April 22, 2009

Are you a Painter ?

Part -1 A Date?

Part -2 A Sketch

"I am sorry, I am not used to wake up so early, so i guess i just dozed off." He said as soon as he saw me staring at him.

"Its fine. I came some time back and I even got a chance to sketch you in a comfortable pose." I replied opening the door of the studio.

"You even sketch?"
"Any painter will knwo to sketch roughly i guess"
"Are you a painter?"
"What do you think?"
"You said you own a studio, so i though you are a photographer !"

I looked at him with amusement as he looked around the studios nervously.

"Well, I think there was a misunderstanding. I need a model to paint and not to shoot him.Will you still stay?"
"Depends" he said, walking to the table where my sketch book was kept upside down.
"Depends on how good you sketch" and he picked up my sketch book.


  1. glad for your comment :)

  2. Nice..good going :) Continue it..

    * waiting waiting*

  3. heya prats....

    Nice...! Waiting fr d next one.... :)

  4. this one has a class.. there is some factor in it which i am in love with.. the simplicity the flow..the detailing.. kudos pratsie!!

  5. thanks Nik and Hashan !! you really encourage me well :) thankuuu :D

  6. thanks AB!! also for the continuation :)

  7. m so glad to hear from u Kajal ! its jst a try for me ...


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