July 18, 2009

A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

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Why am i in love with Chennai??? Yes love! Its the same Chennai that i used to crib about in my earlier posts....the same Chennai that i woke up to and cursed....the same Chennai heat that made my life miserable!

And now, suddenly, it wasn't all so bad. Love is too strong a word to express about Chennai so soon. But hell, its not hate too. More like shades of grey hovering between black and white. The weather seems contend to flirt with me for the time being. Good...i was loving it.

I rang her up in the evening. Poor gal was totally worn out. Had meetings and group discussions...One day i will have to get one of these...job thingys...*sigh*
It wasn't a surprise when she said she could meet. I was kinda hoping she would. :P

Went to t.nagar to pick her up. She was already there...patiently waiting...all signs of weariness gone.
'Kahe chale aaj?', i asked
'Anywhere....i have time til 9'
'Cafe Coffee Day?'
'umm...Isphani Center!'

We got hold of an auto and i let her do the girlie stuff. Males have a tendency to fall prey to girls when they bat their eyelashes at them....auto-wallas included. And soon enough...we were on our way!

It was a nice place. Atleast better than the rest of the CCD's i have been to in Chennai. She was damn hungry and i was damn happy...just to be there.
'I wanna eat everything...OMG...brownie.........', she gushed.

She ordered a chocolate fantasy with ice-cream while i just ordered what i nearly always drank there....Mochachilo!

'You better be prepared. You will be quite embarassed watching me eat chocolate', she warned beforehand.
I just stared at her naive, innocent face....wanting to pluck her cheeks.
When the fantasy arrived, she cut it into a tiny piece, closed her eyes and devoured it with such feeling and longing i never knew existed before.....Mmmmmm....the sweet sound of self-satisfaction escaped from her lips.
She looked at me and grinned.'Warned ye!'
She cut her second piece...and there she went again...She was completely oblivious to the fact that nearly all eyes and ears were pinned on her while she made those sexy noises. Watching her melt the cake in her mouth, felt like watching someone who was wrapped in their own personal ectasy.
Hell! If this was supposed to be embarassing than sweet God...i would rather be embarassed every single day.

Goosebumps threatened to erupt in me and i had to force my eyes away from her and concentrate on my own drink. Damn you hormones!

We chatted a lot.....correction....she chatted. I was quite happy to listen to her for a change. We talked about lotsa stuff...about everything.....our deepest secrets...to our favourites...blah blah blah.....
She stopped suddenly, the moment she realised i was completely lost in her eyes. She blushed a shade of red, paused for a second to collect her breath and then started again. I kept doing it intentionally a few times...jsut to see her blush and to make sure that i could still make her heart beat faster.
She grabbed and pulled me towards her....cupped my face in her hands and whispered...'FL..you are killing me!'
I pondered at her words.....If it was true, then i have been dead for quite some time now!

Dropped her home by 9.30. Didn't have to make promises, coz we knew we would be meeting again soon enough! Reached home and thought about her...hell! where was this gal all these years!???

She slept off early...i welcomed the dreams.
Somewhere in this mad city...a lot is happening over coffee....i am sure of that.

Love ye loads,
the dude of the story


  1. :-)
    good times... continue...
    ur writes getting cuter n cuter.... n so is the romance...

    p.s. did somebody at ur back seat order ""I'll have what she's havin..." ???

  2. A Picture makes a 1000 words....
    so here is my papparazzi version of this story...

    Artz demolishes the Choco fantasy...


    sittting opposite...
    FL does his 'mushy' impression...


    Artz logs in by 10-11'o clock...
    sees the pics... goes gaga...( cos of her pic or FL's pic is still a mystery...)


    FL murders Arun...
    at the bottom of the screen... "story to be continued"

  3. n the pics r courtesy of blossom blue's blog... I loved em... so stole em... hope she forgives...

  4. and i, for one, wil not be so forgiving!!

  5. gosh !! this was so lovely... thanks for making me smile... this is d first thing i read today n i know its gonna keep me smiling fr the day :)

  6. @Arun... awesome pics !!! loved them :D

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwww.. I feel the Girl is so lucky.. Fl.. you are admiring her sao much!!!! I am Jealous!!!

    May God Bless you guys!

  8. @FL, Artz : fyi.. i love CCD ... and the tropical iceberg there .. infact thats a nickname to me too ;)

  9. @ FL,

    I don't have words to express what i am feeling right now...

    No one... practically no one... has ever admired me so much and talked about me like this! :)


    Thanks a ton grasshopper... I will never ever forget what all is being written about me by you here! :)

  10. @ FL,

    Those sounds were not sexy ones! And damn, you dint even temme so many eyes were on me while I was enjoying my chockie fantasy! :P

  11. "...FL you are killing me! I pondered at her words...if it was true, then I have been dead for quite some time now."

    Oh so romantic FL! ;)
    On a serious note, the best line in the post!

    P.S.: Guys, you can take tutions from FL for such pick-up lines! :P :P

  12. ..hmmmmm..dis is nvr endng series..!!..n Artz may dese momnt nvr end for u..!!...bcoz I like tht smile on ur face..

  13. @ artz
    yu dnt hav to thank me fr anythn

  14. @ artz
    i second that about Arun being dupid

  15. some nice lines..i.e dialogues..You write well dude ....Keep going :)

  16. grand expressions FL :)

    happy for u guys..

    keep rockin n serving us nice memoirs over the coffeee.

  17. sweet one FL :) keep writing these penguin-grasshopper posts :)

  18. CCD ..*blushes* so u finally gave heed to my CCD comment....we finished off each nook and corner CCD back then in delhi...but ...sighs!

    Hope you guys move beyond CCD days :P
    I love it :D

  19. tis series makes a nice read each time i go thru..keep them coming :D

  20. jus catchin up on the post.... somethins cooking.... The saga continues :P :P :D ;)

    keep rockin

  21. Soooo much of love in the air, now don't telme its not.. May be a diff kinda love, but still it is sooo totally "love"..

    Hmmm jealous?? Yes i am !! :o

    FL mahn, y don u start writing a book, Dude give it a serious thought!!

    The feeling of loving the city u cursed the most is nothing but heights of love Or friendship in ur words.. Loved the thought of it. How u start loving things once u hate the most. Sooo many words in my head, but not bale to put it across in comments :p..

    God bless!!
    Arun, dude no probs u stole my pics :) .

  22. @ mysterious gal...
    lols...avi toh CCD jana shuru kia hai....its rocking yaar, atleast ab toh lag raha hai

  23. @ bard
    i duuno how much more i can write...the day is nearing

  24. @ kings mere bhai...
    hehe...aisa kuch v toh nahi :P

  25. @ vasu
    book??? have you lost it??
    i dnt write that well!!!

  26. @FL
    Hmmm if u think u dint write tat well , then i would agree wit u..
    I have to agree with the author..

  27. @ vasu
    :) :P
    dun know to laugh or bang my head somewhere


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