July 15, 2009

Come on !! Its time to lounge again....

It was painted black the stripe was white
Built out of love and made for the writers
who love to play with words,welcome everyday
It has king of poetry and queen of scribbles
Ace of humour and a superhero
One year old and hundred fans
It has a school of its own and masti everyday
I can't replace the way it made me feel!!

lets create the magic again,
Lets read,write and Lounge !!


  1. woww

    hashan loved it...yippie
    me glad we r back in action yays....welcome back bhaiiiiii

  2. Thanks ste :)

    Pratsie...Happy seeing you back :)


  3. thanks everyone :))

    @ FL

    office'or kaamot beyake busy...working on a very imortant and sensitive project...will take couple of months to complete it..in b'lore project is done still pending for delhi,kolkatta and pune :(

  4. But i will come everyday and read you guys...likhi thakiba :)

  5. beautiful write Hashan...
    Pls write often...
    waitin for your dark writes...

  6. u changed ur blog name ! i was wondering who ds purple haze is !!!


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