May 8, 2009

She Could Never Be Me !

He introduced me to her proudly, "This is my girl Sophie !"
She said hello, with Her big eyes scorching my soul,
As i sipped coffee with them,
I saw Her face with wrinkles now, I knew, she could never be me !
I felt a pity, for he lost
a Diamond while searching for a Stone !


  1. @Pretty
    Hey u bak?? If m not wrong u were in ur native rite?? hope u had a blast @ home..
    thanx a ton dear :)
    Yea poor guy *hehehehe* :p

  2. nt bak got hold of net on my sister's mobile.. Wndr hw u knw of my hme trip.. Coz i dnt remember readng u before.. Anyway thx! U inspired me to write smthng on my own blog.

  3. @NuMb
    I bet it is ! *hehehe*
    Thanx a ton :)

  4. @Pretty
    Hmmm no ma i read in some comment tat u r in home town.. Any way comebak soon.. :)

  5. short n sharp...and very expressive too..
    real life..??

  6. strong, intense and with a message...loved it.. :)

  7. @Arun
    Hmmm thanx dear..
    Might be real in someone's life !

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  9. short but powerful....
    simple yet expressive.....
    nice written dear.

    poor guy ll realize one day that he lost the diamond.... ;-)


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