provide a platform through which the alumni of SOE, faculty, staff and students of SOE can interact with each other for mutual benefits.SEAA will facilitate and inspire alumni to contribute towards improvements in the status of SOE in academics, infrastructure and industrial interactions.

SEAA will render assistance to current students through grants, scholarships and help them in academics, placement or any other area that is felt as appropriate by the association.The assosciation shall also work towards better interactions between alumni and students by providing forums and creating opportunities for such interactions.

The start up activities are being done by Dr.David Peter.S, Principal, SOE and Dr.Binu Paul, Alumni Coordinator.

Activities so far :

Most of the students admitted in 2005 have registered in SEAA.

Soon a website will be launched for SEAA.Former students can take membership online, in SEAA once the site is up.

The Executive Committee will finalize and approve the Byelaw of SEAA.

For further details Please Contact : Dr.Binu Paul, Reader, Division of Electronics, SOE - 9947242601 (Mobile).

(Excerpts from CUSAT-SOE diary-2009)

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One Single Impression Prompt - Colors

Like the changing colors of seasons
We are making changes too
To appreciate all the colors of life
We are letting go of….
few things in our life too!

TV has been deemed broken
No fairy can fix it for you
My twin girls are exasperated
But they will learn soon

Colors that had faded from life
Are again being added
Some artwork together
Some reading of books together
Some family time
Are being added to the menu

Yard needs care
We need to go ride that cycle too
That lovely radio
Needs to be switched on
Yahoo ‘little kidz tunes’
Rocks on!

That closet needs to be organized
Summer clothes need to be put away
Lord Krishna must be wondering
Where his devotee went away
Need to start chanting again
When and why did I stop?
I need to give up waste
And color my life again.


September 27, 2009

Loser songs of the 90's

Anyone who knows me would tell you that songs especially Bollywood numbers play a huge part in my life. In fact every time I make a new friend, within the first two three meetings I ask them what songs do they listen to and more often than not, the future course of the friendship gets decided by that discussion. I can't interact with people who don't have an interest in music nor can I get along with the 'I love only firang songs coz they are supposed to be cool' crowd. I could spend days discussing old hindi film songs and my ideal vacation activity would be a campfire singing old songs.

But there is a category of songs that I am particularly fond of discussing. I call them the loser songs of the 90's (umm actually could include some 80's songs too). Now the 90's were the era when I had my first crushes and had all those growing up pangs and all. And the songs of that era particularly were about some sort of impossibly undying, pining away sort of love. As an infatuated teenager I used to really believe in 'Dil jigar nazar kya hai main to tere liye jaan bhi de du..' but now that I look back I cant help laughing at the songs and their loser in love kinda lyrics.

Many a stimulating discussion I have had about these songs and how the hits of that era now just remind you of the silliness of your own life then. I remember a discussion with Smiling Serpent which I am unlikely to forget anytime in my life because I have never laughed so much ever (much to his consternation, because unfortunately the joke was on him :-). This post has been inspired by insomniacal chats during night shifts with Phoenix in the last few days.

The 90's were a 'dramatic love' era. I remember Filmfare and Stardust publishing stories about fans who used to write fan mail in blood. There were people who had committed suicide after Divya Bharati died. So it was all about hyperbole. Naturally the songs of the era also followed this trend of being high on an aching, nauseating kind of unrealistic love which was supposed to true love. So you had Kumar Sanu crooning away 'Tu meri zindagi hai' (I do like this one still) as if he were a dying man looking for the oxygen of love (ooh even reminiscing about the era is making me use hyperbole). That is why I call them the 'loser' songs, all about aching love nothing about love's uplifting qualities. That reminds me of the ultimate loser song, ever heard Achha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka?

The songs of the era were the kind that the roadside tapori would sing in his mistaken view of love which actually would be some funny form of eve teasing. 'Premi pagal aawara, aashiq majnu deewana...' or 'Main hoon aashiq, aashiq aawara'. The songs of the era also seemed to propagate the myth that if you chase a girl hard enough (like a needy psychopathic stalker) she is bound to fall in love with you. 'Is tarah aashiqui ka asar chod jaunga, tere chehre pe apni nazar chod jaunga' scary man. Or 'First time dekha tumhein ham kho gaya second time mein love ho gaya yeh akkha India jaanta hai ham tumpe marta hai...' Perfect songs for the guy who is waiting at the corner of the road for his favourite girl to walk past.

Lots of metaphors and lots of promises of undying love. 'Tu shayar hai main teri shayari (I remember everyone of us girls in the school had tried to move their index fingers the way Madhuri does in that song). 'Saanson ki zarurat hai jaise' 'Tumhein apna banane ki kasam khaayi hai khaayi hai' 'Dil hai ki maanta nahin' 'Saanwali saloni teri jheel si aankhein' (cute still) 'Juliet ki tarah honthon pe hai surkhiyan dekh le khud ko tu nazar se meri jaaneja'.

Unrequited love, betrayal or some form of separation was a common theme. 'Chupana bhi nahin aata', 'Accha sila' mentioned above, 'Ae kaash kahin aisa hota ke do dil hote seene mein' 'Jaao tum chahe jahan yaad karoge wahaan ki ik ladka duniya mein hai jo de sakta hai tumpe jaan' 'Woh meri neend mera chain mujhe lauta do' 'Ab tere bin jee lenge ham zehar zindagi ka pee lenge ham'. How many lovers of that era must have gone through breakups listening to these depressing numbers.

There were also the quirky ones with weird lyrics. 'Tu tu tu tu tara...' 'Ole ole' 'Oye oye' 'Ruk ruk ruk' 'Sexy sexy' 'Choli ke peechey' 'Bambai se gayi puna' 'Jaipur se nikali gaadi dilli chali halle halle' 'Barana de' 'Shehar ki ladki' 'Madhuri Dixit mili raste mein' 'Meri marzi'. I could go on and on.

Each of these songs brings back some memory of some Antakshari won while travelling jam packed in a school rickshaw, some train journey listening to these songs on the walkman (do they exist still?), some wedding band favourites, some that I sang to my then crush in the privacy of my own bedroom believing every word to be coming truly from my heart, some poem I wrote taking off from the lyrics of some loser song, lots and lots of memories of growing up. I dearly loved these songs then, I laugh at my own adolescent image of love now. What was I thinking when I used to sing 'Teri ummeed tera intezar karte hain' or sometimes shyly to myself 'Raah mein unse mulakat ho gayi..'? Well I guess I was just behaving my age.

Some of these songs are gems and I still love them. But 'loserness' being the characteristic of the songs of that era, I cant but help call them all loser songs of the 90's. Anyone remembers any more of these songs, please add your list in the comments section :-) Lets remember the days when we were all bitten by the bug called infatuation :-)

..As I stood by his side..

Holding my breath so long
As I stood by his side
Separation walked out of the door,
Miles narrowed to a step.
Tears hide in the corners,
Smile flaunted in the centre.
Heart skipped so fast,
Time freeze to stop.
Hands shivered to walk,
Eyes muttered to talk.
Words started to fall,
Life danced to roll..!!!

Talking Dolls - The End of the Festival

Dolls, remind me of festival called Dusserah! Yeah! We've a custom of arranging "Dolls" (mostly made of mud) in odd number steps. 

Dusserah a.k.a Navratri is a festival celebrated for 9 days marking the victory of Lord Rama over the Rakshasa Mr. Ravaneshwara! Its the festival of Trinity Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswathi! In Northern part of India it is celebrated in a very grand manner as "Durga Pooja". Now do you get the hang of it???

I am from southern part of India. (No, I don't want any geographical differences here :P. Just that I wanna tell you guys how we celeb here :) ) We have a custom of arranging dolls in the odd number steps. Dolls will be deities, or a theme, or a particular part from Mahabaratha or Ramayana or Shivapuranam et al. Believe me, it is one of the exciting festivals in my place. We prepare Sundal , we've Kutcheris (Concerts), people visiting to see the arrangement of dolls in our home, Kids dressed up like Lord Krishna, Gopikas also come home and make it a joy filled festival.

Now, since I am employed and am out of home for 15 hours, this year I didn't participate actively in the festival. Everything was arranged by my mom single handedly. I feel a bit bad for not in a position to help her :( I didn't even get time to click pics of dolls this time!

Everyday when am back home, when all are asleep, I sit for a while and keep looking at the dolls arranged. I feel like they have life. I feel like as if they are talking to each other, dancing, singing and mocking at me for

  • not being able to contribute time to decorate them 
  • not noticing the new arrivals 
  • not decorating flowers in front of the steps. 

Eerie silence, talking dolls shimmering in colorful light arrangements and this makes me feel the divinity spread across my home!

Now that the festival is over :( So, am inviting all of you in advance for next year's Navrathri to my place :) to see my talking dolls :)

P.S. I am very much interested in knowing a lot about other culture and also explaining to people about my culture, traditions and customs :) That made me to come here and write something about it!

September 26, 2009

Moonlight Picture Contest Official Announcement!

Another successful contest closes today at Writer’s Lounge. The Moonlight Picture contest was well received with 21 entries overall, 10 in prose and 11 in poetry. Today, we give you the much awaited results of this contest.

Before going on, participation in itself is very important. Without participation, there is no challenge at all. Thank you for making the contest a success!

Starting with the Reader’s Choice Award…

Many of you voted and the result of this award was very tight. In one category, there was a winner by just a single vote and the other category saw a tie for the win. We are pleased to announce Sandeep with 3 votes as the winner for prose while the accolades for poetry are shared by Shruti and Vinay with 2 votes each. They get these badges:

Before going on to the result, let me say something about the judges. Yes we had two of them because we got two entries in Hindi. As much joy as sadness, because the judge for Hindi chooses to stay behind curtains and not come out. We respect her decision. The judge for English was Amias, a prolific writer in both prose and poetry. She has written two books, Mind Locks and Liquid Plastic, and is the owner of the meme blog Acrostic Only as well. We thank both these judges for their time, and for helping us to decide the winners among so many wonderful works.

Let’s start with prose. We got ten impressive entries from the prose category and unfortunately we can have only one winner. We’ll get to who won it in a while. As in competition results, we start with the second runner up. The third place in prose goes to……….

Tan for “The Last Flood”

Judge’s Comment: This is a good story, but the sentence structure needs some work. The author allowed the photo to inspire, so the story does stand on its own. I loved the ending. The little girl was very protective of her grandmother. She didn’t lie to her, but she didn’t tell the truth either. Her answer to her grandmother can be categorized as a paradox. This story has lots of potentials. The story was true to the title.

Marks Awarded: 80/100

The first runner up… The second place in prose goes to………

Aarthi for “Glory In The Making”

Judge’s Comment: I like this story, and yes, it could use a little work too. But overall it is good. I like the title too. The story held its own without me looking at the photo, and the hope of little “Kirti” is in keeping with all children that have been abused by someone they trusted. I especially love the magical meeting of the little girl with the old woman, as I have had experiences like this before and it made sense to me. This was a very good read.

Marks Awarded: 95/100

The winner… The first place in prose goes to………

Any guesses???!!!

Yeah, you’re right!

Claiming his second award after Reader’s Choice, Sandeep wins!! “Kinginni – The Anklet”

Judge’s Comment: This was wonderful read. Need very little tweaking. Not only did I enjoy the story, it flowed, stayed true to the title, and stood along without the photo. Like I said, it needs a little work, but not much. Bravo to the author!

Marks Awarded: 100/100

Next, we go for the award for Hindi. We had 2 entries in Hindi, and the winner is Riya! “Kaun Hai Jo Mere Sapnon Mein Aata Hai”

She was awarded 75 marks by our judge.

Moving on, the final category of judging… writing poetry in English is no easy task. Still we had 9 poems entered in our contest. The judge went through every detail of the poems and decided the top three. The second runner up… The third place in poetry goes to

Shraddha for “Memories of a Romance”

Judge’s Comment: I get anger when a poem has so much damn potential and the poet doesn’t take the time to revisit it. Unnecessary words distracts from the poem. No, in the beginning it did not stand on it’s on, but the second stanza was ok. I wish this poet had used another word to replace “shimmering”, because the moon does not flicker. It does not twinkle, a star does that. The moon glows, it beams, but it does not shimmer.

Marks awarded: 65/100

The first runner up… The second place goes to

Freelancer for “When You Are Gone”

Judge’s Comment: I like this poem; it stands on its own without the photo, and it flows well. I like how the author formatted it, also the opening stanza caught my attention, especially with the rhyming. However, in the last stanza, on the first line, the word should have been “lights”, as the author is speaking in present tense.

Marks awarded: 95/100

And… The winner of English Poetry…

Princess Sonshu for “Take Me To You”

Judge’s Comment: This poem flows well and it stands on its own without the photo. I can feel the emotion here – that aching to be with the one you love --- the loneliness; hope.

Marks Awarded: 100/100

Thanks a lot family.It was only because of your overwhelming response and participation that this contest has become a big hit.Although it may not have reached the level of RDL and Inspiration contest,but this is a hit in its own way.Winner and Runner ups will get ebooks and they are required to write their email id in the comment section so that we can mail you the books.
1.Winner gets Mario Puzio novels consisting of the "GodFather series","The Fourth K","Last Arena "etc.
2.1st Runner up gets "Alice in wonderland" and "The Monk who sold his Ferari" ebooks by Robin Sharma
3.2nd Runner up gets "Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie and "By the river Piedra I sat and wept" by Paulo Coelo

1.Winner gets "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown & "Twelve Red Herrings" by Jeffrey Archer.
2.1st Runner up gets "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelo and "Pride & Prejudice" by Jeffrey Archer.
3.2nd Runner up gets "Kane & Abel" by Jeffrey Archer. :p

Readers choice winners & Hindi prose winner will get "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyers.

Thanks a lot Family!!We will be back with a new contest very soon and thank you to all who participated.Congragulations to the Winners and the Runner ups.
The Writers Lounge


My consciousness
seems trap
Into my own attire
from within the film of lies...

I desire to breath Light!


September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Hello people,

Its time to wish someone today... Someone who sweeps me off my feet with his style of writing... someone who is genuinely the sweetest person I have come across.

*Brings a cake*


*Happy Birthday to you* 

Dearest Abhrajit (aka h),

I am glad to have met you. You are truly an amazing guy! I first thought you to be a jester, but you are an amalgamation of so many colors...some bright, some sober. :)
All of us from The Writers Lounge wish you a very very happy birthday and may this birthday bring with it loads of happiness and luck in your life. :)

Your words
Your smile
The way we leave all our worries
And talk for a while

That smile
Still lingers on my face
I keep smiling
And you still can't put a finger on why?

Oh dear, its you
The one who spreads happiness
And I keep smiling thinking
That I just found a great friend

A friend
I can look up to
Every single moment
And that is you! :)

That is a small dedication from me to you Abhri.

Have fun! :D

God bless!!

Death of a mayfly

Contd from Mayfly or Butterfly...

It was Simon and Garfunkel again. It had been ages since the strains had scented the air. But the pain was the same. It was almost evening. The lights were going out and the mayfly was lying in a corner huffing. Its life of one day was coming to an end. It remembered how people had told it that it should not have come out. It should have stayed in the protected cocoon. But it knew it had wings and had wanted to try them out. They had said that it was not a butterfly. Why hadn’t it listened? It had wanted to atleast know what flying meant. So it flew the moment it came out of the cocoon. It flew all afternoon, glowing in the heat of the warm sun. It made love to the wind. It felt glorious. It felt that it was probably worth it despite all the pain. For a while it forgot that it had only one day. That was its mistake. Now it was lying there gulping in some last breaths of air.

She saw the dying mayfly. The last bit of the song was playing.

I am a rock

I am an island

For a rock feels no pain

And an island never cries.

She wondered why the mayfly couldn’t have been a rock or an island. Why did it have to be this little vulnerable thing with dreams of flying? The rock and the island are tied to their places, yes, but then they don’t know what it is to move so they will never miss it. But the poor mayfly, now lying there dying. Why have wings if you were to die fallen on the ground like that?

She had always been a zoology enthusiast and had an unusual liking to breeding insects to study them. In its short life the mayfly had surely laid an egg somewhere in the water tank. But looking at the dying mayfly, she wondered if she would ever let its child out of the cocoon. Maybe she should just kill it before it started to want to fly, yes she should just throw away all the water from the tank tomorrow. Maybe…. She didn’t know what to do. The song, which was on loop, started again.

A winter's night

In a deep and dark December

I am alone....

September 23, 2009

A call to the Lucifer..

A call to the Lucifer...

Death was approaching near,
I still had no fear...
I wanted to get in the molten state,
But to my bad luck,the Lucifer got late...

I wanted to end up my life,
With this intention i took a knife..
I tore my wrist and saw my blood,
And soon I got surrounded by a red flood...

I was about to die,
I laid down and looked at the sky...
I went near and hugged my fate,
But to my bad luck,the Lucifer got late...

I survived yet again,
To bear all the pain...
I licked the diamond in my ring,
And waited for the devils to sing...

This time The Lucifer arrived,
And told me why i always survived...
He said,"U know why i am always late?"
Coz your name is certainly not on my slate...

I have no right to take u to hell,
Cause' you still have many good deeds to smell...
You have a very powerful and heavy soul,
Cause' for you humanity was always a goal...

I realised I still had many years to spare,
Of love, affection and atmost care...
I looked up and showed him The Middle Finger,
He went away With his eyes submerged in hunger..

Our world :) :) :)

Smiles make the world a happy place
Place where everyone likes each other
Other people who are bad will be kicked out
Out of our special home
Home where everyone lives all together
Together always.

Haiku :)
We will all be kind
Very caring citizens
Of our special home

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately! I write at roshwrites

September 22, 2009


I stand alone on this bridge,
Waiting for this lightning to strike.
To find you walking with someone else,
To see you sharing your smiles with everybody else.

I wonder if you can hear me moan,
Writhing inside with this pain of letting you go.
Oh! Baby, Don’t you see.?
I am dying a little inside everyday.
I wonder whats left of me..

Our sweet whispers lay scattered on my pillow,
My memory slowly turning into a dark hollow.
With my soul tearing apart,
I close my eyes and open them back,
To discover my blue skies turned grey with your depart.

My mind turned into an eroding barren land,
My sanity extinguished with a gushing wind.
The wind just passes by,
And it tells me you seem to enjoy your every moment going around hand in hand.

I wish I could revert the wind,
back to you,
To let you know,
I am going through hell,
Thinking about you with somebody else.

I wish I could revert the wind,
And let you know I miss your sweet talks,
Our vision for that future I used to stock
Our stolen moments of joy.

I wish you could see...
Of whats left of me..!


“The chemistry between us was still there. We were meeting at college after fifteen years. Both of us now married with two adorable kids, could feel the mercury rising. Those days, mills and boon, long walks, hours long mobile chatting, canteen flirting, college garden lawn, hugs and kisses days..!!”

I still love her, my wife…

PS : A try at 55-Fiction using prompt from One-Word Prompt web page.

Problems & Solutions

Hey all :)

I am new to this "Writers Lounge". Feeling so so happy to be part of this lounge. I thank Artz for making me a member here! Hope I'll do justice to this beautiful lounge of writers across the world by writing something that make sense!

Well! the title doesn't mean that am going to give solutions to all your problems! The post is about the conversation which I had with very good friend of mine. One day I was so broken down that I was unable to concentrate on anything around me. My phone started ringing. I reluctantly picked the call. Usually, If am not able to concentrate I don't pick up calls or reply to any texts as I've a very bad habit of messing up things. But that day, I attended the call since it was from my close friend. He asked me what happened to me. I started rambling in the hope that he will console me. Rather he started a lecture on how I've to face the problems and didn't even console me. But the conversation still lingers in my mind :)

Here comes a part of the conversation.

Problems as such doesn't exist. It comes into picture when there is the slightest deviation that might occur from what we expect to what is happening in reality. Expectations is not simply what we expect. It is the collection of images we have in our mind about a particular situation, person, place or for that matter about ourself! Sometimes, I ramble in my blog and I also read people's ramblings of how things go haywire or how they have changed as the time fly! The ramblings are the result of deviation of our self-image. We might have formed an image about ourselves. When it changes, we start rambling as if we have the biggest problem ever! For example, we might have enjoyed a lot during our college days. When we start working we have to grow a bit and accept the changes that happen around us. But we ramble as if we don't have time to do things which we were actually doing earlier (I don't feel bad to accept that I've done and still doing such things :D)

Again there is nothing called "HATE". This again is similar to Problems. Hatred towards a thing or a person creeps in when the image that we have in mind gets distorted or not so similar to what is happening in reality! It sounds like GAP Analysis isn't it? Yeah! It IS GAP between what we expect of the person or the thing and what is actually happening in reality.

So, now what is the solution for all problems?? Simple.I won't say "Don't have expectations" since it is very difficult. Rather I would say stop forming images about situations, people or things around us! I'm trying to practice this. Keep the mind blank. When you wake up in the morning, get up with clean mind without any old thoughts carried forward. Feel fresh as daisy. No to hangovers! Hangover can be because of boozing but not because of old thoughts dumped somewhere deep in our mind. Empty the Recycle Bin (mind) everyday Now don't argue that you don't clean the recycle bin in your comp or laptop OK? and DON'T RECYCLE the thoughts for it is hazardous to self-image. So just TRASH it!

Have a nice day! Enjoy each and every moment :)

September 20, 2009

Wanted : Movie Review

Directed By-

Produced By-
Boney Kapoor

Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Mahesh Manjrekar..

If you were waiting for a good film from Salman Khan, your wait is certain to continue as Wanted turns out to be a below average watch. Directed by dance guru Prabhudeva, Wanted will fail to impress you on every level. Adapted from the original telugu flick Pokiri, Wanted is an out and out action film. The script of Wanted seems more like its made for the audience down south and implementing it with Salman Khan makes it all more interesting. Having proven his abilities with action flicks, Salman Khan looks to have gone that extra mile to give Wanted the classy touch.

Wanted's protagonist Radhe(Salman Khan) is a local thug who terminates people when offered the right price. He's seen shifting between two rival gangs to terminate one another who ever offered more money. Radhe takes no time eliminating people and is seen doing the same in every second scene and here's when he falls for the innocent-pretty girl Jhanvi(Ayesha Takia) who works in a call center. Not so impressed by his rough gangster looks, it takes a while before Jhanvi starts feeling for Radhe who helps her out from the hands of the corrupt crook inspector Talpade(Mahesh Manjrekar). On the other hand due to constant killings in both rival gangs, the top don Gani Bhai(Prakash Raj) is forced to visit mumbai to take over the underworld activities. Now is when the plot takes a unanticipated bizarre u-turn giving Wanted the much needed climax that you might end up liking. The abrupt unpredictable climax is for you to watch it yourself.

Wanted has hardly anything that you might want to look back at except for Salman Khan. The script is ordinary and the execution part makes it even more lousy. The dialogues are ineffective and fails to derive the energy necessary except for a few. Salman Khan has delivered a decent performance with some great action sequences which you are sure to enjoy. Not so impressive are the costumes which look awful in nicely shot backdrops especially in the songs- "Tose Pyar karte Hai" and "Dil Leke Darde Dil". The performances of Ayesha Takia and the rest of the crew is forgettable.

The music by Sajid-Wajid is again ordinary and is tolerable provided the violent theme of the movie. "Love me Love Me" being the most catchy of all.
Having seen the huge commercial success with the Tamil and Telugu versions, Wanted will have to literally run full shows to even compete with its counter parts.

I will go with 5 BOP's out of 10, for Prabhudeva's Wanted .

Go watch it if you are a Salman Khan Fan, and not really advisable for the rest.

Reviewed By,
Raghav Ramaiah

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Face of psychosis

One Single Impression Prompt 82 - Fog

This fog of ignorance
Denies me to understand
Where is that thin line that divides
Spiritual awareness from psychotic tendencies?

Image by Zenilorac at flickr

Don’t get me wrong
I am a seeker
Don’t get me wrong
I am a believer

But too many cases I have heard
Where psychosis takes an ugly turn
There were no divine messages from TV
Nature was not telling anything at all
Did you connect dots that were irrelevant?
And set up yourself for a free fall?

Photo by Nyki_M

This ugly truth of Psychiatry
Baffles me
Disturbs me
I want to understand the subject
Understand it more deeply
I want to see that thin line
And understand
When it’s a disease?
When someone is touched with angels?

I have myself felt the bliss
When in touch with nature
But I do not want
This silent thick fog of ignorance to engulf me
To consume me in ‘spiritual materialism’
I want to stay open
I want to stay alert
I want to increase my ‘spiritual quotient’
But I want to understand Psychiatry first.

Shraddha @ The Self Love Project

September 19, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Please vote for Moon Light Contest

As I participate for six word saturday!I thought why not use it to pitch for my vote at the contest.

My poem is Memories of a Romance!

Thank you!

Shraddha@The Self Love Project

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The Writer's Lounge Moonlight Picture Contest is now officially closed. We have received the mail with the official entry from 19 of you, 20 posts totally. These are the ones considered for the contest.

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6. Why Me - An Ordinary Gal ( Riya )
7. Color of my Life - The Solitary Writer ( Stephen )
8. Her Beautiful Life - Thoorika
9. Kinginni The Anklet - Sandeep Balan

1. Rani ka Chanda - Chirag
2. Koun Hai Jo Mere Sapno Mein Aata Hai - An Ordinary Gal ( Riya )
3. When You Are Gone - Freelancer ( Mridu )
4. I Wonder What You Are - For U..From Me ( Madhu )
5. Alone I Stand There - Yamini Meduri
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7. Towards Eternity - Shruti
8. Memories of a Romance -Shraddha/April@TheSelfLoveProject ( Shraddha )
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10. Take Me To You - Princess Sonshu ( Sonshu )
11. Heavenly Longing - Leo ( Vinay )

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September 18, 2009

Unfinished drink

The wind was strong and he hurtled pass the sidewalks. He had to reach fast. His first and last sanctuary. Thank God it was near to his house. On the way he saw happy people, couples huddled in the cold, why don’t these guys get a drink he thought wistfully. His head was drowsy in thoughts. At the age of 27 he was quite successful. Made his bucks and saved his ass. Yes, he was smart in making money, and equally inept in the matters of the heart. Fear not, a mushy love story does not follow but a depiction of gross error of judgment.
The street lights flickered. A few stray dogs trotted ahead of him. The dimly lit bar came to view. It invited him with a foul demeanor. It was warm inside. The place always looked bigger from inside. He always sat at the corner directly facing the bartender. The bartender was gross. His scruffy face looked like an ex-convict. He had hair growing out of his nose. His lips were parched and black. His eyes almost lost in the sockets. A few strands of hair tucked safely behind the ears. And his trademark yellow Hawaii shirt. He always wore that on a Friday. An ugly man’s smile is sweeter than that of an Adonis’s.
“How was the week Sir?”- asked Ramu.
“Same as usual, how’s your daughter?”-Mr.
“She is better”- Ramu smiled.
He always started with whiskey. That helped his tongue get bitter. He tried the special prawns with it. This was heaven. The place had started to get sparser. Night proceeded without any fight. There were normally some fights. But he was always alone so he could be a innocent looker by.
The bar grew dimmer. He went into his thoughts. He played every scene frame by frame. The way it had happened that day was a movie playing before his eyes. He could at last be himself and enjoy the life of a freaking retard. That’s what he called himself lovingly.
Ramu sat beside him .
“Aapke chere pe kuch likha hai, kahaani bataayiye na”- Ramu pleaded.
Ramu loved his stories. He took a sip of his own Mc Dowell’s and looked across to the last hours of Chandna Bar.
“Ramu what do I do best”- Mr. asked
“You sell yourself well”- Ramu answered. This part of the story was common to all Friday nights. So Ramu knew the answers very well.
“Ok, so today we are selling a product which helps people choose appropriate places to build houses”- Mr.
“Ok, so land prices and locations Saheb?” –Ramu grinned.
“My Ramu, you should work with me”- Mr. grinned.
“Ok, so I was selling this to some real estate agency.”- Mr.
“So?”- Ramu.
“So nothing”- Mr. said.
“The story didn’t end sir”- Ramu revolted.
“You will see the rest”- Mr.
Ramu didn’t ask any more questions and went on to cleaning the tables.
It was difficult to gulp down the remaining whiskey. He was feeling nauseated. Then he opened his notebook and started writing.
“I have started taking notes too late. The bar is about to close. Today I couldn’t even tell Ramu a decent story. I think the time has come when I won’t get any more ideas. I won’t get any real ideas to write my story. The filth is consumed by the filth. The rich consumed by the poor and poor devoured by the rich. There’s no difference now between Ramu and me. There was no difference before too, but now it’s apparent. I give up everyone I have done my part. I have showed the treachery there is to this day prevalent in the major parts of the city. The frame that irks me most is why the real estate smiled in that defunct way when I signed in my product to him. He could not know where I get my ideas. How did he know that my product was dangerously infamous? Stop stop it stops just now. No more procrastination, no more fears. I do good business. I can’t care about heartbreaks.”
Loud banging noises echoed in the nearly dark bar. One bullet caught ramu in the chest, one took Mr. in the head. The only picture left for the morning newspaper was the unfinished drink, left unattended, left strong.
Famous writer dies of gunshot over family feud
Mr. Jayweer Biswas died of a single bullet injury to his head. He finally the case against his brothers of disputed property. His two greatest works.. TheLand of the Fathers and Brother’s share a Room, both loosely and tightly involving his life long fight for his paternal property in North Kolkata finally ends in what can be described as a tragic ending. His high profile in the literary world had always showered much animosity over his younger brothers. They could not win a case and this man earned millions writing about it. This shows his versatility and ingenuity. But finally someone ended it today. Ironically in his last book he mentioned about the end being futile as the beginning. Though this seems vague, it makes sense now. His last work the unfinished drink spoke about greed as a never ending peg of whiskey. And today the pictures on the front page of the daily show to us that legendary writer has punched a message to all warring families fighting over disputed lands. He is survived by no one, but the interesting fact is that his father wrote in his will that in the event of demise of my youngest son before any of his brothers my whole property will be donated to the Missionaries Of Charity Kolkata.

September 17, 2009

Enoying the kill

As a child I had never owned a toy gun or even one of those tanker trucks. The closest I must have come to so called boys’ toys was probably a car. I had my dolls, my mini kitchen sets, my building blocks and some gender neutral games like carroms and scrabble. But a few days ago, a friend suggested trying out some text based mafia games on Facebook. At first I laughed it off, what could I possibly get by shooting and robbing imaginary targets? But my friend insisted and I joined in thinking lets see whats the big deal about?

I belong to a generation where video games were considered a luxury in most cities in India and being the studious student I was, I was taught to look down upon these useless addictions J So when I started playing combat games on Facebook, I had no idea what fan following these games had. But man, was I hooked. Suddenly I completely understood why exactly were people all around me so excited to grow one new virtual crop, make virtual billions, ice some cold-blooded killer or earn the tag of a knife thrower.

I also discovered that out of my virtual mafia team members, majority were girls. Another friend told me about this growing trend that around 30% of the hardcore gaming market in India now comprised of women. So I thought why not check this out. When I set out to do the story I discovered that all over the world, online gaming companies were coming up with new websites specially targetting women. Most of these were casual online games (70% of the market for these hand-eye co-ordination and easy click games is women). But there was a growing number of combat and strategy games that were being added to these sites constantly. In the US, women in the age group of 30-40 were slowly capturing almost half of the total market for all sorts of hardcore (violence included) games.

The women gamers I met were a bigger surprise. One would expect that someone interested in such games would probably be a rebellious character, maybe a young college goer with a piercing or black coloured nail polish. But Dhiranjana Pais was a homemaker who looked like your typical bahu in full salwar kameez and a huge bindi. She was hooked to Halo, Hitman and Counter strike and had been initiated into gaming by her brother in childhood. So addicted is she to the game that she uses an old N-Gage phone just because it is designed better for gaming. Another woman I met was an office goer and for her lunch break was the time to play racing games and beat her colleagues at strategy.

But during all this time what I kept wondering was that a male player would get exciting assignments like rescuing a damsel in distress and then having her as a virtual girlfriend. A female player would have to pretend being straight because the game would only give her a girlfriend! But then I discovered that the women oriented sites had games like Rescue your boyfriend. But it’s a long way off to equality when it comes to game world female characters. Only once in a while do you have a Lara Croft, otherwise the combatants are generally taken for granted to be men. But if gaming companies are to be believed, this too is soon changing. Maybe soon in the future you could choose whether you want to be a male operative or a female one. Till then I shall just be sugar and spice but nowhere close to nice while I shoot my targets away.

P.S. You would find the same post at my official blog too, just clarified, lest anyone think this piece has been plagiarised. And you could check the story I did at


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1. Glory in the Making by Aarthi
2. Where Angels Tread by Urvashi
3. Heavenly Longing by Leo
4. Towards Eternity by Shruthi
5. Moonlit Sky by Anurag
6. Take Me To You by Princess Sonshu
7. Moonie Help Me Please by Roshwrites
8. A Wait Under The Moon by Shweta
9. The Last Flood by Tan
10. Rani ka Chanda by Chirag
11. I Wonder What You Are by Madhu
12. Alone I Stand There by Yamini
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14. Koun Hai Jo Mere Sapno Mein Aata Hai by An Ordinary Gal
15. Color of my Life by The Solitary Writer
16. When You Are Gone by Freelancer
17. Her Beautiful Life by Thoorika
18. Kinginni The Anklet by Sandeep Balan
19. Under The Weeping Moon by Purple Haze

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The tides are still high..

Pic Source : Hey that's me..!!

To the love of my life..

A n a N y a

There's magic around and the tides are high,
Our love is powerful;it's touching the sky..
There is a force in the waves from our heart,
Love is flowing from us right from the start..

It's been long and old since i found my princess;I found you,
But how do i tell you that the feelings are still fresh and new..
How do i tell you that you're still the one i love and will be forever,
Love from my heart;affection from my blood will go away never..

I still get a smile on my face when someone says your name,
I still want just you;I want no money no fame..
I still get shivers down my spine when you say you're mine,
It still twinkle up my eyes;it still makes my heart chime..

I wanna be your prince charming from the very first day,
That wish made me crazy;that wish made me say..
Say those eternal pure words which are meant only for thee,
I've so much love in my heart;I wish it was visible;I wish you could see..

Things may get worse,things may get bad,
Don't be upset for a moment,Don't be sad..
Don't think all those songs were a lie which i made for you and sang,
Because your prince charming hasn't died he'll be back with a bang..

You're my baby,you're my girl;you're the one i love the most,
The tides are still high,they are not on the coast..
Close your eyes and hold me steady and tight..
Let's fly over;Let your magical eyes be our light...

dnt lemme forget...

wassup WL...
this is my second post ova here... i really hope u ppl wud gimme som more tips to improve...

September 16, 2009

Before breaking news

On our channel yesterday we paid a tribute to Doordarshan turning 50 years old. We had the most recognisable and the first news anchor of India Salma Sultana on the show. I don't know how many of you remember the lady with a severe face who always sported a flower behind one ear and read the news on DD. When Rajdeep Sardesai asked her that you were in an era where there was no breaking news, the lady wittily replied, "Hamare zamaane mein breaking news nahin, rukawat ke liye khed hai hota tha." That brought so many memories of watching movies where right at the time of the climax when the killer was going to be revealed or the villian was going to be shot, suddenly there would be a black out and after a few seconds it would state 'Rukawat ke liye khed hai.' Man I grew up with all of that.

I was born the year Indian TV saw its first cricket world cup broadcast and what fortune we won that cup. Now looking back I sometimes feel I am very old. Many people today dont know what a great achievement it was for a family to buy a TV and then to switch from black and white portables to 14 inch colour. Today we are in the hometheater age. Maybe it was this feeling of achievement that Onida TV exploited when it came up with the tagline 'Neighbours envy, owners pride.'

The thrill of waiting for Sunday mornings that started early with Rangoli, went on to mythologicals and then to the favourite cartoons and special children's shows. The Jetix generation would probably never know how excited we used to be by He-Man and Spiderman cartoons and how eagerly we would wait for weekends for the latest episodes. We also waited for the Sunday evening movies and the only show my friends and I were allowed to watch during our exams was Chitrahaar.

Serials were about families and the troubles of the aam aadmi and aam family. Clean fun, no extra marital relations, no vamps, no generation leaps, only realistic, normal people like you and me. Social messages on Nukkad and Rajni, emotional sagas on Buniyaad and Humlog, short story wonders on Malgudi days, Mitti ke rang and Potli Baba ki. Comedies did not mean mindless aping of regional accents or tomfoolery, but clean fun with situations and liberal use of puns. Idhar Udhar, Ye jo hai zindagi, Mr. Yogi, Flop show and Dekh bhai dekh come to mind, shows that can be watched even today with equal pleasure. If it was science you had turning point. DD had something for every genre. If it was thrillers and detective shows that you liked then you had the amazing Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikat and Reporter. If it was travel and culture you wanted then you had the unbeatable Surabhi. I remember getting the first rush of watching a romantic story when they telecast Kashish. You had regular quiz programmes. Afternoons were about educational and women oriented shows. India's first daily soap Shanti was quite a revolution in women oriented programming. And DD had some really cool year ender and summer vacation programming.

And your serials didn't have to have only Gujaratis, Punjabis or Bengalis as central characters. You had even Kashmiris play central characters in Gul gulshan gulfam. You had UPites in Neem ka ped and Talash. You had a Maharashtrian in Wagle ki Duniya. Malgudi days had essentially south Indian characters. Truly unity in diversity.

I remember seeing how news evolved from lines just being read out by an anchor to showing some pre edited visuals, to news magazines like World this week and Newstrack, discussion shows and then to the current style of news stories and live telecasts. DD had tied up with CNN to get the live telecast of the Gulf war and thats when for the first time they had started bulletins in the afternoons also. There are countless stories of how politicians used to sabotage news telecasts because DD was after all the government mouthpiece.

But somewhere along the way after Cable tv was allowed in India, the bureaucracy started dictating more and more terms to the government channel. Viewers moved on to fresher looking programming (though I must swear that even shows on Zee and Sony were much better then) and as the viewership declined, producers also stopped giving fresh shows to DD. DD bosses also being slaves of bureaucracy were not really bothered because their salaries were probably not based on the channel's TRP's. The channel declined fast after that and today hardly anyone watches it.

But give me a Byomkesh Bakshi, a Surabhi or a Malgudi days anyday over a screeching, dramatic woman trying to choose a husband or a foolish whacko trying to outsmart other people in some random house or jungle. Give me atleast one show that I would write about 20 years after it got over.