June 18, 2009

Crime of Silence

What should I expect from you?
It isn’t really your fault
I am the one to be blamed
My eyes are drooped and my soul ashamed

Your words killed my innocence today
How can I believe that you loved me?
How do I know that it was your anger which spoke?
How do I move on and consider it a joke?

Do I mean nothing to you?
All these years of love and affection
Was it a dream that I lost?
The lilies of my patience are dying
‘cuz of your inconsiderate frost

Every time you said it,
And I was always silent
My soul screamed with every accuse
And for days I was left fighting with my blues

I could have answered your questions
But you had no right to question my soul
He says to tell you all I have in heart
Or else move on, not worry why we part

How should I move on?
How should I be numb to my pain?
Why are you the one inflicting pain?
When you should have been my sunshine in the rain

Your questions make me doubt self
My dignity is being put on charge
And you are the one standing against me
Why have you given deaf ears to my plea?

I am surprised you could say it
Did you know the gravity of your words?
He says I am the sufferer
But for him I am also the defaulter

Should I sit and cry for days?
Or should i erase your words from thoughts
Should I confess my crime?
Or should I wait for the music of chime

Yes I am wrong; I am solely to be blamed
I accepted my mistake and I still do
But how could you say, my anguish was no issue?
But yes my tears for you were never an issue?


  1. This was nice to read! Well written :)

  2. Well as i told u before its wonderfully beautiful with a tinge that pinch my heart and says ouch....i love ur writes so much gal and u know that :D
    Love ya gal

  3. Loved this one !! it flows so very well and manages to reach the core of any heart :)

  4. You have written it so beautifully that, for one moment, my heart pained in the end!

  5. Nice write...Painful n touching..
    Has a great flow...

  6. @nabs

    hehe...whats hld i say to dat...thanku fr reading all my posts dedicatedly and admiring them all..

  7. @prats, thoorika

    i am glad it could touch ur heart...thanku soo much gals...


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