May 6, 2009

तेरे लिए...

अगर तू मुझको पढ़ रही है, तो मुझसे ज्यादा खुश और कोई नहीं... ये महफिल तेरी सजाई हुई है... ये रौशनी तेरी की हुई है, ये आलम तेरा किया हुआ है... तू कहती है मैं भूल जून - तू कहती है मैं पास न आयुं... लेकिन मैं जून भी तो कहाँ जाऊँ? हर गली तेरी घर से होके गुज़रती है... हर रास्ता तेरे रस्ते से जुर जाती है... दिल कहता है के मैं तुझे भरी महफिल में रुसवा कर जाऊँ, और तू कहती है के मैं चुप ही रहूँ... बेबसी, नाकामी और तेरी याद मुझे सोने नहीं देती... मैं भटकता रहता हूँ उन्ही गलियों में, जहाँ से कभी तू गुज़रा करती थी...

तेरे बिन ना जीना है ना मरना,
बिन तेरे ना है एक पग भी चलना

तेरे बिना सुना है आलम सारा,
बीते दिन ना आएंगे लौट के दोबारा

वो बीते दिन क्यों याद आये,
पल पल मुझको तेरी ही याद सताये

शयेद कभी तुझे भी हम याद आयें
तेरे बिन सुनी है मेरी दिलकी वो राहें


  1. trying to read this with great difficulty.. any possibility of translating it to english.. id love to read it fast.

  2. Hmmm.... that would take some time and will be more like a Data Entry work that I dislike most...

    any volunteers?? :P

  3. No issues, managed to read it now, lovely, reminds me of a song tere bina..

  4. Rosh, are you talking about the song :TERE BINA, by Abhijeet Sawant?
    Well if that’s the song, let me tell you that this is my favorite number. This was presented to me by someone who loves me. And from that time, I have heard it some… hmm… million times!! I just like that song…
    Sorry, if its not the same one which you mentioned 

  5. Tan it is the same song.. i love it too, cant say ive heard it a million times. and i did get the joke.. FAN AND HOT..:)

  6. I was sure you would get that - for you are a far better reader... thanks for all the support and encouragement ...

    I am happy that its the same song we talked about... isnt it wonderful?

    Well, do visit my blog at times too... I write in there at times :)

  7. Guys, the TaT Contest is On now. You may find the Contest Details here: Tell a Tale: Contest # 1I wish you all very best of luck!

  8. that's fantastic TAN
    kya baat hai lajawab composition

    this 4 lines from my side
    "vo mil jaate hain kahani bankar,
    dil me bas jate hain nishani bankar,
    jinahe hum rakhte hain apani aankho main,
    kyo nikal jaate hain paani bankar"

  9. Deewana... Is all I can think of, after reading this post.. :)

  10. barhiya hai Tan :) I always inspired by you sirjee.. will come up with something like this.. mur hindi bor beya kintu ;P

  11. tan, can u plz increase the font size of this? its so difficult to read for me! :(

    i know its beautiful because of all these compliments above, but i want to read it too!

  12. nice one...but i think the font size matters here...!!!

    its dificult to read such small letters..!!!

  13. Thanks Chirag... those were wonderful lines... thanks again :)

  14. Zendegi

    Thanks for the WORD... it defines me a lot... but mostly, I remain so for wrong reasons... and hence, so much so!

  15. Hashan

    Do write... mur Hindi o tenekai bhai.. moy try koriyasu ... tumi o kora... likhte likhte love ho jayega... ;)

  16. Vinay and Yamini

    I did not know about the font. I just posted it as it was - I think I need to increase the font size. I will do it tonight from office, if I get enough time. Thanks for showing interest :)

  17. Well mates, I could not wait myself... here it is with Larger Font Size... Hope you will be able to read it this time... :) :)

  18. yep! now i read properly! :D

    and yeah it was BEAUTIFUL indeed!

    thanks Tan!


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