September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Hello people,

Its time to wish someone today... Someone who sweeps me off my feet with his style of writing... someone who is genuinely the sweetest person I have come across.

*Brings a cake*


*Happy Birthday to you* 

Dearest Abhrajit (aka h),

I am glad to have met you. You are truly an amazing guy! I first thought you to be a jester, but you are an amalgamation of so many colors...some bright, some sober. :)
All of us from The Writers Lounge wish you a very very happy birthday and may this birthday bring with it loads of happiness and luck in your life. :)

Your words
Your smile
The way we leave all our worries
And talk for a while

That smile
Still lingers on my face
I keep smiling
And you still can't put a finger on why?

Oh dear, its you
The one who spreads happiness
And I keep smiling thinking
That I just found a great friend

A friend
I can look up to
Every single moment
And that is you! :)

That is a small dedication from me to you Abhri.

Have fun! :D

God bless!!


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