July 14, 2009

Mocha, Me and That Devil... Freelancer!

Read about Day 1 here.
Day 2 (Sunday) :
I had to meet him at 9.30 in the morning... I got up at 6.30!! I surprised everyone around me by this... I hardly get up before 8!!
At around 9, thinking of this devil, I knew that he would be busy snoring in his cozy bed... I made a call to him and yes, I was right!! :D :D

We agreed to meet at Saidapet in half an hour. I got dressed up as soon as I could...ran to the main road to catch an auto... I was there... and guess what?? He was there before me!! ;)
I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt, walking towards me... the t-shirt said - "WHO FARTED?" Lol!!

From Saidapet we reached the Central Mall and we entered KFC for our breakfast... the KFC maniac that he is... he ordered for a burger and I ordered for a shake!
Oh no, I remembered... I had a very important call to make... an international call. I dialled her number... I woke her up by that call...
"Could I speak to Sona," I enquired.
"Speaking," she answered.
I was talking to her and the middle of it, that devil of mine sprang up to snatch the mobile from me. He spoke to her. She was so happy! :)

After the breakfast, we decided to go for a movie. We could not manage to get the tickets for the movie we wanted to watch, but we could just manage to get the tickets for the worst movie ever! Please don't ask me which one! We had some time with us before the movie. The devil asked me, ''Fun world chale?" I agreed.
I saw that kiddo in him. I saw the sweetest kid ever...playing basket ball, riding that stupid bike... Wanna see? There you go...

Watching him playing like a kid, I had that smile on my face that could last till eternity! *Sigh*

We rushed for our movie...

I do admit that it was the worst movie ever but I could not help but smile at certain scenes in the movie... and there I saw my devil turned away from the movie screen looking at me, lost! I just love that expression on his face... lost somewhere... completely lost! :)

After the movie, we had no idea what plans we had for the evening. I asked him if we could go to Mocha, and he agreed!

Mocha... I love that place... We sat there, laughed like total kiddos... pulling each others' legs...hookahs, iced tea and sandwiches! :)

He has brown eyes, he says its black... I call him a devil, he says he is an angel... He wants to grow his hair, I say its just perfect... One thing that we both agree on is that... we are just HOPELESS!! We meet and we hit off immediately...instant chemistry!! I was always uncomfortable when I met someone new... why not this time then?? I mean just why?? Lolz!

I had to leave early that evening... But trust me, it was my best Sunday ever! I have hardly stopped smiling since saturday... that stupid smile of mine that he talks about all the time!I never knew Chennai trip would be this good...

I love you Chennai for just 1 reason... and thats him! :)

Love ya loads,

The Girl of the Story!


  1. he he..
    super cute write...
    so u two compadres rocked in chennai... :)

  2. Yo..Yo.. :)

    A lot can happen to person when he/she comes to chennai...
    Its enchanted... :) i tell u..

    Wish u a happy stay over there... :)
    Hope u get many such sundays.. :)

  3. n BTW... i wuz expecting more romance... to follow up FL...



  4. @ Arun,

    Yea, it was fun! You wanted more romance...lol... ask FL to write more, you will find it in his writes! :)

  5. @ Vitruvian Boy,

    Trust me, I am loving every moment here! :D :D

  6. @ Rosh,

    Hey li'l one... thanks sweetheart! :)

  7. Ahaaan Ahaaaann.. I was alll blushing while reading this post...

    oops and my cheeks are bleeding now:P

    Again.. God bless you both :D

  8. mummy!!! y oh y...that bike photo???
    lols.....sunday of our lives. yay!

  9. n yes...my eyes are black...and am an angel...ask sona!!!

  10. @ Grasshopper,

    ecause you look like a kiddo in that pic...

    N Your eyes are brown! :P

  11. @ Artz...wow WL is struck by Cupid's arrow...awwwwwwwww.....

    m choo haapy for u guys...

    it as awesomengly sweet..

    and ya chennai was extra romantic that sudnay....*blush blush*

  12. Congratulations!!!! Aarthi

    tsk tsk

    vaise ladka bada smart hai :D


  13. RU sure this is ur story :O this seems like my life some months ago....exact replica...just hope it lasts unlike mine.....loved it made me remember so much :D

  14. and then you mind wen some one called u "love birds" :P


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