September 20, 2009

Face of psychosis

One Single Impression Prompt 82 - Fog

This fog of ignorance
Denies me to understand
Where is that thin line that divides
Spiritual awareness from psychotic tendencies?

Image by Zenilorac at flickr

Don’t get me wrong
I am a seeker
Don’t get me wrong
I am a believer

But too many cases I have heard
Where psychosis takes an ugly turn
There were no divine messages from TV
Nature was not telling anything at all
Did you connect dots that were irrelevant?
And set up yourself for a free fall?

Photo by Nyki_M

This ugly truth of Psychiatry
Baffles me
Disturbs me
I want to understand the subject
Understand it more deeply
I want to see that thin line
And understand
When it’s a disease?
When someone is touched with angels?

I have myself felt the bliss
When in touch with nature
But I do not want
This silent thick fog of ignorance to engulf me
To consume me in ‘spiritual materialism’
I want to stay open
I want to stay alert
I want to increase my ‘spiritual quotient’
But I want to understand Psychiatry first.

Shraddha @ The Self Love Project


  1. Fog of ignorance...
    Liked that phrase..

    But becoming a psychiatrist, wont it make things more complicated..??

  2. Yes.. beautiful poem.. well written!

    Shraddha, write this at ur blog too and link it to OSI. the comments are restricted to blog members, for some reasons, and we can't change to moderation because that'll be too much to handle in a group blog! :)

  3. Vinz..yes it might...but i want to try first and have the experience..

    leo its April's turn to do osi on tslp this monday.

    this way i did not miss out and non-commenting is good thing...can write what i might have not written on tslp.

  4. I think some fogs can be self-induced clarity not seen by the so called realistic believers.

  5. The thin line is very easily crossed and is sometimes blurred as in a fog. I enjoyed reading this.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments.I am curious how others will react so i am putting it up on tslp too.

  7. I have often wondered the same things myself but have never thought it so eloquently. This is beautiful.

  8. That thin line, huh? And don't cross it! If you do, the consequences will be terrifying revelations such as Eve never dreamed of.

  9. There is a thin line but it doesn't appear to be immovable. Thoughtful words!

  10. This is very thought provoking, and like all thin lines, one can go either way -- it's a matter of choice, influenced by outside stimulant.

  11. I always enjoy reading your posts because they make me think!

  12. Try and watch American beauty..! it is this every famous movie..and pschologically intriguing..!

    ur poem just reminded me f that movie..
    beautifully expressed...!
    I am a dark fan myself..

  13. thank you everyone for your kind comments.

    I appreciate it very much!

  14. ‘spiritual materialism’_ what a phrase! ..

    Nature was not telling anything at all
    Did you connect dots that were irrelevant?
    And set up yourself for a free fall?
    wonderfuly expressed ! ..

  15. thanks Zoya.

    I am Hare Krishna's follower and attend a weekly Geeta reading class through iskcon.So from there i have learnt words like 'spiritual materialism'

    as they say ..too much of everything is bad..

  16. it's a razor's edge, which you have navigated beautifully in this poem.
    one must go out on a limb. that's where the fruit is.

  17. Hello. I like your take on the prompt. Your poetry is very good.


  18. thank you Gabrielle and Melanie for taking time out to read this.


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