June 2, 2009

I missed you WL

Past 2 weeks i really missed lounge .. It scared me to come here .. so silent, so lonely .. so eerie ... missed Kajal's warm welcome hug, Sandeep's jokes, FL's chats, sonshu's sweet talks, nuchu's words, Aarthi's hellos and byes, the poetic replies, the chain posts, Tan's nightly posts,Miss R's amazing writes, Yamini's love filled posts, the pranks, the tears, the hugs, the fears .. and missed sneaking to this pae amidst my office work to chat!!

missed ya all !!

But goodie good, things are getting back now!! lounge is gonna sing, play and be merry again.. till some one tells us a dark/ghost story ;) !!

M loving it !!
*ting ting d ting* !!


  1. Heyyy... :)

    Tidin! :D

    Mwah! Welcome Back sweetz!

    A big hellooooo to you! :D

  2. hey Prats.. Even I .. felt the same! Love you dearie! We are gonna rock again!

  3. awwweeee hugssssssss! hahhahaaha :)

  4. i know we all feel the same !!! :D


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