July 16, 2009

ChocoLate SmooCh

And finally, she whispered, "I don't want to celebrate baby."

Meera, held Sukaina's face in her hands, and said,

"Don't cry. Ouuh No, don't. We will not. But why so Love?"

"Just. I don't feel so. What should we celebrate about? About completing a good five years of our relationship, or ...... huh! my soul aches !!"

"..... m.... baby, what are you saying?"

"Yeah Sukaina. My heart aches at the disgusting fact that even today, no one understands that we love eachother. Where ever we go, we are looked upon as someone so cheap or sinners. Just because , just because....."

Sukaina interrupted,

"No baby, they don't laugh at us or take us as sinners. They do so because they don't have hearts to understand. These are the one's who define love. But ouuh, Love has no definition."

Meera, " I love you. And.....I will miss you."

"Don't worry my Love. They can just physically harm me. No one can touch my soul, the love I hold for you is beyond them to erase. Its just a Fatwa that's been issued. Don't worry. Lets smile the moments we have. Okay, Love?"

And holding Meera in her arms, Sukaina and Meera both lightened their hearts.

"Have this" Meera said, offering a slice of cake to her.


P.S: As per Islamic laws in certain countries, esp. Malaysia, a fatwa is liable to be issued when a girl either behaves in tomboyish ways, sports short hair or even if walks like a man. Lesbianism can be punishiable for a whole 20 years.

Yet, I want to say, keep loving. Its hard, but that's how love is, sometimes..... till times don't change. Keep loving :)


  1. And ouuh, I don't intend to offend any religion. Its a plain, honest fact.

    SMILES :)

  2. A fatwa isnt binding on anyone. It is binding only on the person who issues it.

    A fatwa becomes a law only when the country's political or judicial system gives it a nod... :)

    The recent developments in our country has received mixed reactions.There's still a long road to travel...

    "Yet, I want to say, keep loving. Its hard, but that's how love is, sometimes..... till times don't change. Keep loving :)"

    Loved it.... :)

  3. ....vry well writtn ...no barrier can ever restrict heart frm luvng ech othr...so keep loving...!!...

  4. precise and short, lucid. style of narration is great.the world has a lot of things taboo..i guess "keep loving" is the best thing we can do. :)

    p.s a lot of classic porn is made on lesbians..wonder why ppol love seeing them but when it happens with their daughters or sisters get so jerked up.hypocricy i guess :)

  5. i loved this post !! and also wat Abhri said ... yes its all hypocricy !! what's any one problem if two girls love each other beyond all boundaries ?? its love afterall !!

  6. something like this post was needed....
    i am with you ilashree

  7. touching...
    I also agree with H... its just all hypocrisy ...

    Religions must set people free... not bind them in an invisible cage...


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