April 24, 2009

A deal

Part - 3 (Are you a painter )
Part - 4 ( a critic )

"Whats the difference between sketching well and being an artist?" I was getting a lot frustrated by now. I guess his mysterious smile was more irritating.
This time he did not take much time to reply "You will know not if i tell in words."
And as far as being ur model, I am interested too see you paint me."

I wasn't sure if I was interested now but i was running out of time. The clock was ticking and I had just managed to find a model... some one like him!!

"So where do we start now?" His question brought me back to present task.


  1. hmm,....good one once again...!

    bt where were u ?? i ws waiting fr ur reviews on my post.....i thought u wud "travel" along...but u wernt there.... :(...

    anyway nw u r here!!! good...waitin fr d next one....!

  2. i am here now ... not just to write this but to read ur post too dude !! the days are really busy ... n i will b going away from blogs soon for 20 days !! imagine how much i will have to read :)

  3. kewllll! keep em' coming.....am loving it..... ;P

  4. oye... i'm more and more intrigued. Can we have version coming in a bit faster ? :P

  5. Thanks Mav !! your kind words keep me going ...

  6. bring in moree.. i am so curious about what's cooking.. :P

  7. more will come soon i hope..nice one :)

  8. @pisku .. sure will try to write bit faster !! though cant really promise :(

    thanks for the read :)

  9. @Kajal : even i have no idea what's gonna cook ;) can u say Mr. H ??


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