February 2, 2009

My Angel Doll !

My Angel Doll !

For mummy she was a doll,
For daddy she was an angel,
For brother she was an inspiration,
But as time passed,
Things started changing,
Now she was a girl with 21 age,
Still she feels the angel in her,
Although no longer no one sees,

Her choice was different,
Instead of fishes she love seals,
With freakles on her face,
She was lost one day,
All they searched but she was missing,
Her mommy asked teachers,
About her genius daughter,
Her teacher replied she was an aimless person,

On way back home with eyes watering,
They all wre hoping for a miracle of her return,
Oh! yes she was back to her home,
With all she faced,
She was neither an angel nor was a doll,
She was girl with loads to call,
Words made her an angel and her a doll!


Words Count:143

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I dont know weather this poem reflects me or it dont. I being the owner, the poet of this poem dedicate this piece of mine to .a.( i.e ASBAH!). who made me wish to be boy ( she will be the only reason why i want to be a boy ;) so th i cud marry her ) *hugs* asbah!


  1. this one needs a bit of re work dear .. your thought is brilliant but not the wordplay .. the words betray the real emotions ... sorry .. but this is wat i felt ... u have excelled here with your poetry but this one is not your class !

  2. i second prats ...i loved the thought though..

  3. illusion, you are getting masterpiece after masterpiece here! :)

    LOVED IT! but pratsie is right, this needs a bit more work to make it even more loveable! :)

    the previous wala was better! the 3rd one i think..!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. :) I knw leo i knw pratz there r sum mistakes especialy rhyming one but i sccrible it like tht only i knw its not the master piece but this is a dedication to sum1 so enjoy the feel and forgive me for the rhymng problem! :)

  6. forget about everything... I am swelling alerady ! wow!

    this shirt is getting tighter :P

    Thankyou so much sweet :) made my week :D wow!

    *huggles back*

  7. good insi

    am proud of you :) :)
    u r growing stronger and better every day with each of ur poems and i am happy to see it:)

  8. @ .a.

    *muwah* for this jani!

    @ Ste!

    I am proud to ve a frnd lik u..

  9. I second prats di
    Nevertheless the theme is awesome :)


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