May 6, 2009

The Height of KLPD

Pre-script| The following took place 2 months back during my on-going mid semester examinations....Minutes before entering the hall-

Teacher- Podder!!! Come here for a minute.

Me- Yes sir????

Teacher- I am expecting good results from you. you are the best student in my lab. don't le me down.

(you should have seen me that time...usually being a back-bencher am always in the hitlist of my department)

Me- i won't sir, thanx for your faith in me.

Teacher - How's your preparation going on???

Me- Awesome sir

Teacher- Glad to hear that. Now go, its already late

(i fled to the hall...met my friend on the way)

Raghav- where were you???

Me- Welding sir called. he said he has his hopes on going to rock his paper today...just wait and better score more than me still owe me a beer from the last paper.

Raghav- that's kewl bro...all the the way, we have Thermo paper today. Welding's tomorrow. c ya

P.S| this is my first post...kindly don't butcher me....signing off now...have bloody exam tomorrow...c yu revoir


  1. hehehe..
    Now don tel me u flunked thermo paper :p
    Man the very thot of xams wreck my nerve !
    Nice post btw.. Reminded me of ma coll days !
    A warm welcome to d lounge dear :)

  2. thanx a ton....well somehow i managed to pass...special thanx to my buddies thou who managed to turn their papers in certain angles so that my eyes could

  3. welcome aboard Freelancer, you'll have a lot of fun here.. funny post btw.. :P

  4. lol....didn't name it KLPD for nothing

  5. Welcome to TWL...

    Hehehe... you should have been in the LOL Contest!

    Well, I'm not very sure if everyone knows what a KLPD (or KLPR) means... Oops!!

  6. welcome
    to the LOUNGE
    that's very nice yaar

  7. OMG... I have my final university papers on and this happened to the guy sitting behind me and after the paper he tells his friend, " Chalo, Im coming back in Oct." (when the re-exams happen)

    I hope and hope that never happens to me!

  8. hahaha...nice... and btw, i agree with tan. Im just wondering how many ppl out here know what a KLPD is... :P

  9. Hey Kewl, Dude.. A good reading with my morning tea...

    Will have a smile on my face..

    And yes welcome aboard!! (M also just 2 weeks old to WL)

  10. You sure made me do a double take with that title! LOL! Welcome to WL! :)

  11. hahaha...nice title:) missed the lol contest :)) anyways long way to go..welcome to guaranteed:D

  12. hmmmmmm

    wat did u do with the Thermo paper??? did it go well???

  13. hehehe i hope dat dsnt happen wid me ever :)

  14. gr8!!!!thanx to raghav!!!lol...well written!!!!hehehehehehehehe....

  15. Just want to add to the fun with this real happening:

    I was a bad student in History. I could have earned more marks, if I would have known the tricks I learnt before appearing the last history exam in my life. However, this happens far before that.

    I always used to get something between 40-50 percent in that subject. Once, when I was in Class VIII, I came prepared for Geography on History paper day and I wrote the exam, that was the only time in my entire life that I got 28 out of 40 in History - thats freaking 70%!!!!!

    Anyways... thats a true story... so, let things happen and happen so... then it would be good enough, isnt it :) ;) :P :D


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