April 19, 2009

A sketch

Continued from A Date

I reached my studio next morning to find him on the garden bench. Clad in what seemed to be a new pair of black jeans and white kurta, his head rested on the bench's back, he sat there,eyes closed.

The morning sun shone bright on his hair, the dew drops on the bench glistened to form an aura around him. The air caressed his face gently and a smile adorned his lips.

The bench faced the steps into my studio. And thats where i sat, sketching him. As i put the last line on the sketch, he opened his eyes to find me staring at him.


  1. continue prats!.... Its going really fine...
    what next...

  2. cool one pretty...waiting for the continuation

  3. here i am again! ;P

    good going girl....continue it.. n u keep the curiosity alive by posting such short parts...!! nice technique...!!! ;P

    (n u dint add me on gtok i sent u a req... :x )

  4. aweeee.. i got a very warm feeling reading this.. very nice Pratsie. keep it going.. :)

  5. Dis one's warming up pretty gud! Thanks fr continuing ur work! :)

    Looking forward for more! :)

  6. @Nik .. its not a technique... vut actually my attention span is just this much !!

    n i mailed u reg the gtalk request !!

  7. Thanku Kajal... u r the mistress of such writes !! m just trying :)

  8. @Mav : Pleasure fr your read and comment !!

  9. hey..I always appriciate writing something out of one's comfort zone..so good going Prats..
    Next is what?
    waiting waiting...

  10. @Hashan : glad you understand that its not easy for me .. and happy that i am doing a decent job !! will sure try to write the next part :)


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