September 28, 2009

One Single Impression Prompt - Colors

Like the changing colors of seasons
We are making changes too
To appreciate all the colors of life
We are letting go of….
few things in our life too!

TV has been deemed broken
No fairy can fix it for you
My twin girls are exasperated
But they will learn soon

Colors that had faded from life
Are again being added
Some artwork together
Some reading of books together
Some family time
Are being added to the menu

Yard needs care
We need to go ride that cycle too
That lovely radio
Needs to be switched on
Yahoo ‘little kidz tunes’
Rocks on!

That closet needs to be organized
Summer clothes need to be put away
Lord Krishna must be wondering
Where his devotee went away
Need to start chanting again
When and why did I stop?
I need to give up waste
And color my life again.



  1. Breathtaking!
    "I need to give up waste
    And color my life again"

  2. Good Question Floreta...

    what's the color of my waste?
    it has to be faded pink
    its tingling with my girls laughter
    Dora, Fairies and poems galore

    Now that they are growing
    I want a rainbow for them
    They will not be three for long
    I want to challenge them..

  3. You placed the restlessness of a changing season next to all of the wonderful things that can be done with family. Very nice.

  4. Shraddha, yes, there are good things that come from bad things.
    Your daughters may still be wishing for the fairy that CAN fix their TV. However, I am sure that you are keeping them busy with other things that are good for them. It sounds like it.
    I had a Saturday poem on my other blog. Scroll down one now.

  5. Pam: Thanks!

    Jim: Yes!
    Lots of crayons, water colors, cutting papers etc was already part of the picture...but since august things had kind of slowed down in major way...
    now we have added scrapbooking, cutting foam shapes and other fun three year old level activities too....Major activity is reading this huge encyclpdeia like book of nursery has every possible poem in it!Girls love it!!

    Things had pretty much deteriorated a lot...i was shocked to see that last photo was taken by me on aug 15!yes! more than 1 month of no photo taken.....its bizarre because i used to do project 365 with my girl friends and take atleast one picture a day of the twins before!

  6. The colors do change. I like the way you attached them to the processes of life - Nice!

  7. @Tumblewords : thank you for relating!

  8. Classic colours! :)

    Nice one Shraddha!

  9. Nice one Shraddha. I like how you've connected colors and changes. Very clever!

  10. Well, Sraddha Lord Krishna would understand. Loved the last two lines very much...everyone ought to color up their life.

  11. lovely piece Shraddha but i loved this the most "TV has been deemed broken
    No fairy can fix it for you
    My twin girls are exasperated
    But they will learn soon" - reminds me so much of my own little kids!

  12. you have shared the glory of life's colors in the daily details.

  13. This poem is why I love OSI — such great poems and this one is just awesome. It is so true, isn't it. Our lives fade with a TV or with our electronics. This is a great analogy of adding color back into our lives.

  14. Thank you for your kind words everyone! i appreciate it and checrish it very much!


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