January 28, 2009

Oh! My Grand Maa

Sleepless nights,
Drowsy days,
Oh! my grand maa,
Aftr you i faced,
I am so sorry!
Oh! Really i am ,
As its just 22nd day,
Without you i traced,
I dont want to live,
But cant end this way,
Although i miss you,
I love you always,
Oh! my grand ma,
You are, i want to praise,
I dont know how you are there,
But i want you to be happy,
I hold your memories tight,
As i wish to see you every night,
Oh! My grand maa,
Be my inspiration,
Always b mine!


Words Count: 94

I dedicate this to my grand mother she xpired 23 days back but still i feel her around. Still I feel she will come again to hug me to hold me tight... She was not only my father's om or my granny but to me she was a whole world... I lost her! :(


  1. Hey.. Dear sorry to hear about your loss.. But loose on faith. . Always remember that she will be there somewhere watching you and wherever she is she will be really happy to see you From there.

  2. Do you believe in angels? She is now your guarding angel..dont be sad that you lost her... She is now forever with you... Close your eyes and you'll feel her presence.

    Take care of yourself and your family. Be happy. Bcas thats what she would want...

  3. hey dearie ... i knew you will come up wd smthing brilliant .. but this was a classics dear.. god bless you !!

  4. extremely sorry to hear that... but they say words when they come out straight from the heart they even reach the heavens.. she knows you love her a lot..

    good poetry illusion :)

  5. hey dont worry illusions.....ur granny is still with u ,seeing u and following u every where u go,.......she is watching u yaar

  6. by the way this is ste ,here,,.... from my sisters id

  7. hey don't be sad ....She's been inspiration ...grt...atleast she's left u inspired :)

  8. nice one :), you seem to have incredible flow of thoughts,powerfull too

  9. @ Kings!

    thanku soooooo very much dear!


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