July 13, 2009

Me, Her and Mocha

The day that i was patiently waiting for finally came! She arrived this morning...like the cleansing morning dew in the sultry chennai heat....the sun decided to play hide-and-seek upon her arrival, the clouds gathered, but damn you chennai!!! the sun returned again grining like an oaf! It was 4 in the evening and her call came. I showered, i shaved and ran like hell in search of an auto! The blasted auto-walla charged 100 bucks....but what the hell...i was in a rush! Reached t.nagar in 30 minutes and waited in front of Saravana. I saw her from across the road....standing there looking terrific....like a rose amongst millions of cactus, free and wild. She saw me...and her lips opened to form a smile....a shy smile. I crossed the road that separated us and finally was standing centimeters away from her....

'Chale kahin?', i asked her grinning.

She smiled....a smile that i would always remember.
We made our way to Mocha and started talking....it was hard to believe we were meeting for the first time. Words flew out nonstop, sparks flew all over the place. It was instant chemistry. She had to get back by 8, so that meant we had two hours to ourselves....she didn't wanna go home soon...i didn't wanna go back at all. Rang up Pratsie and said we are in Mocha! And she was like...i hate Mocha...its so damn romantic...oh am J...lols

In between iced tea, strawberry shakes and hookah, we looked into each other's eyes, blushed like kids, made pinky swears, talked about different gaalis. She likes my hair, i like her eyes, she likes the way i talk...hell i like everything about her!

8 p.m stretched to 8.30...then to 9 and finally to 9.30. Finally had to say goodbye...atleast for the day...but promised to meet each other early the next day. Yay yay yay yay! Dropped her home...ate softy's while returning.....she turned, she left....but i could see the smile stil lingered in her face.

Reached home late and she called to make sure i was safe! Sona was online...and she was like...give me details...lols......
Sleep came late....dreams on fire, fuelled by her presence in this mad city. Sunday promises to be more exotic.

Love you loads...
the dude of the story


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  2. I liked it more towards the end, and I guess that was the time you had real fun..... parting.....

    and swearing to see her again.

    nicely put up.

    I enjoyed reading it. But hey, shouldn't you shave and shower, than shower and shave.....lol..... love maddens all !!

    Have a lovely week ahead :)

  3. awwwwwwww.........

    freelancer...u r not gonna blv ds....i had the same rocking wekend...ahm wid a guy...*chuckles* :D :D

    man i can see why the two days seemed to be so romantic in chennai :)

  4. Awesome FL.... This post really makes me very jealous..... cos i had the worst sunday ever in my life.....

    "Dreams on fire, fuelled by her presence in this mad city. "
    Loved these lines a lot.....

    Nd lot but not the least welcome to TN.....

  5. Oho!!! Such a romantic day in this chennai heat... Badiya hai.. ;)

  6. @ purple princess
    lols...i gues i cud have..bt after i showered n check myself in the mirror...i saw i didnt shave...lols...the madness of it

  7. @ gulshan
    oho...dear one...kip it up kip it up...i should hear bout it someday

  8. @ dr. kumar
    well it was fun for me....but i cn atleast hope yu hav an awesome next weekend

  9. @ thoorika
    there i go riding the chennai heat

  10. @ FL,

    :) :)
    Awe... SOme... :P
    I mean this was just awesome!! :D

    And i just dont know what to say...

    A big hug to you!! :) God bless!
    *Having that same silly smile on my face*

  11. @ artz
    glad to kno that the smile is still there...n i hope yu remember...awe...some....lols

  12. made me remember something similar :(...

    nice write n best wishes dude :)

  13. Aaah sweet!! Me and your aunt :) both read this... and we're smiling right now!!

  14. @ rosh
    lols...smile smile
    and lol...aunt?? haha...sona aunty...haha

  15. awesome man....finally u meet her...y don't u write her name here...so that others cud know . ....vivid description ..... nice

    gluck man

  16. @ ste
    no need...duniya kuch aur hi sochna shuru kar dega...lols

  17. he he.. really cute... n 'romantic'
    had smile all over my face while reading this...

    u should mention the name... makes the reading more cuter... :-)

  18. lol..arun...
    dnt tel me yu guys don't kno who she is yet

  19. Yeahhh... All are lying as if don't know the Sweet heroine here in the story!! I got it!! No need of mention! ;)


    god bless you both!

  20. @ nusrath
    itni der ke baad pata chala?

  21. oo man u made me remember someone and that first date ...*blushes* just that it was CCD :P

  22. CCD? kewl
    anything can happen over coffee


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