July 17, 2009

Happy birthday wl - from Asbah!!!


The second’s hand of the clock tickled away to glory, the minute’s hand followed and the 12 o’ clock arrived.

How WL can set me ablaze with the reds, yellows, blues and oranges, how just being there means oceans of ecstasy, fruitful dreams and rivers of love, and WL itself is a whole wide variegated world to me! How it had transformed me, a little girl shunned in her littleness into someone you all know now, it nurtured me, protected me, provided me the vent I had desperately need and that carious juncture I realized that it is the lounge that actually completes me.

We all dwindle in the maze of confusion, run and scream and never get the answers of the questions that we sought believing that good will eventually happen to us, expecting the unseen, unheard, unfelt joy would be at the end of the way, dreaming about the wishes that will happen as if we believe they will some say. That is our story, how we all hid tales beneath our collars, stories in the creases of our creases, and weave yarns as and when ever we can, how our finger-tips itch, we get overwhelmed by the words that can surround us, encapsulate us, overpower us! The sheer delight of writing, of reading, of the feeling that you’re a part of it, that you’re not the only person lost in the mist of the very foggy night! Where every hope is being fed to the pitch darkness, the lachrymal grief – every hope but WL!

I’m too filled with emotion, to the extent that I am in-coherent in writing, emotions, in excess, always do this to me – robs me of my coherency.

But then, I can never forget people who gave so much to me!

I’m late as usual :P

But I love you all, with all my heart!

And that I am so proud that WL’s one year old, I still harbor in me a desire to introduce my grandchildren will that of yours :P and to tell them the story of WL !

Love, Prayers, Wishes!



  1. wish you yourself had written this :)

  2. asbah... we miss u .. we miss u.. :) :)


  3. Great b'day post Asbah! I'm waiting to read your writes... :)

  4. Asbah we so miss you :( please come back soon :)

  5. belated happy bday WL... sowwie couldnt make it earlier... and asbah.. please come back!!!


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