April 24, 2009

Chain post 7 (Love lost)

Beautiful one which was the real human in me
Me and him was the picture complete
Complete was all i wanted to be
to be the only one for him

Him i lost wid the span of time
Time was short and more i sought
Sought for only his care and love
Love that i lost with the real me

PS: dunno if i did justice to it but i really wanted to write one


  1. except for the rhyming, u wrote a loop poetry !! quite unknowingly i guess but its perfect !! loved the line :

    Love that i lost with the real me

  2. love that i lost with the real me.. wow!! how strong and intense! kudos

  3. @prats

    thanks sweety...yes i created a loop poetry...funny...but i guess it goes fine...

  4. @kan

    thanks dear...i dont know how to put feeling in shrt or i would say few words so it was a tough task for me but i tried my best...


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