September 19, 2009


The Writer's Lounge Moonlight Picture Contest is now officially closed. We have received the mail with the official entry from 19 of you, 20 posts totally. These are the ones considered for the contest.

1. Glory In The Making - Aarthi
2. Where Angels Tread - Urvashi
3. Moonlit Sky - Anurag
4. Moonie Help Me Please - Roshwrites ( Roshni )
5. The Last Flood - Tan
6. Why Me - An Ordinary Gal ( Riya )
7. Color of my Life - The Solitary Writer ( Stephen )
8. Her Beautiful Life - Thoorika
9. Kinginni The Anklet - Sandeep Balan

1. Rani ka Chanda - Chirag
2. Koun Hai Jo Mere Sapno Mein Aata Hai - An Ordinary Gal ( Riya )
3. When You Are Gone - Freelancer ( Mridu )
4. I Wonder What You Are - For U..From Me ( Madhu )
5. Alone I Stand There - Yamini Meduri
6. A Wait Under The Moon - I, Me & Myself ( Shweta )
7. Towards Eternity - Shruti
8. Memories of a Romance -Shraddha/April@TheSelfLoveProject ( Shraddha )
9. Under The Weeping Moon - Purple Haze ( Hashan )
10. Take Me To You - Princess Sonshu ( Sonshu )
11. Heavenly Longing - Leo ( Vinay )

We thank you all for the participation, and look to such enthusiastic support for our next contest which will be coming up soon.

With this post, the readers choice award polling is thrown open to the members of the writers lounge. The members are requested to send their vote by mail to the admin id ( ), one choice for prose and one for poetry. mention the number and title of story specifically, so as to avoid confusion. Please do not vote for your own post, if you have participated. The voting will be open for 1 week time, and will close on 24th Sept 2009, thursday at 3:30pm IST. Members who have not participated can also vote for their favorite among these posts.

Results will be announced asap.

WL Admin Team.


  1. Hey folks,

    I posted a prose and sent out the mail too. My name's missing from the entries though!


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