June 19, 2009


Dear all,
As usual, I was planning to post something this morning. But I received a mail some time back that disturbed me. All this while, I used to ignore mails from that id.But today, it said that due to some member, my works aren’t welcome here. Moreover, that made me aware as to why I wasn’t getting any read/ feedback from others out here.
I know that I am still a small fish in this vast ocean of talents and hence maybe overlooked. But somehow feel that I stop writing here so that established people thrive here and have a nice time. So, henceforth, I wont post anything here and get back to my work. Thanks all those for the read of my works. Iam sorry if I couldn’t match your expectations and for joining in at the outset.. All the best in your respective lives and happy lounging and blogging within yourselves.
Chinmaya aka THE BARD


  1. what the fuck!!!! you too got swayed by that??? dude...grow up!!! i and a few others have been getting such crap emails for a long time!!! you must really be a noob to believe it!!! and dare you point fingers!!!!

  2. I dnt see any active members here other than Rose and Arun .. and both of them do read all your works ! atleast for them, you could keep writing !

  3. Heyy Chinmaya,

    I really want you to lend an ear to this...
    I don't think anybody here has been ignoring your works... you are being read and appreciated as well!

    I do not know who said what to you... that is making you say good bye to us... I would say please stop listening to such worthless people! But if you want to go with it, none of us can stop you!


  4. Enchina maare ishtu bega giving up?????
    Goobe don care abt such mails.. write in gammath ! :p
    N me too feel WL is a li'l low these days but tats fine we can keep on writin n readin without expectations..

  5. thats the spirit Vasudha !! kudos :)

  6. now what did the first line mean....vasudha???
    but i understood the last lines....lol....
    WL will be back with a bang....remember how the chat box used to crash....lol

  7. Hmm.


    If you want to exit, exit without any drama.

    If you want to continue writing, write for yourself, not for the comments.

    And if you are looking for your reads to be read, in case you are a kind of the writer who does not BELIEVE in the beauty of his writings, but falls at the mercy of the comments of his readers then you have made the right decision, by putting up this post here. Cause you know, WL will definitely fall prey to such emotional posts, and will flood it with comments. Your purpose thus served !!

    I would be sounding rude, but that's the truth !!

    I would have encouraged you just like the rest, but that's what rest have already done, if that be not sufficient, mine won't be any special either.

    And even you know, you will not succumb, a writer as you are, you will not allow someone to rule your decisions, unless you are in LOVE with that person :p !!

    BLOOP !!

  8. Pretty thanx for backin me up sissy.. *hugs*

  9. hear hear!!!! ummm...not sissy
    still *hugs*

  10. Fl
    Enchina maare means kind of WTF!!
    :p u have already used it so i jus said it to chinnu in tulu(native language).

    ishtu bega = soo soon..
    Kannada language..

    N goobe is owl.. Like v usually
    use "bandar chup kar" similarly goobe is very commonly used here in karnatak..

    FL is a Goobe :p

  11. Gammath is full fun .. Even m not perfect in tulu jus to cheer him up m usin some broken tulu.. LoL!! Hope he ll b bak.

  12. Jus cos you are not getting any proper feedback does not mean that you stop trying!!! Ppl may even follow your work silently.. you never know!!! Dont give up jus cos of negative remarks from jus one person!! Think about those comments from ppl in your posts!!

  13. :(
    blogging is something that not a bread and butter for most of us here, we dont write just to earn but its a little too personal part of each one of us, some emotions that are written right out there with the best of our possible expression!
    If you had been facing criticism or less of attention then take it as a challenge and I am sure you will come up with the best work from ur pen... else If u think some personal thing is going at the back like mails etc etc what u have mentioned and its disturbing you too! then I would support your decision of quiting too! sometimes giving up too is a tough man's sign! I READ UR PREVIOUS WORK just as I noticed this post!
    so... friends?
    whats say?
    hey! now smile a bit please! Louge has made u meet many people, not all are same! refine ur experience, select those whom u liked...visit them and read them at respective blogs, m sure u will get a lot of them back as readers of ur blog! which will surely bring some smiles back! then again refine ur thought process and select how many of your readers are actually getting emotionally attached to you and your work...once u make this second judgement! U have made frns too! UR louge expeience will help u too!

    whatever u decide...
    m supporting ur decision
    and would like the admins and owners here
    to for once look into such matters!
    this is not the first time such a thing has happened... and its very upsetting!


  14. @ Pulkit,

    What you said is true...

    This thing is becoming so common at the lounge...quitting the lounge!
    But what can we do? We can just justify certain facts... not all have been ignoring Chinmaya's works... and moreover each one of us know it that these days lounge is a li'l low... the activities are dripping...!

    You cannot stop everyone... when i started writing here... i never received more than 2 or 3 comments at max... just that you should give your readers the space as well...

    Phew! Anyways, your decision BARD!

  15. @ Ilashree - don't think that it was drama or something... actually! the comment u wrote was pretty practical and at places a straight bitter yet honest truth! but the emotional quotient of person varies from one soul to the other...and each has a right to smile and laugh!
    "everybody in this world needs pampering when one is low" !!

  16. @ Aarthi - I was pointing to genral problems sis! in last 3 weeks or something miss sunshine had some problems, and miss R and ... now this... Its not about u takin the responsibility or guilt or something... thats not what I was tryin to say sis!
    louge is actually a kind of system similar to the society and if one feels neglected then supporting him or her should be our priority! isnt it? priority of owners,admins and most imp members! Hope u got m point...
    and AARTHI I know ur there always! Ur presence in the panel makes me feel some what very happy being a member of louge...thanks for responding again!!

  17. @ cmon ppl.....
    wtf Bard??? you are the newest entry to WL....ppl are here since ages....and if one of them says they wanna leave, then we try to hold them back...you are new and this is ur nautanki!!!! here you go.....enough comments!!! hope you are happy now. when you were new, evryone was helping you with whatever prob you had....nobody was mean. this is the thanx you return to TWL. i read ur other blogs....you are good...thn y the fuck are you degrading ur standards among us here???

    atleast in my case you have lost the respect!! be happy wherever you go. stop whining! We are happy here. Till you are a part of us, be a part of the fun. don't spoil it.

  18. I would resound wat Ilasree has written.....

    If u decide to go.. then no dramas ..!!

    If its some crappy spammer that rules ur decision.. wat can we do?? U expect us to write- pls stay back.. pls stay back??? Fed up with this lately...

    U have been getting as many reads or comments as anyone else is getting here.....

    This post creates nothing but bad vibes.. totally unnecessary ...

    We all would like u to stay and write here in this lovely place.... If u've decided to leave.. 'Bye-bye'.. All the best..


  19. @ Puulkit,

    Bro... its not about taking the responsibility on myself for any such thing...

    Yes, its true that Apurva and Ms.R had a problem... but it had all been sorted out...they had genuine ones...

    But Chinmaya... what he says that he feels that no one reads him... that is not true at all...
    What you said is true Bro, we need to support that person when he needs us... but i don't see an instance where we failed to support him...from the font color of his posts to everything.

    I am not bragging, but its just that of late this has become a fashion at WL saying 'I QUIT'...

    ALL AT WL,

  20. @Pulkit

    I totally get wat u say... :) We as a family have always been a strong support for ppl who r low...

    When have we, as Writers Lounge been harsh or unsupportive of anyone??... The same 'Bard' has been givin so many suggestions.. so much support... n this post is uncalled for.. just when i thought the blog is limping back to normalcy...

    Whn there are a group of ppl.. there will always be a difference in opinion.... One shouldn't make it public n expect sympathy... It only makes matters worse...

    U know y the oldies r inactive these days..?? pretty much for such reasons..

    Sry.. I know i've been a bit harsh... But i dont want to see all this in WL... tats my concern as one of the oldest members here... :)

    I dont want to see anyone write a post that - I am Leaving... kind of of a thing...



  21. Hope u got ur answers now Chinmaya !

  22. grow up daa....

    u shud knw the importance of wl frm the above commnts....its nt like ppl r not giving feedback or importance to ur work....y do u consider such mails daa.....remember no melodrama's..enough is enough.... if u want to leave lounge...alright go on.. .. we have enough talents may be u aren't lucky enough to share this space with 90 others who think alike......anyway i just want to say re consider before u leave...thanks for being here for a small period of time.....gud luck for ur future endevours. . ....

    its an earnest request to members ...pls do nt create scenes or drama's before leaving........we r here as a family.... if u wanna leave,then no drama's as arjun and ilashree said

  23. chinmaya

    here we write so that people here can enjoy ur work and share similar things....remember we here r group of writers......we represent the later teens or working ppl...its obvious tht nt every1 is able to read and appreciate others work.....but u leaving lounge for this silly reason is totally unacceptable.. ... asbah,me and sandep r disappointd with u ppl doing this........we arent an ocean of talented people and secondly ur nt a small fish....we all r rated same wheter it be admin, founder or any member like u....just enjoy ur time here dude...y such things... u r nt here to write for others daa.....first write for urself...its important to see hw u cherish ur work da.....its true tht feedbacks r impt as well...but for the reasons stated abve,,,its really bad......tc

  24. chill maar mrid


    lets give him some time


  25. WOaaaah
    WTF is what i wanna say too.....and ask u one thing .....do u write for others?
    i m not the oldest member here but i m not the youngest either......i have been in this place since i started blogging and its been around 6 months....i have seen the buzzling stages and the silent ones too.....u know when i joined WL i was just a silent spectator with members around 15 or something and during that period i saw WL increase multifold to 60 or what members too.....

    and when i entered it i knew one thing i can't become the most amazing writer or friend in one day ....so i prefer being silent...posting once in a while and getting not just appreciation but criticism to improve too from people who were great writers...i loved it.....i didn't wanted to interact personally with anyone...as i was going through isolation phases where creativity helped me......but slowly i came out of my mold and the love too increase multifold and within a month of coming of shell i was Member of Month and i was like :O .....then friendships followed......so remember dude there is no shortcut to happiness nor love nor friendship......u need patience ......

    and if u write for others and not urself...i doubt u to be here.....as i don't do it......i haven't posted much as much i did before ....yet i manage to catch to readings i like.....and if ur good people will read....u dont need to yell for it.....

    and if other people influence ur view about others.....and others u don't know....then dude u dont have the strong mind to think what will u write ?

    i don't mean to be rude ....i m just getting the facts right in ur face......

    the WL is inactive as most oldies are busy ......so if u wanna make it what it was.....create the culture among those active members....and it will be buzzing.....we managed it long ago too........

    i m not gonna stop u as u need to think what i told

    Rest clear ur mind first and then accuse others

  26. It's completely illogical dude ...to leave the lounge coz somebody else didn't appriatiate your work....

    I hope you change your decision .... :)

  27. love your work first and then think about others... dont leave..its never the right thing to do ..thats all i can say

  28. @C
    Pretty said Rose and Arun read your works...well we do!(thanks prats)
    But see, its not like that ppl here need to comment always...it happens you know, with me all the time atleast, adn may be with many other, that I just drop in here, read the new posts, and because of lack of time, don't always end up giving a feed back!

    And Grow up C!

    An artist works for himself, the last thing that should bother him is what others think of him.

    You know you write well, and you write what you feel! So, to hell with others!

    If you want people to love your work, appreciate it yourself first...and since no two ppl are same, you 'll definitely get critics too...but take it as a challenge, it's going to help you grow!

    Now, c'mon don't act like a loser...and continue with your narrations:)

    I read your work without fail:D:P

    Rest your wish!

  29. hey chinnu.....
    I think now u know how many ppl are interested in yr stay over here and yr posts.....
    The loungue's dull these days....

    Let the old members return... you will feel better.....

    SO come on in...we ll all have fun.... :)

  30. So many people wrote so much on that – hence, I do not see you being not read…

    Anyways, it is always a will issue to stay here or quit – I like people who try to think within themselves and do not get swayed by others’ words…

    I am happy to see your name still in the list!

    Don’t leave, just because somebody said something – if you have genuine reasons you may – but then, it’s all your CHOICE!!

    Best of luck 

  31. hey Chinmaya, take this as a challenge and take it positively..if I were you, I would have got more 'josh' and tried to prove my critics wrong. it's more fun that way, isn't it? if everyone appreciated your work and there was no criticism at all, then where is the room for improvement? cheer up and learn to look at things positively! waiting to read more from you :)

  32. @blossomblue, don’t kill tulu gal!!..its a dead lang already..dont make it an extinct language ;)!!

  33. 2d rest of u :)


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