January 29, 2009

Once Inspired Want to Inspire!

Once Inspired Want to Inspire!

Inspiring you!
Was a dream of mine,
You by my walk,
By my talk with my stalk,
By the way i look,
Or the way i cook,
Storm of my emotions,
My endless feelings,
But then i realize,
What i want you to feel,
Is actualy what i percieve,
I want you to be inspired,
as I am already,
Oh! Yes i am,
Really i am,
By ' you '
Or i may say ' the complete you ',
If you wouldnt have inspired me,
Then believe Oh! You me,
I wouldnt have wished once,


Word Count:103


  1. hey illusion...! third brilliant poem! :)

    loved it...!

  2. makes complete sense to me !! i will want to dedicate this to my best inspiration my best buddy ..

  3. this one is the best of your 3 writes :)

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  5. wow...another one of the inspiring you series...since i started off from the last post, i was happy to see your piece again here...again the same things that i commented on in the last one...you have the capability to take the reader on a ride...keep it up!


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