July 15, 2009

Magic @ Mocha

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Day 1- here
Day 2- here too

Day 3
5.15 pm

The ping on my gtalk started my evening.
'hey babes, wassup??', i typed.
'aaj mile?', pat came her reply.
I smiled at myself. How is it sometimes the other person thinks the same thing that you are thinking?
'If you are late, you are dead!'

I grinned. This girl never ceases to amaze me. Ran helter-skelter for a shower, put on my jeans, shoes and was out on the road even before i put my shirt on. People gaped at me running for my dear life. I wished someone asked,'where's the fire dude?'. Then i would have gladly replied, 'in my heart, mate.....in my heart'.

Talking with an auto-walla in Chennai requires skill and subtle grace which i so thoroughly lack. so i just bribed him extra 10 bucks if he could take me to Adyar within 30 minutes.

She wasn't there yet when i reached. And then i saw her......wrapped in an off-white/light yellow/white salwar......the epitome of an angel.....as she descended from the auto....i lost my voice....couldn't stop staring at her.....the one who conveniently obliterated all the lesser mortals around her....

We looked at each other and grinned like 5 year olds. Holding hands...we went to Mocha....she was completely tired...with a hint of fever threatening to burst out. We ordered...we chatted...we laughed.... Talked about planning a WL meet next sunday....talked about how to call waiters who are too busy gossiping...lols...she said she liked my smile...i said i am a sucker for her eyes.
If she was the one showing signs of fever then why was my body temperature gradually rising around her?

There's something in her eyes.....that keeps me dumbstruck....i put my head on her shoulder.....she ruffled my hair. When she turned towards me and i stared into those dazzling eyes, i knew i was lost completely. Seeing her face milimeters away sent my head into a tizzy.....goosebumps erupted all over my hand....she shyed away....i arched my head and gave a peck on her cheek. The touch of her skin on my lips raced my heart into impossible gears and i wondered how long will it be before my heart came to a halt in shock.

She sat still and blushed. The air around was filled with raw electricity. The auro of romance engulfed the entire room. She gave me one of her bewitching looks....GOD!!!!

She had to return early. While we waited for our order to be packed....she came and hugged me. I held her close...not wanting to let go...not wanting the moment to end....
Dropped her home....promised to meet up again...the twinkle in her eyes were still there....while returning thought of the peck and the way she blushed.....it wasn't the first, won't be the last....

Forced myself to sleep that night.....had college the next day....was atleast glad that somewhere in this mad city...she was sleeping peacefully.

the magic is in the air

Love you loads,
the dude of the story


  1. True story?? Every word are true??? :P

  2. man this used to be my life...u stole it :( ....neways just kidding wish the end result isn't like mine :P may u have a better luck :D

  3. Ermmm.. 'Giving peck'.. that made me wonder.. :P

  4. .....oo..... Its so lushy mushy !!

    With the weather Gods on your side, I guess it'd be so much fun .

    woowiieeeee :)

    Awesome write's ya freelancer !!

    Touch-wood :)

    << HUSH - MUSH - LUSH - BLUSH >>


  5. ;-)
    Now.... This is AS I LIKE IT....
    full of 'romance n ardor'....

    Awesomely penned down FL...

    " I wished someone asked,'where's the fire dude?'. Then i would have gladly replied, 'in my heart, mate.....in my heart'. "

  6. Dude magic in the air or love in the air???? :)

    Sooooooo romantic. Wish i had some one to hug here in chilly b'lore :(

    M happy to c two love birds lost in love.. God bless u both..

  7. ..dis was so romantic........dese r ur picture perfct moment just treasure thm forevr..!!

  8. @FL : Ahem Ahem ;) God bless you both :)

  9. great post..can almost see it before my eyes...magic..love what's the difference..but the high it gives is awesome :) great going

  10. @ ALL,

    LOVE BIRDS??? :O

    I don't understand why is everyone calling us that!!! :P

  11. heart warming post dude...

    love birds??? he hee... :P

  12. oopsss did i miss somethin??? Ok no love birds????? Then Wat is it?? M sooo confused ! :o

  13. hmmmm nice post,feelings are well expressed

    Gud luck dude :)

  14. @ purple princess
    you have no idea how mushy it is...

  15. @ vids
    yu are right!!!
    moments to treasure

  16. @ ALL
    i wil let ur imagination run free guys


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