May 8, 2009

Death By Love ....

The world around me is so cruel
Its just a reflection of hell
Love buried in the grave
Poor heart, only love it craves
Darkness surrounding my happiness
Now i am used to the bitterness
Acids of love burning me all over
Turning my love into hatred forever

Beauty spilling outside the face
Filthy inside, with no grace
Slowly taught me to love
Blindfolded me to deceive

Act of winning heart, with charm
Felt false warmth, in his arm
His lies echo in my ear like a thunder
How did i lose my mind, I still Wonder

First love, First kiss i tasted
I might lose it, I feared
One in a million, i thought i was blessed
I never had it, I then realised

I lost it, before i could have it
Cursed is my life, i accept it
My soul no longer hungry for mortality
I only belong there in eternity

Love, the beauty and the beast, never pleased me
So i sip the poison of love, do not cry for me
Pain leaving my body, is a relieve
Oh ! How amazing is Death By Love !


  1. painful...awesomely crafted one d so wonderful to read! luvd it! :)

  2. @Freelancer
    Thanx dude :)

  3. @Maverick
    Thanx dear :)
    Ya painful but true ..

  4. A helluva emotions underriding this writing..

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  6. @Migzie
    u r rite missy !
    Thanx fa commentin dear :)

  7. angst all the way...despairingly beautiful:)
    love the title too!!!

  8. @numb
    Thanx dear :)

  9. u seem to be on a roll...
    loved the first n last segment very much...
    acids of love burning me all over...Loved this line especially...nice visualization...

  10. @Appu
    Thanx a ton dear :)

  11. @Arun
    Ya dear, i sure am on a roll :)
    Thanx a lot...

  12. wow! 2 in a row! considering i read ur newer post first! :D

    wow re...

  13. @LeO
    Thanx again leo.. :)


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