August 2, 2009

Flashback | Final Part

Previously in our lives,

Her Story

After Landmark, we thought of our next destination! Wonder why? Simple, because Grasshopper is habitual to flying around places… Lol!

We decided to go back to the beach. After Besant Nagar beach, it was time for Marina. A 10 minutes ride…and there we were! :) Sand, balloon-shooting, raw mangoes, ice-cream and chat-wallas…finally we were at Marina.

I could hear the sound of the waves,
Could he hear what my heart wanted to say?
Or was he lost gazing at the sea,
Making it keep to me what I see or what I feel…

We sat at a little distance from the water…yes, Penguin was going and this time Grasshopper wanted to talk to his Penguin.

He was sitting right next to me. My heart, for the first time, had stopped racing. Something was strange! I don’t understand why I feel so comfortable sitting next to him, talking to him about everything under the sun! We talked a lot… about our ex’s, about his girl, about our crushes, about us…our friendship!

The sun was setting…and with every setting ray of the sun…my smile contracted a little… I wanted to be with him… Sigh! He then played a few songs on his mobile…and we kept listening to them, sang together! :)

Then it happened what I dreaded…we fought! But this time, it was short-lived. I looked at him…his sunglasses comfortably placed above his forehead; amongst his messy hair…he was looking handsome! I really knew it by now, I would be missing him… I would be missing all this… I sat there…still…gazing at the endless sea… With every rising tide, the tears swelled in my eyes, almost obstructing my vision… trust me, I did not want to cry!

‘Artz?’ he called out.

Just then, a tear tricked down my cheek. I cried…

“I’ll miss you”, I said.

He held me close to him…told me how much he would miss me…about how much I meant to him… He came closer, but this time…just to set my kohl right…

I love this dupid, don’t I? We both love each other. But yes, we are destined to be friends, the bestestest, and the closest!

It was 7.20 PM…I had to leave! He dropped me at T.Nagar…as we walked towards the crossing… he said,
“So, you are leaving, eh” and he punched his chest with his fist in the perfect SRK (Kal Ho Na Ho) style!

“I have to” , I said with a feeble smile.

We hugged…the most memorable hug ever…at the middle of the road…everyone saw us. At that very moment, nothing and no one mattered. He gently planted a kiss on my forehead that sufficiently justified how much he would miss me.

We silently bid good-bye.

I started walking towards my aunt’s place…I turned to look at him…he was there, standing, looking at me. I walked further…could not resist myself from turning back…he was walking, he had turned away. I was getting numb by now!

I walked more… but turned just the final time, with a wish in my heart to see him one last time, but he was gone… I stood there silent and motionless for a moment.

I turned again…just to reach my aunt’s place… a walk that seemed to have lost its meaning!


His Story

The fear of separation is so can only be realized when the time draws near. 12 hours, that was all she had, and me....i had just 3-4 of them. She would be gone....i knew that. But who would make my heart understand that? It thumps with her smile, stops with her look and races with her touch. For the last two weeks, my world revolved around her.
And now that she had to leave. All i could do was let my heart live on with the memories till she was back to recharge them again.

Marina Beach, Chennai
When people come to Chennai, this is one of the first places they visit. And tomorrow when she's leaving...i am taking her there. The height of irony. I tried to cheer up and bottle all the gloominess deep down inside me. After all, if i don't enjoy her company now...i might as well go home and cry. We held hands together and made our way to the beach. I didn't want to let go off her hand...nor could i, infact. :P

We roamed the sand, i shot balloons...yea yea i missed a few, much to her delight...
We sat closer to each other, nudging each other as though afraid of even the tiniest space between us. We chatted, we laughed. We spilled our secrets, we made wicked plans. We were the angels in heaven and the devils in crime. We listened to songs and sang along with it. We ate sugar candies and gazed at the sea. we fought over silly matters and made up asap. I ate snickers, she got the wrapper. She gave the killer look and i went into coma. She is HOT and i am COOL. she was my Penguin and me, her Grasshopper.

Sun, Sea, Sand and She....
The only thing missing was the band of musicians playing violins in the background. The sun was setting beyond the sea. She was going to miss me...i knew that for sure. I lay down on the sand and rested my head on her lap. She ruffled my hairs and smiled at me. I raised my hand and touched those lips....

I love that gal....we love each a way that no friends ever loved before. Its a wonder isn't it? We come searching for love and then we end up loving each other's company and realise that sometimes its so, so much better to be with each other till the end than being lovers.

A tear trickled down her cheek.

'Damn you FL, i didn't want to cry today,'
she exclaimed.

I held her close not wanting the moment to end.

We were destined to be friends. The bestest, the closest. Far better than Monica, Phoebe or Rachel could ever be....far closer than Joey and Chandler have ever been, far romantic than Ross and Rachel have ever been together.

It was getting late...we postponed as much as we could, but ultimately time had us checkmate. We made our way slowly to the autostand and dropped her at T.Nagar. Within minutes the dream would end. I hugged her tight. A hug that she would always remember. Looked at her face for one last time...i didn't want her to leave. I fought against the desire to kiss her lips and gave her a peck on the forehead.

Even before we parted i knew how much i would miss this crazy little psycho! She walked away and turned to wave at me.....i started moving...didn't want her to see my crumpled face when she turned back again. The clouds were gathering....i knew my guardian angel was up there somewhere. I just wish he heard me when i said 'i can take care of myself. go be with her. she deserves more than one.'

The magic in the air.... what about it? It would lay dormant until summoned upon again.

It has been 14 days since we met....and today for the last time, 'the sun rose and sets with her'

The Beginning of a Long Wait

P.S| I will miss you....till we meet again


  1. This whole write a nice deep feel man..!

    and Artz ur gf..?

  2. left me a li senti n sad as partings are always sad n unwanted..else good 2c tat u ppl had a nice time :)

  3. Made me give a big sigh man......o shit i don't know what to write....i once met a angel in my life too and i still remember when that parting happened....i m speechless

    R u sure you just friends.....:P

    Neways i m speechless to say heart just missed its beats ...God bless u both :)

  4. @ Rush_me,

    Thanks a lot girl... :)
    And nope, am not his gurl! :P

  5. @ Nabs,

    Kya re tu bhi na... :P We are sure that we are just friends... but fir no one knows what future holds for us (this is what FL says).

    Thanks girl... for the first time I am glad that I made you go speechless! :) Sometimes words can't do justice to the emotions! :)

    God Bless!

  6. I hate these farewells and goodbyes! Tum dono bahut rulathe ho yaar !

  7. Hmm...
    well it certainly seems like there is more than friendship..!
    and its such a sweet write made me go Awww...:-)
    Like there is a saying 'Parting is such a sweet sorrow' But like FL says...'You never know what the future holds for you'..! (*wink*)
    I will keep my hands crossed for you guys..because this write up definitely projects some genuine feelings..
    Well I am no one to judge or intrude , but being more concerned with the writing...I would give you one suggestion..
    Try and write this into a poetry..
    Man! It will be a beautiful one..!

  8. I mean fingers crossed...not hands..:-P

  9. This made me cry!!!!!!!!!

    I was verrry happy on seeing the picture on the top first.. thought, this post gonna be more mushy mushy than the rest..

    But, now.. Damn.. Aartz... Why you left huh... x(

    And yeah, God bless your friendship:)

  10. hmmmm.... Touching n heartwarming...
    am too speechless...

    Hope ur closest & bestest friendship lasts for ever...

  11. ohh sad post yaar....

    Don't know why people leave each other ....Is this friendship :|

  12. @Artz - see... a perfect reason as to why I dropped out after meeting ya :P

    @FL - You owe me a juice :P

  13. @arv
    you r de perfect gentle man dude... :P

  14. ohhh bet me guys u r not jst frndz..either u don't know or u don't want to know ...i m moved by ur post n my dis long wait end soon...!!!

  15. @ Rashmi,

    Lolz... about the penguin-grasshopper series, everyone has this more-than-friends feeling. But sometimes I feel it is true...but also, this is not love! This is one feeling that you cannot explain! There are some relations in life that do not have a name, and prolly, this is one of them! :)

  16. @ Nuchu,

    :P I had to go da... but, I am not gone forever! :P Will be in Chennai soon... :)

  17. @ Arun,

    :O Arun is speechless?? Wow!! :D

    Thanks for the wishes! :)

  18. @ Anurag,

    My answer to your question is there in what I told Rush-me... :)

    Check it out! :D

  19. @ Arv,

    Lolz... yea yea! :P

    And FL... you don't just owe him a juice, but a good treat! :D

  20. @ Vidisha,

    Girl, trust me I just dunno what to say! As for what you said, my answer is the same as what I wrote for rush_me! :)

    Tc! :D

  21. Artz,

    I agree with your comment @Rashmi...

    there is this feeling in between 'more than friends' and 'being in love'...

    people have to experience it to understand it... :)

  22. Ah..! then why have a picture of a couples kissing...!


    I am just having fun teasing you guys..! :-P
    dont mind..i am just too bored..!

  23. @ Arv,

    Rightly said! :) You need to be in my shoes to understand it! :D

  24. @ Rush_me,

    We just happened to like the pic actually! :P

    Nothing else yaa! :P :P
    And am having fun replying to all your comments here, so no offence! :D

  25. oh I know that in between feeling all too well :)

  26. Why no FL comments here???

    he is stillin dreamz...?? crying??

    Aww come on.. wake up bro!

  27. @ Nuchu,

    No FL comments here because he doesnot have an internet connection where he is staying these days, so its just a li'l difficult for him. But he knows about all the comments by all you guys...he keeps calling me to ask who commented what! :)

    So sweet of you to miss him... :) He will be really happy! :)

  28. @ artz
    tu toh aise bol rahi hai jaise ki main din bhar din wait kar raha hu ki kisne

    guys, golks, going to b offline for about a month...and if you ppl can adjust to it..thn i mite extend to it then!

  29. :)

    u knwo what's behind this smile !

  30. @ FL,

    Chup kar! And yes, I can adjust to it...happily! :D :D

  31. Wow.. this is the 1st post i am reading from the penguin-freelancer series..
    n hmm.. y do i feel something brewing in here ;)

    A nice write-up replete with all kinds of happy, mushy, n sad feelings..I could visualize the whole incident happening in front of my eyes
    Loved it!! :)

  32. haha....
    u read the last post first?? lol
    more to come soon


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