June 18, 2009

Monday Delight - A WL Interview Series

To WL Family!

Its a great pride for all of us to know each other by different aspects. After long time of break we are here with an announcement of an interview coming this Monday i.e 22 June 2009. Though it was announced previously that Insiya aka illusiOn~ will be interviewed but due to some unavoidable reasons we are unable to do so, but for sure its scheduled. Shweta aka I, Me and Myself is selected as out next guest for Monday Delight. For those who are still unaware of Shweta aka I, Me and Myself can go through her writing's by clicking I, Me and Myself in labels or by clicking her personal blog Hope-A Life

You are requested to email us your questions for Shweta on WL Gmail id ( i.e writers.in.lounge@gmail.com) by Sunday morning.
We are sure it will be great fun knowing more about each other.
WL Admin.


  1. finally its back...i was just wondering....

    mera umber kab aayega??? lol....

  2. wow .....it gonna be so much fun....and i can't wait to read the interview of my sweetest shweta...i m eagerly waiting for it gal :)

  3. :)

    Waiting to know more about Shweta! :)

  4. yays....md is finally back and this time with a bang yippie...

    gud lck shweta

    u r under arrest :P


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