September 22, 2009

Problems & Solutions

Hey all :)

I am new to this "Writers Lounge". Feeling so so happy to be part of this lounge. I thank Artz for making me a member here! Hope I'll do justice to this beautiful lounge of writers across the world by writing something that make sense!

Well! the title doesn't mean that am going to give solutions to all your problems! The post is about the conversation which I had with very good friend of mine. One day I was so broken down that I was unable to concentrate on anything around me. My phone started ringing. I reluctantly picked the call. Usually, If am not able to concentrate I don't pick up calls or reply to any texts as I've a very bad habit of messing up things. But that day, I attended the call since it was from my close friend. He asked me what happened to me. I started rambling in the hope that he will console me. Rather he started a lecture on how I've to face the problems and didn't even console me. But the conversation still lingers in my mind :)

Here comes a part of the conversation.

Problems as such doesn't exist. It comes into picture when there is the slightest deviation that might occur from what we expect to what is happening in reality. Expectations is not simply what we expect. It is the collection of images we have in our mind about a particular situation, person, place or for that matter about ourself! Sometimes, I ramble in my blog and I also read people's ramblings of how things go haywire or how they have changed as the time fly! The ramblings are the result of deviation of our self-image. We might have formed an image about ourselves. When it changes, we start rambling as if we have the biggest problem ever! For example, we might have enjoyed a lot during our college days. When we start working we have to grow a bit and accept the changes that happen around us. But we ramble as if we don't have time to do things which we were actually doing earlier (I don't feel bad to accept that I've done and still doing such things :D)

Again there is nothing called "HATE". This again is similar to Problems. Hatred towards a thing or a person creeps in when the image that we have in mind gets distorted or not so similar to what is happening in reality! It sounds like GAP Analysis isn't it? Yeah! It IS GAP between what we expect of the person or the thing and what is actually happening in reality.

So, now what is the solution for all problems?? Simple.I won't say "Don't have expectations" since it is very difficult. Rather I would say stop forming images about situations, people or things around us! I'm trying to practice this. Keep the mind blank. When you wake up in the morning, get up with clean mind without any old thoughts carried forward. Feel fresh as daisy. No to hangovers! Hangover can be because of boozing but not because of old thoughts dumped somewhere deep in our mind. Empty the Recycle Bin (mind) everyday Now don't argue that you don't clean the recycle bin in your comp or laptop OK? and DON'T RECYCLE the thoughts for it is hazardous to self-image. So just TRASH it!

Have a nice day! Enjoy each and every moment :)


  1. Hey Meow,

    Welcome to the lounge! Hugs!

    Finally, glad to know that your writers block found a cure... :P
    But, jokes apart, I loved this post for the very simple reason that it talks about the day-to-day feelings we come across and for the reason that you have offered the best possible solution!

    Keep writing!
    Love and hugs!

  2. Welcome to the lounge! I'm roshwrites, aka Rosh :) :)

  3. Something which is so very inspiring specially for people like me who just think so much..Helped me in a way..Thanks..:-)..Welcome to the lounge..:-)..


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