August 1, 2009

And We're Back!

Smile Valley High officially returns again.

Here's if you want to recap or for new readers! : SVH

Episode 9:

Josh and Stella walked home talking and smiling at what each other said. They seemed to get along so well!

"This night is so perfect!" Josh said

"I agree" Angela mumbled.

"Well bye!" Josh said sadly.

"What?" Angela muttered puzzled

"Well we have reached your house. If you dont want to ok!" Josh said

"Oh..umm....well...bye.." she mumbled

"Angel-a" Josh called out

Angela turned and Josh came closer to her.

"Yes?" she stammered

He moved closer and closer, both of them began breathing heavily. Every heartbeat was heard. Josh moved his lips closer to hers. She closed her eyes. His lips met hers and they kissed passionately till Angela realised she couldnt breathe.

"Bye" she said and ran away blushing.

"B-y-e" he said walking away dazed!

They had the most silent moment and a passionate one with no one watching! Or was it?


The sun shone brightly waking up a girl who was already awake. She yawned and lazed around.

"I dont want to go to school! " Stella murmered

But she knew that she had to go. So she got ready to leave. When she was leaving the phone rang. She rushed to pick it up.

"Hello?" she asked

"Is this Ste-lla?" the voice said

"Um..Yes im stella speaking. Whose on the line please?"

"Im Jus-tin" he said

"Oh..." she said angrily

"Hmm..Stella about last night..." he began

" Goodbye" the phone was kept and nothing but the beeps of disconnection were heard.


" Wait Stella! Please let me talk to you.." Justin said.

"Whaaat??" she grumbled

"Hmm....well about last night im really sorry because i actually was upset with..."

Justin i dont care. I know you for a day and i care no more whether you pounce on me! So please if youd stop that we'd both be happy ok?" she said and walked away

"I wish....but i just cant see you angry"

And Justin walked away with a pang of sadness and a tinge of sorrow!


"Hey Melissa!" josh said opening his locker.

"Hello" she said gloomily

"Hmm...whats up Mel?" he asked casually but not flirtatiously


"Whats wrong with youuu??"

"I said nothing now leave me alone."

"Ok! sorry!"

"Oh wait! Why were you snorking with Angela last night!???" she asked

"Hmm..because i wanted to and its not your buisness!"

" is..because you were going hang out with me!"

"And by the way how did you crummy know i was with Ang!??" he asked " You followed me??"

She stared at him guilty. Then bent her head down and nodded shamelessly.

"You...." he began


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