May 8, 2009

A sleepy love conversation

I always thought I was selfish. Well, so much so that I said I love you only when I wanted to hear it back. But since then, I have changed so much. It kinda makes me smile. Today morning a conversation made me change my mind about myself.

Me: Goood Morning (it is 10 am)
Him: Hmmm...
Me: Are you still sleeping? 
Him: hmmm (indicating yes)
Me: Did you do what I asked you to do?
Him: Ahan (indicating no)
Me: Ok... Go back to sleep.. Bye..
Him: Hmmm
Me: Come on atleast say bye
Him: Ahan
Me: Please please 
Him: Ahan
Me: Just a bye please... 
Him: Ahan
Me: (giggle) I so love you..
Him : Hmmm

I wanted nothing in back, suddenly. Suddenly, I wasnt selfish!

Ps: Nab, thanks for the title... :)


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaah! :) it reminded me of a lot of puraaaaaaaaaana time..cute post..

  2. its grt to b selfless in love.. Makes u smile a lot more.. I njyd ds..


  3. A smile lingers on my face after reading this post..

  4. finally you realised selfless love

    lovely piece!

  5. i agree with callie! :)

    cute like the writer! :D


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