April 24, 2009

The Apprentice

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"where do we start??" I looked at him questioningly. First this , ya ok I admit he is one gorgeous male, but still, he says I am no artist and then he asks me something totally vague about starting from somewhere.At least this man who shook or claims to shake my very foundations can prove his terms in more specific articulation.
"We have to start somewhere and more important is you have to trust me, then only can you gain as much from this exercise as I intend to"- he sounded dry.
"Ya , i don't trust you and i don't even comprehend half of what you say"- I blurted out.

His eyes flared up with aggression, he pulled me to a nearby canvas, his touch however, was very soft .
"Draw a running man!"- he commanded.
Something in his eyes made me follow his command.
I quickly sketched a athletic figure sprinting in a reebok shorts and sneakers.
He smiled a satisfied smile.
He drew a line dividing the canvas and started on something.His hand went easy on the paper, and his strokes were indeed a bit moody.Right beside my perfectly drawn athletic male was rising his take on it.It had something so appealing I could not take my eyes off it. The head looked up in pride, the muscles of his body in superb tension. It almost looked alive, and it was more of a symbol of freedom and of achievement.I snapped back to senses.It did not have a face, His face was blank.
I was stirred.
"It's a little weird"- I said. " Ya, it' got something in it, but still mine is good too"
He started laughing.
"Ok"-I relented-"beside your sketch mine looks like the runner is sleeping, yours is alive, almost leaping from paper, I would love to draw like that, can I?"
"You have to get educated first"-He said.
"what education"- I asked puzzled.
"Education is a way of life"-He said-"Be an apprentice "


  1. oye Abhri ...

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    its perfect post as a continuation !! infact i had something same in my mind .. glad i did not write it ... now let me take it further from here ... hope i wnt disappoint you !! this is awesome dude !!

  2. Arrey Pratu so nice to see u liked it.Ya your chance next :) cheers!!

  3. hey great...nice continuation to prats...cheers dude

  4. Beautiful......continue please...wld luv to read more! :)

  5. thanks Shwetha n Mav !! scheduled the next part :)

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