February 2, 2009

Simply for you...

To the biggest source of my inspiration...
My teachers...

When for the first time I sat on my place....
Completely lost, shy...
It was you who came to me,
Welcomed me with an embrace...

When for the first time I hurt myself and couldn't find my parents around,
With tears rolling down my cheeks,
It was you who came to me,
Lovingly you tended and it was bound...

When for the first time I stood on the stage,
Facing the crowd and sensing the impending doom,
It was you who came to me,
Gave me the courage...

When for the first time I won a prize,
And came to you, feeling ecstatic...
You were there for me,
All prasie...

Today, when I head unknown destinations,
Without any hesitation,
I remember you...

Today, when I fall down and hurt myself,
Without feeling bruised,
I remember you...

Today, when I face the world,
Without any dread,
I remember you...

Every little award I acquire,
I remember you...
For I have a lot to thank you for...

P.S. It may seem a little cliched to be writing this for teachers, but I honestly feel indebted to them... Please do leave your comments...

Word count: 165


  1. *thumbs up* from my side!

    they do serve to be inspired!

  2. I miss my favorite Mam :) It is a very cute poem!

  3. we no wonder are indebted to the teachers! very well done :)

    here we have a chance to say thanks to people we've never said thanks, and we dont often do.

    now, off from college, i also miss teachers, how have they groomed my personality! *tears in eyes*


  4. That was sweet Akansha...
    It brought memories of my school teacher Mrs.Basu .... ;)

    Nice poem...Well done..


  5. omg akansha you made me miss all my teachers who have contributed so much into what I am today.. thank you for writing this.. :)

  6. sweet and short dear

    nice dedication to teacher.....u made me remind of my 7th std class teacher georgia mam ,my fav teacher....

  7. Teachers do really deserve this and more ! good job :)

  8. You know what I did when I read this? I went and opened my book where my teachers had written things for me!

    I had tears in my eyes! I loved each and every moment of my school..The good and bad!

    Thanks for bringing back that memory! :)

  9. Guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwaraha
    Guru deva para brahma thasmai shri guravei namaha

    Ur write reminded me of this :)

  10. @Arjun
    Well... thank you, and since everybody has mentioned their favourite teacher, or the one who influenced their life the most, let me decalre mine too... My biggest source of inspiration has been Radhika Mehra Ma'am who taught me in 8th and 10th...

  11. @the pink orchid
    I am happy I could do that... thank you :)


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