February 2, 2009

My Love .. Words Matters...

My Love .. Words Matters...

Loss of words,
made me once again,
to make an effort towards searchin you,
you my love, my destiny,
my wish my only pray,
As i walk in past,
And found you out,
you! My inspiration,
my only destination,
your name,
it brings a smile on my face,
oh yes! I am with words again,
Who say you are nowhere?
As you are everywhre,
In my poems in my writtings,
in my eyes in my feelings,
in my heart in my dealings,
See you filled me with words again!


Words Count:89

Soorrrrrryy :D readers I cant help it :$


  1. guess you have a knack for words and geting inspiration evry other second to play with the words.

    good rhyming , looks like a prayer for those search in hope and love :)

  2. i second kings.. it just shows how aware you are of yourself.. good one..keep it coming.. we love to read you :)

  3. n dare u ask sorry for writing such lovely words !!!

  4. Gosh!
    So may writes??
    Kudos to you :)

  5. seconding kings

    superb dear insi......

    this is ur 4th poem and all wre brilliant ......so its upto u to decide which one to send as entry ...:)

    quite confused u wud be as all are good ... :)

  6. wow :) we have an amazing young poetess dont we?

    but then we're a lounge full of talent! wow!!

  7. hmmm...!! Its bustling with talent....energetic and enthusiastic..i did say...that did make professionals ponder..where did all wonder come... gr8 going ppl :)...seems enough was never a word in the game...!!!! Inspiration is pouring all over...like the never ending stream of ganges...!!!

  8. Hmmm! What the hell is wrong with you? You are saying sorry for bursting with inspiration and coming up with such amazing things for us to read? Dont you dare ever say that again!


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