August 1, 2009

FLASHBACK |The Last Day| Part - 1

Hey guys, this is just in case if you forgot who we are... We are back with another mush-filled one for you...Penguin and Grasshopper! :) Missed reading about us?? You can find us right here -
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There are moments in your life when you feel like fighting against time. And again, there are times when you just want time to fast forward in rapid gear so that you could meet her.
One thing was blatantly clear. Penguin was going away. soon. There i stood in the fourth floor of Citi Center scanning the heads of people downstairs. She was not there yet.....not yet. I knew it would be our last meet.

I woke up that morning to her call. Her voice sounded sexy.
'What the fuck is wrong with me? I just woke up and started being all mushy mushy'...

'Its not ur head, its ur damned heart that needs tweaking', my inner voice sneered.

'Wake up, its 8', she gushed.
'Hmm....woke up already.'
'You coming na?'
'Of me at Citi Center by 12.'

I showered, got dressed, raided the refrigerator....kewl, found pizza!
I raced down the street, nearly got hit by a lady in a scooty, but hehe...she fell down and i started to run again...
By 12.15 i reached and there was no sign of madammoiselle. ARV was supposed to pick her up.

I went to Inox and saw nearly every movie house full...Harry Potter on the other hand was fast filling...and it was supposed to start any minute. i rang her up and she said get two tickets. ARV won't be joining us.

Should i bang my head somewhere or should i release a sigh of relief? Lols!

She arrived, running like the wind. Though i was supposed to be angry at her, I couldn't help smile at the weirdo... We were already late...but that didn't matter. She was with me...let everyone else go to hell! ;)

Simon Webbe says in his song –
“You both just click in a minute,
Well, baby it’s the eye contact,
Smile like that,
Click, click and you’re rolling…”

Penguin has been feeling the same ever since she met this guy!
But, sigh… Penguin was going back…very soon.

I got up frantically that morning. The first thing my eyes searched for was my phone…I had to call him up! I dialed his number…we wished each other a good morning in those sleepy voices and then chalked out the plan for the day… I had to meet him at 12!

Damn, this Chennai traffic… you won’t find it when you desperately want to get late, but you will surely find it when you want to be with someone (that special someone) as soon as possible!! Finally, after numerous calls from Grasshopper, I shamelessly reached late. Yes, he called again.

“Where are you Artz?” he said sounding fairly irritated. Oops!

“I am on the road opposite to the Citicentre. I’m just there…” I said.
And just when I said ‘bye’, he instantly shot back saying, “Don’t you dare keep the phone down. Keep talking to me till you are here at Inox…and now, please run!”

I was gasping for breath as I entered the mall and searched for the damned escalator…Finally!
Whoooooooosshhh…and there I was… At the third floor of Citicentre, I saw him standing there…looking at me!!
Ahem ahem…as usual, I went speechless. Duh!! What’s wrong with me, I thought.

As his hands reached mine to hold them, my eyes were fixed on his face. He occasionally looked at me, and there I was…walking past everyone, just looking at him…happily!

The opening credits of the movie was over....

Who cares?? We were finally in.... death eaters were chasing muggles on-screen, while off screen we pushed people along so that we could reach our seats....erm...our corner seats :P

The movie was good....but as usual i was much more happy to be sitting next to her and she her smile and giggle. Today was the last time i cud be as close to her as i was tomorrow she would me hundreds of kilometers away. I shoved that thought into the deepest part of my crap of a brain and just enjoyed the last moments!

Damn! Again the word 'last'.

She smelled great.

Erm...anyways the couple next to us were behaving as if Hermione fed the guy love potion. He was all over his date. I couldn't help looking at them from time to time. Penguin kept on pinching me to remind me to divert the attention to the real movie!!

The movie ended and time was slipping away from us. Holding hands, we went to Subway. Her hands were warm....they always are. Gosh! I was going to miss her like crazy! I love you God....for bringing her to me. And don't be flattered, i also very much hate you for taking her back so soon!


And we were finally out of the theatre after a comical Harry Potter…thanks to the couple next to us! :)

Now, it was finally time for lunch…but lunch where was the question! We checked the food court and we found Subway!! I know, it’s yuck…but then, anything is yummy when he is around! Did someone say hopelessly romantic!?! :P

We got our food and we had to search for a place to sit…phew! That was one heck of a job! Everywhere we saw, we could see people swarming in as bees… buzzzzzz! Ha ha!

After waiting for a few minutes, we finally managed to find a place to sit! Meanwhile, we talked about everything under the sun… like a ‘foot-long’ resembles what and jeez…hopeless!
He ate and I kept looking here and there (that’s when he was looking at me) and otherwise, you know where my complete attention was! :)

We had to finish off our food asap and now, we straightaway hit off to Landmark, the book store. For a few minutes, we walked from one end of the store to another…and hell, as always, found no good book! He suggested me a book – ‘Of course I love you till I find someone better’…he he! :P

We bought snickers…and then… we enjoyed a little bit of pushing, fighting and hair-pulling session, and we left! :)

(Part - 2 Coming Soon...)
P.S.: Penguin from Antartica and Grasshopper from Chennai wrote this post together! Thanks to Vodafone and the internet... :)


  1. lols...from antarctica??? liar!!!
    you ahould have written ghaziabad

  2. Hah! Whatever...penguins are not found in Ghaziabad... has to be in Antartica!

    And by the way, grasshoppers are found everywhere and anywhere! :P :P

  3. :-D
    Cute writes... what else to expect..

    lots of LOLs.... "should i bang my head somewhere or should i release a sigh of relief?"...

    lots of awwww's.... "I kept looking here and there (that’s when he was looking at me) and otherwise, you know where my complete attention was! :)"

    n lots of questions... unanswered... :P

  4. @ thoorz
    she lives there gal
    gaon ki chori

  5. vry nice brillant beautiful ...god wat going on yaar..???

  6. @ arun
    penguin's getting pretty good at mush, aint she?

  7. @ vids
    hehe...hopefully the 2nd part wil clear everything...or it mite even put yu more in doubt.

    thats penguin and grasshopper folks

  8. cute.......luv dis series.....nice one u two!!! keep 'em coming! nd as always....wish ya luck! ;)

    tc! :)

  9. What else.. I am all smiles.. :)

    God bless you guys!

  10. @ Mav,

    He he he! Thanksie :)
    The part 2 is coming soon! :)

  11. @ Nuchu,

    Hehe... :) Keep smiling! :)


  12. @ arun
    penguin is getting quite mushy ain't she??

  13. wow i love this...missed it for long :)

    i am just smiles and what better day than friendship day to read it :)

    i m like awwww and no words left to express....u guys r just too good :)

    God Bless your friendship or whatever :P

  14. @ Nabs,

    Or whatever! :P :P

    Lolz...that got me laughing! :)

  15. nice narrative..left me with a :) as i read each of ur versions ;)

  16. lol'able post.... :D

    Does this have another part ??


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