April 22, 2009

The Art Critic

In continuation to
Part 1 - A Date
Part 2 -A sketch
His long face was drawn.His face showed no expression but his eyes did communicate.It was my turn to be nervous, what if he didn't like my sketches? why wasn't he saying nothing.Just as i was about to grunt I saw a grin spreading on his face.
"So what you grinning at?"- I asked.
"You know how to sketch."- said he.
"Ya... so what? what did u expect, I would be some amateur painter calling up models??"-I said flabbergasted.
He looked at me as if I did not fully comprehend what he said.He looked sincere, was he making fun of me, I did not know, but I kept quiet awaiting his response.
"You can draw but you are not an artist"


  1. wow! now where is this heading.. :D the last line would have raised her eyebrow.. what will she say now.. :D

  2. dude... u did not file it under my name... this was perfet cue fr me to think ahead.... n u forgot to link part 3 (Are u a painter)

  3. WOAH! What ? Why? Im curious now!

  4. nice continuation.....luvd it...waiting fr more..u rilly r keepin us anxious prats! :)


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