September 17, 2009


We have got more than 30 entries posted here at the Lounge from various members for the WL Moonlight Picture Contest, with some members posting more than one entry as well. We are happy to see the response to the contest. However, we have got the e-mail with the entry wished to be entered in the contest from only 12 of you. The official entries as of now are:

1. Glory in the Making by Aarthi
2. Where Angels Tread by Urvashi
3. Heavenly Longing by Leo
4. Towards Eternity by Shruthi
5. Moonlit Sky by Anurag
6. Take Me To You by Princess Sonshu
7. Moonie Help Me Please by Roshwrites
8. A Wait Under The Moon by Shweta
9. The Last Flood by Tan
10. Rani ka Chanda by Chirag
11. I Wonder What You Are by Madhu
12. Alone I Stand There by Yamini
13. Why Me by An Ordinary Gal
14. Koun Hai Jo Mere Sapno Mein Aata Hai by An Ordinary Gal
15. Color of my Life by The Solitary Writer
16. When You Are Gone by Freelancer
17. Her Beautiful Life by Thoorika
18. Kinginni The Anklet by Sandeep Balan
19. Under The Weeping Moon by Purple Haze

Please finalize your single entry, one for prose and one for poetry, (if u've written both) by 17th Sept 2009, Thursday 12:00 noon and send to the WL Admin ID ( . We will send to the judges soon and announce the winners.

WL Admin Team.


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