June 2, 2009

Love you hon!!

Speak to me,
come over the nightmare
puke all the dirt away
this wont hurt
give me all your pain!

Lay beside me,
let me feel your heartbeats
what they are sayin?
what day are dreamin?
wondering if its me..

Hold me close,
Hug me tight
and thank God we're together
Yeah, I will love you hon
always,forever and ever!!


  1. Aweee...

    Oyii... this was sweet Hashan! :)

    Too good!

  2. I am feelin' very lone.. I am sad!! I miss her every moment :( but aaj I dont know..duhh forget it !!

    Thanks for lovin' my poem :) How u doin?

  3. Good one...
    feeling sad for u bro...

  4. Am doin great dear! Hope to see the smiling you soon... :)


  5. smile dear one .. i love u that way .. and u have all of us here to share your pain .. lovely poem ..

  6. Yes I Do...
    I scream and say the same...
    I dream but say the same...
    Yes I Do...
    I Love you hon!

    Please understand ... :( :( :(

  7. Abhri,Arun,RD..*Hugs* thanks for all your support.


    Nice words..i do the same but its time to move on..she didnt understnd!!


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