June 2, 2009

Red is for danger

"You can't do it , you are a chicken"- Rahul.
"Ya that's why you can't play with us kiddo"- Ronit leered at him.
Few of the other boys sniggered with distaste.
Ramgopal's face grew red. He was a constant target of innate humour. Specially after Ramu's
new movie, he became a crackpot for jokes. Today he would end it all.

" I will do it"- Ramu's face tight with tension.
The boys looked at each other whispered something among themselves and nodded heads.
So all of them proceeded towards their destination. But, only one had to go beyond, cross the limit.
Ramu's forehead was all sweaty now as Ronit brought a chair for him.
" Don't worry you just take a peak and shout 'Jai Ho ' and duck quickly. "-Ronit explained"No one will see."
"I am more afraid about what I WILL see" Ramu murmured.
He carefully stood on the chair and edged his way upwards, what luck!
the girl's toilet looked barren. He would at last be one of them and play with their group.
He became so happy and confident he prolonged his Jai Ho and scanned the whole toilet.

What he saw just below him almost made him yelp with fright. It was his big sister watching all the time frowning. She had seen the whole episode and hadn't uttered a sound.

" Lets see what your mother says to this " - she spat and ran away.
Thinking of it makes me laugh to this day.


  1. dude !! real cool !! but it isnt 55 words .. so no 55 fiction :)

  2. he he..nice story... A guy peeking into ladies toilet...thats what i first interpreted too... perverse minds we are...


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